The Cincinnati Reds Double-A and Triple-A teams stayed at the complex on Wednesday to take on the Dodgers. On a third field the Czech Republic national team also took on the Tijuana Toros (Mexican League team).

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Scott Moss got the start for the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts squad. And he looked very good throughout his start, too. He carved his way through a Dodgers lineup that featured more than a few of their top prospects, including their top prospect Keiburt Ruiz, their third ranked prospect Gavin Lux, and 2017 first rounder Jeren Kendall. On the day he was working 91-92 MPH and routinely hit 93 MPH. The secondary stuff was in the 79-82 MPH range. His breaking ball was on point throughout his outing. Take a look at the video below to get a look for yourself.

On the other field, in the Triple-A game Joel Kuhnel pitched in two innings of relief. His second inning of work saw him throwing a tick harder than he was throwing in the first. Kuhnel’s known as a hard thrower, so it wasn’t surprising that he was throwing 95-98 MPH, but that he was doing it in the second inning of work was a little bit. The pitch was moving at the velocity, too.

In Dodgers camp where the Reds A-ball teams were it was Packy Naughton on the mound. I got a text from a scout who was there and he told me that Naughton struck out Major Leaguer Max Muncy three times in the game.

During the morning workouts I got to see Ibandel Isabel hit, which is always a treat because you just don’t see that kind of power – even if it’s just in a batting practice setting. One ball that he hit, went roughly 7000 feet. That estimate probably isn’t accurate, but the ball just carried forever. In the game later in the day he had at least two hits – I may have missed an at-bat while going from field-to-field. I did see him single early in the game, and then later in the game he hit a double to dead center field which you can watch below.

Today there are no games scheduled – it’s a camp day. There will be some morning workouts, but no afternoon activities on the back fields. I will still have some notes from the day, and hopefully have another thing or two that I’ve been working on.

16 Responses

  1. MK

    Moss is certainly a grinder keeping his teams in games and more times than not putting them in a position to win. He does nothing spectacular but at the end of the game the numbers are good and he wins.

  2. jbonireland

    For a tall guy Moss looks pretty smooth in his delivery. Will be interesting to see how he handles double A.

  3. CP

    What do you think the ceiling for Moss might be? Do you think he has a shot at back-end of rotation or will he most likely only have a shot at a lefty bullpen spot in the future?

    • Cguy

      Scott Moss did not make Doug’s top 25 prospect list. Nor was he among the “top prospect” series (there were 10) featured after the top 25. My question being, why ask Doug? He apparently doesn’t consider Moss to be a top prospect in the Reds organization.

      • Doug Gray

        Scott Moss was definitely in the “top prospect” series. You must have just missed it. His write up in the series actually came before the Top 25 came out. He wasn’t going to make the Top 25, though.

        Basically, I just wasn’t, and still am not completely sure he’s a starter. That said, I liked what I saw the other day more than I’ve liked it in the past. It’s not that it was ever a bad look in the past. Just nothing really jumped out at you. It still doesn’t – but it looked better. And the guy that was throwing the other day looked more like a guy who could stick as a starter than the past versions I’ve seen.

      • Cguy

        Sorry, I stand corrected. You did state Moss was in your top 35 or so after your July 2018 update. I still think Moss has some upside & will spend more time in the ML than several other of your top prospects. We’ll all know a lot more after his 2019 season.

    • Mk

      I would call him a post surgery Tommy John type pitcher, which wasn’t bad

  4. terry m

    Latest mock draft at BA has the Reds taking Matt Allan HS RHP from Florida.

  5. RobL

    I believe Moss was sitting last year in the 86 mph range. If he can actually sit 91-92, then I would think he jumps up to close to top 10. For a lefty that’s an average fastball. Pair that with the everything that made him successful with poor velocity and you have a good prospect.

    • Doug Gray

      There were times when he was 87-90 last year. I had other reports that he was 90-92, touching 93, too.

  6. The Swede

    Doug, rather than ask people to “bare with me”, you need to request that they “bear with me”. If we “bare” with you, all of us will be naked. Believe me, you don’t want that!

    • Doug Gray

      I much prefer we all bare together than try to bear together. I don’t think we’d survive as bears. We’d probably make it while baring.

  7. Kevin D

    Hey Doug,
    If you get a chance can you get some video of batting practice with Ibandel Isabel ? Thanks

  8. trf

    Doug are the guys in rookie league teams in camp? I was wondering if you have seen Fidel Castro this spring, and if you have heard where he’ll be assigned. I assume Greeneville,

    • Doug Gray

      Some of the rookie guys are here. Some of them are not. Castro is not here.