The Cincinnati Reds had until 8pm today to set their 40-man roster for protections of players for the upcoming Rule 5 draft. While the team can continue to make roster moves moving forward from that point, they will not have the ability to protect someone who was not on the 40-man roster at that time from the Rule 5 draft if they were eligible.

The Reds did what everyone expected them to do when it comes to Jimmy Herget. The right handed reliever seemed like a slam dunk protection. In 2018 he had what was easily the worst season of his career. He posted a 3.47 ERA with 65 strikeouts in 59.2 innings for Triple-A Louisville. That tells you just how good he’s been since the Reds selected him out of South Florida in the 6th round of the 2015 draft. For his career he has a 2.77 ERA in 207.2 innings – all as a reliever.

While Jimmy Herget doesn’t quite have the stuff of a back of the bullpen guy in todays climate, he projects as a quality reliever. And he projects as that guy, soon. A quick scouting report on Herget would read that he throws 90-95 MPH, with multiple arm angles and some movement. He can touch a tad higher on a rare occasion. He also throws a good slider, also from multiple arm angles. Herget can and does also alter his timing to the plate to keep hitters off balance, much like Johnny Cueto used to. He will generally throw plenty of strikes, and his track record of performance speaks for itself.

There will be several players that could garner interest for selection from the organization. Over the next few weeks I will cover those guys a little more in depth. The Rule 5 draft will be held on December 13th, the last day of the winter meetings. The roster for the Reds currently sits at 39 players. With the deadline being 8pm, there’s a chance the Reds could still add someone – though it seems if they do it would come from a waiver pick up of someone dropped from another teams roster.

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18 Responses

  1. Doc

    I read elsewhere that in order to select someone in the Rule 5 a team must have an open spot on the 40 man. Does that mean they must have an open slot at the deadline on 11/20, or are they able to open a slot by removing someone from the 40 man if they decide to select a Rule 5 player now that they know who will be available?

    What is the benefit to the Reds to keep an open slot versus protecting an additional player? Even if they selected a waiver wire player, would they not be allowed to make a roster move?

    • Colorado Red

      They have to have an open spot, on the day of the draft.
      So, if they make a trade or DFA someone tomorrow, or non-tender, they can use the spot of the rule 5 draft.
      Remember, a rule 5 pickup, has to be on the MLB roster all year.

    • Doug Gray

      The first question: They just need a spot open at the time of the selection, not today.

      The second question: I think they are keeping it open because there is a chance they would want to pick up someone on waivers today. But you don’t add someone to protect in case, because then you have to waive that player today, and if someone else does want them, they pick them up for free. Where as if you don’t add them today, they have to pay you $100,000 to take them in three weeks. And even then, they’ve got to keep that guy on the 25-man roster all of next year or offer them back to you. If they just pick that guy up on waivers, they just have to have them on the 40-man, and can option them the next three years and you lose them for nothing.

  2. Shawn

    There is an exception for drafting an injured player. I don’t understand it tho.

    • Doug Gray

      A guy has to spend at least 90 active days on the 25-man roster. So, for example, if you drafted a guy who was on the DL for 2019 with an injury, you couldn’t send that player back to the minors in 2020 like you would be able to with a normal selection. That player who missed 2019 would need to stay up in the Majors the following year. DL time does not count.

  3. Im just curious

    looking at mariners site for trade info, and title was Decision time: Which prospects get 40-man spots? It was an interesting mlb article.

    Arizona Diamondbacks (5)
    7. Marcus Wilson, OF
    *11. Taylor Clarke, RHP
    *20. Kevin Cron, 1B
    22. Alex Young, LHP
    23. Cody Reed, LHP
    Non-Top 30 prospects added:
    Joel Payamps, RHP
    Bo Takashi, RHP
    Emilio Vargas, RHP

    Notice a familiar name on that list? Was there a trade that went down that we don’t know about? I clicked on the name and it was his file.

    • Doug Gray

      They have a Cody Reed, too. Not the same guy at all, though. Sites with databases like MLB or Fangraphs or Baseball America, or all of the sites that use the Baseball-Reference player linker (I do this sometimes) – there are just tools that authors click on, like a bookmark, that “autofill” player names with links. This is just a case where the linker picked the wrong Cody Reed from the database.

      • asinghoff

        Happens a lot with prospects that happen to have the same name as players with big league experience.

    • Big Ed

      There is another Cody Reed in the D-Backs organization, who was out with an injury last year. Second round pick a few years ago.

      The Reds have the better one.

  4. Bill

    Any thoughts on trying to obtain Erik Goeddel who was just DFA’d by the Dodgers?

    • Doug Gray

      Makes me wonder if there’s not more going on with his elbow than inflammation.

  5. Simon Cowell

    I’m not sure why we added this guy to the 40 man. Doesn’t every team have 3 or 4 guys that profile in a similar way? If he gets picked up he has to stay on another team’s roster for the entire season right? I’d vote to cut him loose and look for another player that has greater potential

    • wes

      I’ll agree with Simon here. He’s too old and didn’t really have a good season in AAA. Plus Reds are deepest in pen- he will never make it. Keep cleaning house!

      • Steve

        He’s too old?? He is 25 and has been solid out of the bullpen since arriving in the organization. Bullpens are extremely fickle and I don’t think you can expect Hernandez or Hughes to replicate what they did last season. I am fine with “cleaning house” but I don’t think letting a young pitcher go for nothing is the time of house cleaning the Reds should be looking at doing.

      • Cguy

        He also has 3 options. This is a valuable asset unless he simply can’t get ML hitters out.

    • asinghoff

      I could be wrong, but pitchers that profile as relievers are probably the most common players taken in the Rule 5 draft because it’s fairly easy to find a spot for them on the major league roster.

  6. AirborneJayJay

    With that open 40-man roster spot, were there any DFA’s yesterday that the Reds should/could be looking at? Cory Spangenberg from the Padres, maybe?