As I wrote this morning in the Patreon Preview Game Review (that was fun to type), Jose Garcia is having a strong stretch of baseball at the plate right now. The crew at Baseball America took note, particularly of what he’s done over the last week.

After hitting .448/.467/.690 last week for the Dayton Dragons, Jose Garcia made the Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet. He’s been hot for a while, though. In his last 48 games played he’s hitting .300/.351/.435. He’s hit six home runs this year and four of them have come in August. There’s still some strikeout-to-walk ratio concerns – though it has improved in the second half – but the numbers are starting to match up more with what he’s looked like from a tools perspective.

Debby Santana remains hot in Goodyear

Last year Debby Santana began turning heads for those of us who keep up with the farm system at the deepest levels. The then 16-year-old hit .302/.356/.448 with 17 doubles, a triple, and he had two home runs. Without the context of age, that line seems solid, but unspectacular. But when you account for the fact that he was just 16, that power jumps out in a big way.

This season the Reds brought him stateside and assigned him to the Arizona League Reds. The 17-year-old didn’t get out to the start he would have liked. He had an OPS of .629 in 10 games in June. July was worse. In 20 games during the month he posted a .528 OPS. Debby Santana turned on the lights when August rolled around. In 15 games played he’s gone out and hit .365/.421/.731. That’s come with four doubles, three triples, and three home runs. The power has been out of this world, much less for a 17-year-old. But he’s also showing big strides when it comes to plate discipline. He’s walked five times and struck out just six times in 57 plate appearances. He had five walks and 33 strikeouts in his previous 30 games played.

Hendrik Clementina, John Ghyzel named All-Stars

The Midwest League has an All-Star game, which happened a few months ago. But they also name a “full-season All-Star” team, there’s just no game involved with this one. The Dayton Dragons had two representatives on the team. Catcher Hendrik Clementina was named to the team along with closer John Ghyzel.

Hendrik Clementina has been showing off his power for most of the season. In 84 games played he’s hit 18 doubles, a triple, and 18 home runs. Overall he’s hitting .269/.338/.524 for the Dragons. He’s currently tied for the league lead in home runs with two other played. They have 83 and 148 more plate appearances than he does this season. He’s a few plate appearances short of qualifying to the league leader boards for rate stats, but his slugging percentage would ranked second in the league if he were qualified – his .524 would be only the second mark over .500 in the league.

John Ghyzel leads the league in saves with 19. In his 39 games he’s pitched 39.2 innings and allowed just one home run. He’s walked 23 batters and racked up 54 strikeouts. His usage has been dials back some in the last two months. He made 8, 11, and 9 appearances in each of the first three months of the season. In July he only pitched in 6 games, and in August he’s only made 5 appearances. The results, however, have been strong. In those 11 games over the last two months he’s thrown 11.2 innings with a 2.31 ERA, 5 walks and he’s struck out 13 batters.

10 Responses

  1. Big Ed

    That is a nice, short stroke for Garcia. Quiet hands, too.

  2. MikeD

    Great call Ed. I was thought the same thing! I’m happy seeing that Didi is having a nice career, and hope that we don’t let Garcia get away.

  3. Coop

    Hey Doug, how close are we to AFL rosters being released? Are you going to post the question so we can make our picks before the Reds make it official? Thanks Man!

    • Doug Gray

      In the next 10-14 days if they hold to their historical timeline.

  4. Colt Holt

    So…Bryce Harper is on waivers. Should the Reds put in a claim and offer nothing in return. There is a 0% chance the Nationals hand him over. In the case that they would give him up for nothing, would the move be positive to the value of the franchise?

    He is owed a big chunk of change between now and the end of the season, but you could also sell quite a few tickets and market the heck out of him during that time. So…with no playoff implications, is 6 weeks of Bryce Harper worth his salary to the Cincinnati Reds?

    • Jasonp

      If someone claims a player on waivers they don’t automatically get that person.

      The player could be claimed by multiply teams but the one with the worst record get it. Though I think claim priority goes through the league you are in before going to the opposite league. If claimed you can only do a trade between yourself and the team that claimed the player.

      You can pull the player back and keep him. So if you don’t like the trade options of the team that claimed the player or just wondering who was interested in that player. You don’t loose the player unless you want to loose him.

      Or you can just give the player to someone that claims them. Normally done if a team is just trying to get out from paying the player anymore money.

      So if the Reds claimed Harper or someone else, it doesn’t mean that the Reds would end up with that player.

      • Colt Holt

        I pretty clearly walked through that in the first sentence, but thanks for reiterating. I skipped over that someone else could claim him…but the question would be equally relevant to the Mets, Marlins, and Padres when determining whether or not to put in an offer. As I said, the Reds (or any of these four teams) would have no incentive to offer any value (highlighting the zero % likelihood I highlighted above).

      • Jasonp

        You may already be aware of this I was just adding it for people who might not know. I don’t think they would just get rid of Harper.

        They can slap a tag on him in the off season and get a first round pick if someone else signs him.

        He gets people into their stadium and merchandise with his name or number on it sells. I have to think that first round pick would be worth more then any extra money they might save by just giving him away.

      • Colt Holt

        Is any of that context relevant to the question “So…with no playoff implications, is 6 weeks of Bryce Harper worth his salary to the Cincinnati Reds?”

    • Big Ed

      Of course not. He makes $21mm/year, or about $3.5mm/month. If they got him now, it would cost them $4mm.

      The Reds have 15 home games left, 9 of which are against teams that probably won’t make the playoffs. Assuming $40 profit per extra seat sold, which is a huge stretch, they would have to sell 100,000 extra tickets, or more 6,000/game, to even break even. There is no chance on earth that the Reds will have 15 walk-up gates of 6,000 to see play-out-the-string baseball in September. They probably won’t get 6,000 total walkups the rest of the year.

      Not to mention that the ABs would be better allocated to Ervin and Herrera and Schebler.