The Cincinnati Reds have promoted Jonathan India to join the Low-A affiliate Dayton Dragons. It’s been a very quick ascent for the Reds #5 overall pick. He signed in early July and began his career with the Greeneville Reds.

It was a short stay with Greeneville for Jonathan India. He got out to an 0-12 start, but hit .353/.500/.735 over the next 10 games with more walks than strikeouts. Through his 62 plate appearances he hit .261/.452/.543 in the Appalachian League.

Last week the Reds then sent him to Billings, Montana. That’s where he joined the Mustangs. For one series. In his three games against the Missoula Osprey he went 2-8 with four strikeouts and was hit by two pitches. All three games came at the shortstop position.

And that may be the most interesting part of this move. When Jonathan India was promoted to Billings, my theory at least, was that it allowed him to play shortstop every day. In Greeneville Miguel Hernandez, a 19-year-old shortstop with plenty of ability and tools was there from the start and performing well on both sides of the ball. Both guys couldn’t play shortstop on a daily basis, so it made sense to send one of them to Billings and play them both. That clearly wasn’t the case and you can point and laugh at me all that you would like (not that it’s stopped some of you from doing so without my permission).

In Dayton there’s even less room and time at shortstop. Jose Garcia has gotten a majority of the starts for the Dragons at shortstop. The Cuban born infielder has split some of the time with Jeter Downs, who has started the other 37 games at the position in Dayton that weren’t taken by Garcia. However, both players are legit prospects in their own right and aren’t likely to move out of the middle infield.

This likely means that Jonathan India is going to move to third base for Dayton. That probably slides Leandro Santana to first base most of the time, too. For those who want the Reds to be aggressive with promotions, they will love this move. But, this move likely means less time at shortstop for India.