The Cincinnati Reds have promoted their 2018 first round draft pick Jonathan India to Billings to join the Mustangs. The infielder has spent the first two-and-a-half week of his professional career with the Greeneville Reds.

After an 0-12 start, he went on a tear in the Appalachian League. Jonathan India proceeded to hit .353/.500/.735 in the next 10 games. That came with two doubles, a triple, three home runs, nine walks, and seven strikeouts. He also added a stolen base for good measure. That isn’t entirely unexpected. He hadn’t played in a few weeks after Florida was eliminated from the College World Series. Once he seemingly got his timing back, he beat up on the league as you would expect the 5th overall pick in the draft out of college to do. And then some.

While the Appalachian League and the Pioneer League are the same level in terms of competition, the move may be telling about the Reds plans for Jonathan India. The Greeneville Reds had a shortstop when India arrived, and Miguel Hernandez is a quality prospect in his own right. And he’s been playing well. When drafted, the Reds mentioned that they could play India at shortstop, and eventually he wound up getting two starts there for Greeneville.

But both guys can’t play shortstop, and if the Reds want India to play there, then a move had to be made. This is pure speculation on my part, but my guess is that he will see plenty of playing time at shortstop with the Mustangs in the hopes that he can make that transition work. I wrote about my thoughts and some things that I saw from Jonathan India at shortstop last week here, so give it a read if you missed it.