Coming into the season for the Dayton Dragons, Andy Sugilio was one of the higher rated prospects on the team. The season didn’t start out the way that he, or the Reds would have liked things to. He was injured in the second game of the year and would miss the rest of April and a good chunk of May, too. Even when he returned from the hamstring injury you could see it effecting his game. Sugilio is one of the fastest players in the organization when healthy, but he wasn’t showing off that kind of speed for quite a while when he came back. He was still fast, but not top of the scale like he had been in the past.

In May and June he combined to hit .244 over 31 games played. He didn’t slug much, either, racking up just seven extra-base hits. In July his average jumped up to .263, but the power didn’t show up then, either – slugging just .289 thanks to just three doubles in 27 games played. That’s all changed since the calendar flipped to August. In 25 games played this month he’s hit .330/.358/.510 over 100 at-bats. He’s hit four doubles, four triples, and he’s hit two home runs. In the last two months he’s also stolen 10 bases in 12 attempts. He only stole two bases over his first 33 games of the year.

Drew Mount going Gary Redus in of late

Gary Redus hit .462 over the course of a full season for the Billings Mustangs in the magical season of 1978. It wasn’t just the average, though. He also had a .559 on-base percentage and had a .787 slugging percentage over his 68 games played in what has to be one of the best minor league seasons ever. So perhaps it’s a bit of hyperbole to say that someone has been “going Gary Redus”.

But if someone is doing it, it would probably look a lot like what Drew Mount has been doing. Over his last 17 games played, the 22-year-old outfielder from Kansas State has hit .455/.514/.636 with eight doubles and two home runs. He’s walked six times with just eight strikeouts in those 74 plate appearances. It’s been an incredible run of hot hitting for Mount, and it’s still not really near what Gary Redus did back in 1978 over the course of the full season for the Mustangs.

For Drew Mount, that run has pushed his season line to .316/.372/.512. In his 57 games played he’s walked 17 times and struck out just 34 times. That’s a walk rate of 7.4% and a strikeout rate of just 13.5%. Tons of contact, and he’s slugging over .500. That’s usually a pretty good combination.

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