Today is the day that we get the rest of the Cincinnati Reds minor league team rosters for the start of 2019. The Low-A Dayton Dragons roster came out on Friday. The Daytona Tortugas, the Advanced-A affiliate of the Reds is the first to release theirs today and it’s got some interesting names on it.

Other Reds affiliate rosters


The team will be headline on the infield by 2018 first round pick Jonathan India. The third baseman was the fifth overall selection in last years draft and had 16 extra-base hits in 44 games last season after being selected. He spent time in Greeneville, Billings, and Dayton last season and was ranked as the #5 prospect in the organization following the season. He’ll be joined on the infield by another top 25 organizational prospect with Hendrik Clementina behind the plate. He’s interestingly enough being listed as a catcher and first baseman this year.

The outfield has several top 25 prospects in it, too. Stuart Fairchild, the Reds 2nd round selection in the 2017 draft will return to Daytona after spending his second half there last year. The 16th rated Reds prospect is joined in the outfield by 18th rated Andy Sugilio, as well as former Top 25 prospect Miles Gordon, and Lorenzo Cedrola.

On the mound there are some interesting arms to keep an eye on. Ryan Lillie will make his Reds organizational debut when he takes the mound for the first time. Ryan Olson returns after missing most of last year after a hot start for the Tortugas. Lefty Packy Naughton will look to build upon his 2018 season with Dayton as he moves up a level. Out of the bullpen you’ll see Aneurys Zabala who can throw 102 MPH. John Ghyzel will also be in the bullpen for the Tortugas, who can reach the upper 90’s.

Here’s the entire roster.

Pitchers Catchers
RHP Wendolyn Bautista C/1B Hendrik Clementina
RHP Michael Byrne C Mark Kolozsvary
LHP Carlos Diaz C Morgan Lofstrom
RHP John Ghyzel Infielders
RHP Andrew Jordan IF Jonathan India
RHP Ryan Lillie IF Alejo Lopez
LHP Packy Naughton IF/OF Yonathan Mendoza
RHP Ryan Nutof IF Carlos Rivero
RHP Ryan Olson IF Leandro Santana
RHP Austin Orewiler IF/OF Randy Ventura
LHP Reiver Sanmartin 1B Bruce Yari
RHP Cory Thompson Outfielders
RHP Aneurys Zabala OF Lorenzo Cedrola
OF Stuart Fairchild
OF Miles Gordon
OF Andy Sugilio

 *Shortstop Jose Garcia is on the roster, but on the injured list to begin the season. Hunter Greene will also be listed on the roster, but will miss the entire season after injuring his elbow in spring training, requiring Tommy John surgery.*

16 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Where’s Jose Garcia? Jumping to AA? If so, does India get some work at SS?

  2. The Duke

    Projected lineup:

    1. Stuart Fairchild, CF
    2. Andy Sugilio, LF
    3. Jonathan India, 3B
    4. Hendrik Clementina, C (DH/1B)
    5. Miles Gordon, RF
    6. Leandro Santana, DH (3B)
    7. Alejo Lopez, 2B
    8. Bruce Yari, 1B (DH)
    9. Carlos Rivero, SS

    Might be a long year for the Tuga’s. Definitely more excited about the Dragons lineup in Low A.

    • Norwood Nate

      What are you thinking on the rotation?

      As far as I can guess it would be (no particular order) Naughton, Lillie, Olson, Jordan, and either Orewiler/Bautista.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        Are the Reds planning on prepping Byrne as a starter? For some reason I remember that being one of the stipulations for him signing out of the 14th round last year. He’d finish the year as a reliever, then move to the rotation.

  3. Cguy

    What about Mac Sceroler? I don’t see him on either Dayton or Daytona roster.

    • The Duke

      Could be hurt. This is the time where we find out about the guys who got dinged up in spring training or over the winter. Hopefully not.

      • Champ Summers

        he was the scheduled starter at the Dayton alumni game so that would be odd

  4. Norwood Nate

    A roster lacking in some bite. Especially on the pitching side. Interested in seeing how López does, as he’s hit pretty well each year until now. Hoping for an entire OF bounce back year as each of Sugilio, Fairchild, and Gordon struggled to replicate their results from the previous year.

    Any idea as to what kind of injury Garcia is dealing with? He was the glaring omission until I saw the update at the bottom. Big season for him, hope he gets out on the field soon.

  5. Shamrock

    Stuart Fairchild
    With us losing both Greene and Jeter Downs at least we’ve still got Stu.
    When he makes his debut as a 5th OF in 2024 he’s gonna make for a neat little piece of trivia:
    “Hey, remember that one year when the Reds had the number two Overall Pick and wasted it on Brien Taylor the 2nd?”
    “I do Chris. Didn’t they also give him like the biggest signing bonus in like the entire history of signing bonuses?”
    “They did. He had stated previously that he had wanted to stay on the west coast.”
    “It was a pretty loaded draft that year and the kid had red flags all over him. If cincinnati hadn’t reached i wonder how far he would have fallen…”

  6. IMHO

    Carlos Diaz’ link is for the 54 year old….unless…..???

    So with Jose and Hunter being on the roster, yet on the IL, does that mean no one gets brought up? Two spots sort of open, yet not open at all?

    • The Duke

      They have their 25 players not including those 2

  7. Billy

    India is listed as IF, but Doug mentioned 3B. Do we know that they’ll play him as a 3B this season?

    • The Duke

      They could put India at 2B. Lopez has played all over the infield, including 3B in the past.

  8. Shamrock

    I’m living down in Daytona now so will definitely catch a few games this summer.
    The last time (7 or 8 years ago) i stayed down here they had the Cubs team playing. I really hope the Reds keep the Tortugas team going down here. It’s a pretty cool older stadium.