Cody Reed had a big night on Thursday for the Louisville Bats. On the road in Columbus and taking on the Clippers, the lefty was dominant. Reed didn’t allow a run until the 9th inning, finishing with just that single run allowed in 8.2 innings pitched. Kevin Quackenbush came on to record the final out of the game to seal the win.

For Cody Reed it marked the second best strikeout game of the season as he racked up 10 of them. On June 12th he struck out 11 batters, also against Columbus. That night, though, the Clippers touched Reed up for four earned runs. That wasn’t the case this time around. He was very pitch efficient, needing just 100 pitches, and 72 of them were strikes, as he fell one out short of a complete game.

Going back to the beginning of July, Cody Reed has thrown 30.2 innings for Louisville and given up just 23 hits, six walks, and he’s struck out 36 batters. His ERA in that stretch is 2.93. Reds manager Jim Riggleman has said he’s going to talk to Dick Williams and Nick Krall about moving back to a 5-man rotation. That doesn’t exactly leave room for Cody Reed (or Robert Stephenson) in the rotation. It’s probably time to figure out a way to get them both into the Majors and figure out what you’ve got there.

Gabby Guerrero homers again

Cody Reed got the win for the Bats last night. That win was certainly because of what Reed did, but Gabby Guerrero played a big part in the victory. In the 9th inning, with a 1-0 lead, he crushed an opposite field home run to extend the lead to 2-0. That run turned out to be very important as Columbus did score in the bottom of the inning.

For Gabby Guerrero, that gives him 14 home runs on the season. That’s fourth best in the farm system behind Ibandel Isabel (23), Aristides Aquino (15), and Hendrik Clementina (15). Between his two stops this season (26 games in AA, 76 in AAA), the outfielder is now hitting .282/.320/.472.

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  1. kevinz

    Bobsteve and Reed need to come up with tough teams here on the plate.
    We could really find out if they both Improved enough to be up here.
    we seen what mahle does vs the cle and nats type teams not very well .
    we could see even if late in season what they are made of.

  2. Norwood Nate

    Mahle to Louisville, Romano to the pen, Stephenson up to finish the season. Trade/release Harvey at some point and then bring Reed up to finish the season.

    Seems a pretty simple solution to getting the guys who need opportunity time up with the Reds.

    • The Duke

      I’d agree with this. Mahle hasn’t been the same for about a month now. Send him down, let him skip a start, then get him 2-4 more starts until Louisville is done and let him rest up the rest of the year to come back strong in spring training.

      Move Romano to the bullpen and they’ve saved an option year, which could be useful in the 2019-2020 timeframe. Then if someone gets hurt or an extra spot opens up, then move him back into the rotation.

      Hopefully, Harvey is on waivers already. We need to move him. He’s not going to resign here.


      Roll with that for at least 6 weeks to close the season (Romano in for Bailey if Homer gets hurt again) and see what we have going into 2019. Maybe get Sims a start sometime in September.

      • redleggingfordayz

        This would also 100% be my plan. Tyler clearly has some stuff to work on. Robert and Cody have both pitched extremely well as of late and I think eventually they both need a really long look in the majors. Maybe I am wrong, but Romano is a great pen addition, let guys with better overall “stuff” have a shot at starting it and let Romano’s great 2 pitch mix stand out more in relief.

      • AirborneJayJay

        I agree. But I might also go as far as putting DeSclafani on the DL if he has another bad start this weekend.
        I’d go with Harvey, Bailey, Castillo, Stephenson, and Reed the rest of the way. Sims and Wisler will be Sept. call ups and Sims can get a couple of starts too if it can be worked in. Wisler joins Romano in the pen.

      • LeRoy

        Good post Duke! Your posts are almost always to the point and point out wisdom that I wish the Reds braintrust had. I’d rather read a post from you than what any of the Reds brass say. You seem to make more sense.

    • Scott C

      If I was GM that would be my move. I still have doubts that Romano has enough pitches that he can hang in as a starter, but I think he would be an excellent reliever.

  3. MK

    The thing I liked most about Reed last night was that it was the first time I have seen him aggressively want the ball. After a pitch he would take a step toward the last defender with the ball to get it back, whether it was the catcher, third baseman or other fielder.In the,past he would just stand on the mound and wait for ball to be returned.His demeanor said give me the ball I want to get the next guy out.The good pitchers want the ball. Nolan Ryan was great at this.There were times I saw him take 4 or 5 steps in front of mound to get a ball back from the catcher.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      These are the kinds of reports i love to see. Thanks, MK.

  4. CP

    Good for Cody! I’ve been pulling for him. He’s had an awfully quite year this year. With being in AAA all year, and Robert Stephenson performing the way he has, it has hopefully allowed Cody to just quietly keep working on his craft and find his mechanics. It’s easy to forget, but Reed has the stuff to be a middle to upper part of a rotation. His problem has always been putting it all together. The Reds FO has got to find a way to move Harvey ASAP, and get both them up there for as extended of a look as possible.

  5. MikeD

    I would definitely send Tyler down. His style of pitching effectively up in the zone is catching up with him. No way (especially at GAB), can be effective with challenging guys up. He seems like a bright guy that can make adjustments, between learning to be effective down in the zone and learning to throw a major league change up, he has some things to workout.

    • RedsinWashst

      I think he needs to do both. If he only pitches down I think he is in trouble. He needs to work on a couple other pitches. Going down will help him.