James Marinan will be making his Cincinnati Reds organizational debut tonight. He’s slated to take the mound in Billings for the Mustangs at 9:05pm ET. The 19-year-old right-handed pitcher will be making his 4th start of the year. He made three starts with the Arizona League Dodgers earlier this season, allowing just one earned run in 10.2 innings before he was traded to the Reds last week in the Dylan Floro and Zach Neal trade.

Given his workload this season, I would expect for it to be a short start. James Marinan only completed 4.0 innings once in his career – on June 27th of this year. It will also be his first work outside of complex ball and, at least as a professional, work in front of an actual crowd.

Nick Hanson getting close

The Cincinnati Reds selected Nick Hanson out of high school in the 3rd round of the 2016 Major League Baseball draft. He made eight appearances that year in the Arizona Rookie League, but missed all of the 2017 season. Hanson wound up needing to have Tommy John surgery. He also hasn’t pitched in games yet in 2018, but he’s been throwing bullpen sessions and is getting close to returning to the mound. No word on where he’s assigned. He just turned 20-years-old a month ago, but coming off of the injury I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed in Goodyear and pitched with the AZL Reds instead of going out on assignment – at least to start things.

Nick Travieso, who is coming back from shoulder surgery and also missed the entirety of the 2017 season, is also throwing bullpen sessions. He’s not as close to returning as Hanson is at this point, though.

Montrell Marshall suspended for 50 games

This happened last week, but I simply didn’t find the time to write about it with the busy week that was. And I certainly didn’t want to take the route that a local news station did with their headline that should probably get someone removed from their current responsibilities of writing headlines.

Montrell Marshall failed a second test for a drug of abuse. He was not taking performance enhancing drugs. The first baseman was a Midwest League All-Star and won the MVP Award in the game after hitting a walk-off single in the 10th inning.

On a smaller scale, right-handed pitcher Tyler Mondile was suspended for a violation of team rules over the weekend. He was scheduled to start on Saturday for the Dayton Dragons, but did not make that start and was suspended the following day.

24 Responses

  1. Brad

    My entire evaluation of Marinan will be based on tonight’s 3-4 inning start.

    • MK

      Dun’t you wish all your future pay raises were based on one days work when all things you were trying to accomplish were working just as hard to make you fail?

      • Keith

        What a BUST!!!!

        (Sarcasm. I almost didn’t write this, but it’s the internet)

  2. Kap

    Dilson is getting his first start as a Red. A solid performance with the Reds the rest of the year will make things interesting this offs season

    • wes

      Solid performance through August may make him an attractable trade target this season.

    • kevinz

      I would keep herrera for Senzel and scooter Insurance.
      If trade scooter let herrera have rest of year to prove himself.
      Senzel still iffy so we should have some sort of Insurance.
      Herrera could end up the type of Hitter like Senzel you just never no.
      Senzel will be the better Defender but that will not matter if cannot stay on the Field.
      If herrera Performs and Senzel stays healthy in AAA you could Delay Senzel clock even more.

  3. terry m

    Unless the Reds get a crazy offer for Iggy or Scooter they should wait for the off season. If Cleveland offered McKenzie + for Iggy I would think hard. Wait for the off season then you could make bigger trades or get 3 teams involved. You could add pieces to Iggy and Scooter to get want you want. Look at free agents also during the off season !! I’m with others that post here that the dark knight is the only piece you NEED to trade now.

    • Colorado Red

      One in the hand is worth two in the bush.
      I would take that offer.

      Greene and McKenzie for 6 years.
      That is the start of an outstanding rotation.

  4. Cguy

    It’s still 3 weeks before the trading deadline. All the buyers are trying to discount the pieces they need. Once a couple deals are made, they’ll all join in. Reds have several coveted players. Offers will get better.

  5. terry m

    I have heard in a couple of places that Cleveland is looking for a RP with control. Miller and Allen will be free agents soon according to reports that I heard.

  6. kevinz

    Glad herrera playing but i think in the end he will be a RBI type guy not 2 whole type.

  7. SteveO

    Not much of a debut for Marinan. 1.1 innings, 4H,6R, 4ER, 3BB, 0 K. Oh well, get’em next start. India 0-4 games. Nothing to panic about. Still think he should be in Billings at SS. At least he’s getting on base with walks. Byrne gets 1st win for the Tortugas as they come back to win. What a 9th by the Reds! Go for the sweep tomorrow.

    • Keith

      Not good, but he’s a lottery ticket and a long way from the majors. Not going to worry until he’s still putting up that stat line a year from now. Go Reds!

  8. NP

    Saw tonight on Twitter that Doug is a fan of logic. I like doug even more than I did before. Good choice in music.

    • Doug Gray

      Can I like this comment? Well, no, because the proprietor of this website doesn’t have a plug-in to allow that. Hey, that’s me. I’m the proprietor. But yeah, big fan of Logic.

      • NP

        Have to ask, what’s your favorite song off the new album? Haha I’m just blown away because in my head it was hard to see doug calmly talking about the reds on a podcast, signing off, and then cranking up logic hahaha. But awesome.