Tomorrow the Dayton Dragons are scheduled to host their 20th Season Celebration Game. The 2019 Dragons team is supposed to face off against a team of “alumni” that is made up of former Dayton players who are still in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. That team was announced yesterday. Today we get a look at the 2019 Dragons roster (subject to change before opening day on Thursday).

Other Reds affiliate rosters


Here’s what it looks like:

Pitchers Catchers
Connor Bennett Pabel Manzanero
Ryan Campbell Jay Schuyler
Andy Cox Infielders
Jhon De Jesus Bren Spillane
Eddy Demurias Jonathan Willems
Alexis Diaz Miguel Hernandez
Jacob Heatherly Juan Martinez
James Marinan Dylan Harris
Julio Pinto Claudio Finol
Lyon Richardson Outfielders
Adrian Rodriguez Mariel Bautista
Eduardo Salazar Mike Siani
Jared Solomon Reniel Ozuna
Jesse Stallings Reshard Munroe

Starting by looking at the pitchers, it would seem that the rotation would be made up of Jared Solomon, Lyon Richardson, Jacob Heatherly, James Marinan, and Alexis Diaz. All five worked as starters last season in Greeneville, Billings, or Dayton. There’s a chance that others with starting experience could fill a role there, too. Jhon De Jesus missed all of the 2018 season but has been a starter in the past. Adrian Rodriguez made 21 starts last year – having plenty of success in Billings, but he struggled with the Dragons.

On the infield there are a lot of very interesting parts. Both Miguel Hernandez and Jonathan Willems made my Top 25 Reds prospects this past offseason. Bren Spillane was the 3rd round pick for the Reds last season and should be playing plenty of first base for the team. Juan Martinez cracked the Top 20 Reds prospects for Baseball America after a strong showing in Billings. Claudio Finol is still just 18-years-old and coming off a season where he hit .294 in Greeneville while playing second, third, and shortstop. Dylan Harris is the elder statesman of the group, but the 24-year-old hit .314 last season for Billings – playing mostly second base.

The outfield for Dayton has two Top 10 prospects with Mariel Bautista (#9) and Mike Siani (#10) headlining the group. Bautista has hit .320 or higher in each of the last three seasons, and last year started showing game power. Siani was the Reds 4th round pick who signed for late-1st-round money. He went to Greeneville after the draft and showed off his defensive skills while hitting .288. Reniel Ozuna will be making his full-season debut after spending last year between Greeneville and Billings. Reshard Munroe will return to Dayton, where he spent the second half of 2018. He hit .252/.341/.404 between Billings and Dayton last season.

20 Responses

  1. James K

    Does this mean that Cash Case spends a third year in rookie ball?

    • Doug Gray

      Not necessarily. It does mean that he’s starting the year in EST. I know that I saw him out on the field taking batting practice. I can’t recall seeing him actually on the field and playing, though. Going to have to go back and look at the rosters.

      • Doug Gray

        I checked. He was playing. Started in left field one day.

  2. Oldtimer

    Looks like a decent Class A roster. Dayton should be competitive in Midwest League.

  3. The Duke

    No huge surprises. I thought Lyon Richardson might start in Billings, but it’s not a shock he’d start in Dayton. My best guess at a lineup:

    1. Mike Siani, CF
    2. Miguel Hernandez, SS
    3. Mariel Bautista, LF (some CF too)
    4. Juan Martinez, 3B
    5. Bren Spillane, 1B
    6. Reshard Munroe, RF
    7. Dylan Harris, DH (2B/3B)
    8. Jonathan Willems, 2B
    9. Pabel Manzanero, C

    Finol I think plays a SS, 3B, and 2B some. Schulyer could beat out Manzanero for the starting spot, both will play a good amount, I think it’s 60/40 either way. Dylan Harris also likely plays around the infield some too, depending on injuries. I think he plays 60-70% of the games. I think Ozuna is the clear 4th OF, but still plays a solid amount with each of the 3 starters likely playing 8 or 9 games out of every 10, which would get him 3-6 starts per 10 games. Siani will start in CF, but Bautista will play there some as well.

  4. Billy

    Should we expect other team rosters to be announced soon too, or is Dayton early because of the game tomorrow?

    • Doug Gray

      Dayton is early because of the celebration game. I wouldn’t expect the other rosters until probably Monday or Tuesday – but I hope to be surprised.

      • The Duke

        Keep an eye on Twitter for the Dragon veteran team. I bet we see a lot of Dayton->Daytona tweets or Dayton->Chattanooga or Dayton->Louisville from the players.

  5. Norwood Nate

    A lot of interesting names to follow both in the lineup and rotation. I really like the rotation. The jump up from RK ball to full season is a interesting one to follow. It’s not the hardest jump, as I’d think the jump up to AA is still the toughest. But it’s a bit of a litmus test for a lot of guys.

  6. SteveO

    Rylan Thomas and Drew Mount surprise omissions for me. Maybe they will pass over Dayton and head to Daytona.

    • Hanawi

      Was thinking the same thing about Mount. Can’t imagine him spending another year in rookie ball.

  7. Puig66

    Doug based on last year’s numbers are you surprised that Lyon Richardson is on a full season roster and not held back for EST and then to Billings?

    Hope he does well as well as the rest of the starting rotation. The 6 SP’s are all prospects that I will look forward to seeing in the boxscore everyday.

  8. IMHO

    Super surprised at Salazar – he pitched 12 innings in Greeneville and had a 6.00+ era as relief… how does that happen? Amazed some pitchers did not go to Dayton and are in EST

  9. NLP

    Yikes, that whole ‘formatting’ thing can be a bummer.

    A first glimpse of that list looks like the Dayton Dragons are going to be rolling with 13 pitchers and 14 catchers.

  10. IMHO

    Tell me why Jhon DeJesus made the team if he was out all last year?