The bad news hit the Cincinnati Reds landscape on Tuesday night when it was announced that top prospect Nick Senzel had injured his ankle in a minor league game earlier in the day. He had X-rays that night and they came back negative. The next day he an MRI and it was announced that he would be in a walking boot for 7-14 days.

That kind of left his timetable of a return up in the air. It was speculated this morning by Jeff Passan of ESPN that he could miss “up to two months”. Fortunately for Nick Senzel, and for the Cincinnati Reds, that doesn’t seem to be the case. On Reds Live, prior to the game this afternoon, Dr. Tim Kremchek had this to say about Senzel’s ankle injury:

He’s doing a lot better early on than we thought. So I think it’s going to be sooner for him to be able to get to Louisville, play a little center field, get seasoned, get some at-bats. He’s not going to be long at all. Unfortunate for him. Unfortunate for the Reds. But he’ll to be up here very soon.

Good news coming from the mouth of the Cincinnati Reds medical staff about the teams top prospect. While the timetable is still sort of “up in the air”, whatever it was at the time it happened, it seems to be moving up. That’s always better than the other side of the coin with the dreaded “setback” that sometimes will happen.

Cincinnati Reds minor league releases

An unfortunate part of the game of baseball is that players lose their jobs. And for a handful of players each year that happens during spring training.

Player Position
A.J. Moore Pitcher
Anthony Bass Pitcher
Connor Ryan Pitcher
Daniel Sweet Outfielder
Francis Jones Pitcher
Jesse Adams Pitcher
John Sansone Infielder
Josh Rich Pitcher
Logan Taylor Outfielder
Luis Alecis Pitcher
Mason Williams Outfielder
Patrick McGuff Pitcher
Perez Knowles Pitcher
Ricardo Smith Pitcher
Seth Varner Pitcher
Stuart Turner Catcher
Tommy Bergjans Pitcher

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list was Seth Varner. He was the pitcher that I pegged for the Starting Pitcher of the Year for the 2018 season. The left-handed pitcher isn’t a big time prospect. His fastball touches the upper 80’s as a starting pitcher. He’s not going to be confused with Aroldis Chapman by any stretch of the imagination. But last season, with all of his starts but one taking place in Double-A, he posted a 3.30 ERA in 125.1 innings with 31 walks and 102 strikeouts. He’s performed and he’s performed well.

For some of the guys above, this will be the end of their career. Josh Rich, for example, has decided to retire. Some of the others may catch on with other teams – affiliated or otherwise – and continue to chase down their dream.

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22 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    Stuart turner, from MLB to out of baseball in 2 years.

    • Pat

      So the question to ponder is, did that rule 5 year when he was on the mlb roster for an entire year, when he wasn’t mlb ready cause his early demise? Are the Reds to blame for rushing a kid and ruining his career?

  2. A.B.

    Interested to hear from the “Luis Castillo should start in AAA” people.

    • Stock

      I would love to hear from them too. Super outing.

      I would also love to hear from those who felt Senzel should have made the team. If Senzel makes the team either Dietrich or Iglesias doesn’t and I am pretty sure it is Dietrich that doesn’t.

      1-0 vs. 0-1.

      • jbonireland

        Probably not correct, Kyle Farmer is taking the Senzel spot, not Iglesias or Dietrich.

    • Wes

      I don’t think anyone said that. Especially as the wood scenario progressed it didn’t matter who was better between the two in spring training. I was game for open competition based on last season and spring training. Also never said mahle should get the nod over him but let them compete. I also thought at the end Castillo pitched well enough to start but was shell shocked when they gave him the opening day nod.

      All that being said he surely didn’t have the 2018 we all hoped for and his performance today was a pleasant suprise.

      Senzel news is another pleasent surprise. Gods speed for him to be ready to man center field daily. Lord knows we need him ; )

    • Norwood Nate

      You won’t, or you’ll only hear backtracking and hedging. That is, until he has his first poor start, maybe some will peak their heads back out then. Sort of like the Votto’s washed up crowd starts to disappear around mid-May/June each year.

  3. Krozley

    John Sansone and Mason Williams can be added to the list as well according to Louisville’s transaction page from 3/21.

    • Norwood Nate

      I like Mason Williams, but he’s just going to be squeezed by the OF talent in the upper minors and on the Reds’ roster. Was more surprised to see Bass let go, but figuring he must have had an opt out clause, otherwise he would have been nice depth in Louisville.

  4. Ochoa30

    Hopefully Nick is playing in games by May 1st. Any earlier would by great too. The Reds will be much better off with him in CF over Schebler IMO.

  5. Cguy

    Castillo looked great. I believe 7 of his 8 K were swinging strikeouts. I’m surprised they let him throw 91 pitches on his first start. Thank goodness Reds management knew better than to send him down to Louisville. Also, as for Duke, big pickup for Reds. First lefty used by Bell. He belongs on this team. Where are his detractors tonight? Finally, it’s going to be almost impossible to keep Dietrich out of this lineup.

  6. Gaffer

    Kremcheck is a mediocre surgeon but he is a world class schill for the Reds management. What on earth is he commenting on “seasons” by which he means service time? Also is that a verbatim quote as it is very poor English grammar.

  7. Bob Anderson

    He will be up in June and it avoids the super 2

  8. Shamrock

    Call me crazy, but I believe that Connor Joe will actually have a decent MLB career.
    Meanwhile, why the heck Stuart Turner was given a year in the majors will always be a smh……..seriously

    What’s up with Mesoraco retiring?

    • Ryan

      Different teams. 2017 Reds were aweful, 2018 Reds hopefully arent. Connor Joe, in all likelihood, wouldve made it on any of the rebuilding squads.

    • Billy

      Mesoraco retiring sounds like a crappy situation. He signed a minor league deal, and his agent apparently didn’t work out an opt-out clause. He had been given the impression by Mets management that there was a path for him to make the team. That path opened up, and they still didn’t roster him. They opted to be strict adherents to the contract and sent him to the minors instead of releasing him as a veteran courtesy. He refused to go, so they placed him on the restricted list. Since he belongs to the Mets, and refuses to play in the minors, he’s looking at retirement instead.

  9. Colorado Red

    Good to here on Nick,
    Also, at my former job 1,000s lost there job last Friday.
    So, it does not just happen in baseball.
    Losing jobs is part life, we just have to move on.