Taylor Trammell began the year rated as the Cincinnati Reds 3rd top prospect behind Nick Senzel and Hunter Greene. The outfielder was also rated inside of the top 35 by the national publications for all of Minor League Baseball. To say that Trammell was well regarded would be an understatement. In 2018 the outfielder spent his entire season in Daytona where he had a bit of an up-and-down season. In April and May, over 189 plate appearances, he hit .308/.418/.491. And that came in a very pitching friendly Florida State League. Things slowed down from June through the end of the season, though. In 272 plate appearances in that stretch he hit just .256/.346/.349. That, of course, doesn’t include him going wild in The Futures Game, where he homered, tripled, and took home MVP honors.

There was some inconsistency, though. And right before the season began, Taylor Trammell spoke about wanting to improve in that area this season. So far, so good. On Wednesday night the Reds outfield prospect went 1-2 with 2 walks and a solo home run for the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts. That put his line through 11 games at .351/.500/.622. That’s not a typo – his on-base percentage is an even and cool .500. That’s because he’s walked 11 times in 11 games.

Manzanero, Willems go deep in a Dayton win

The Dayton Dragons rode solid pitching and the home run to a win on Wednesday night as they closed out a home stand with a 4-3 win. Trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the 6th inning Pabel Manzanero took an 0-1 breaking ball and crushed it 395 feet onto the concourse in left-center field to tie the game up.


It was the first home run of the year for the catcher, who hit 9 of them last season for the Billings Mustangs. In the bottom of the 7th inning, holding a 3-2 lead, it was Jonathan Willems who came to the plate to pad the lead. And it turns out that Dayton would actually need that run. Getting ahead in the count 1-0, the next pitch came in at 92 MPH and it left harder than that. And it left at a launch angle that seemingly would have to be near the absolute top end of the scale for balls that go for home runs.


Christian Colon remains hot for the Louisville Bats

Over the last two days Christian Colon has turned a slow start into a hot one. On Tuesday he went 4-5 with two runs scored and he drove in another run. Yesterday saw him go 3-4 with a walk, home run, two runs scored, and two more runs batted in. His OPS jumped from .606 prior to Tuesday to .835 by the end of Tuesday. The early season big game or two swing is real.


Aristides Aquino had a big game of his own on Tuesday. He came to the plate four times and he reached base all four times. He had two hits and he walked in the other two plate appearances. In the 6th inning he hit an absolute laser into the left-field seats for the Bats – his 3rd homer of the season. The power has played quite well in Louisville. The outfielder is now hitting .256/.313/.581 with eight extra-base hits in 11 games played.

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  1. SultanofSwaff

    At this point in what is rapidly turning into a lost season I don’t think there’s a downside to making some radical roster decisions. If I’m in charge, I give the team 3 more weeks to get their act together. If they’re 10 games under and as offensively lifeless as they’ve shown so far, I’m promoting Senzel to play SS, Trammell to play CF, and Stephenson to the starting rotation. Along with Geno/Sonny/Luis/Amir/Jesse/Joey, that becomes the core of the team moving forward and I’m listening on everyone else. In each case, the experience they’ll gain will help them hit the ground running in 2020. And who knows, they might just be the jolt this team needs.

    • ohiojimw

      Not opposed to your plan as an end point; but, I think there are some logistical and developmental issues to work through to get there.

      I think if Trammell continues to dominate at AA don’t waste time getting him to AAA; but, given his age leave him there a couple of months to grow into things. I see after the ASB as a good target date for getting him to MLB.

      Stephenson has prepped as a reliever from day one this season. Think they are going to need to stretch him out on the fly like they were doing with Lorenzen last year before giving him a look at starter if that is in the cards.

    • Ghettotrout1

      I support this plan. I am sick of watching Kemp and the other dudes. Like it would be different if they were winning games then I don’t care but at this point lets shake things up this rebuild is never ending.

    • Oldtimer

      Your opinion. Not mine. #1 Trammell is not CF caliber in MLB. #2 Senzel can play 2B, 3B, or any OF position better than SS. #3 Stephenson has shown nothing to make anyone think he could transition from 1-2 innings to SP overnight.

  2. The Duke

    Barring a massive slump Trammell is going to vault into the top 10 prospects in baseball by midseason. I’d like to see him get more time in CF though. Siri is a superior defender to most everyone, but Trammell is the one who is showing he has a big league future and should take precedence in my opinion. Put Siri in RF and let Trammell get as many CF reps as possible.

    • Dollar Bill

      Might be time to send Joe to a sports psychologist. His head is in outer space right now. Caused a balk a couple days ago and pulled a real boner charging in for a bunt way to early allowing the runner to waltz into second . He is marching to his own drum beat and he is way out of tune with the game going on around him. With men on base he tries to work the walks and while leading off he is hacking at the first pitch. Thank God he is ONLY making a half million per week for all the greatness he contributes.

      Maybe a conversation with Ted Williams frozen head will get him back on track?

      • RojoBenjy

        I think the idea that Joey needs to refocus on the details of baseball is valid. I even think the joke about the frozen head is passable.

        But you lost credibility bringing up JV’s salary. That is a very old tune that Cincinnati fans who don’t know the baseball market continue to sing.

      • Ghettotrout1

        I don’t think your credibility took any hits for the salary comment, because regardless of his salary you’re right he looks like he is lost.

      • Wes

        What offensive catogory is votto leading the reds in ? K’s. He’s struck out more than anyone on team. And that doesn’t count popping up to catcher in 9th yesterday with game on the line.

  3. Stock

    The season is early but the results have not been good thus far.

    1. Senzel – Hurt Again
    2. Greene – TJS
    3. Trammell – Great
    4. Santillan – The walks are concerning but the K’s are finally showing up.
    5. India – Sucks thus far
    6. Stephenson – Sucks thus far
    7. Siri – Sucks thus far
    8. Gutierrez – Sucks thus far
    9. Bautista – Sucks thus far
    10. Siani – sucks thus far

    It only gets worse with the final 12 guys in Doug’s original top 25.

    Injured: Garcia
    Good: Richardson, Aquino
    Average: Sugilio
    Suck: Hernandez, Friedl, Mella, Fairchild, Clementina, Herget, Marinan and Willems

    Pretty depressing when 17 of the top 22 prospects are either injured or suck. The three traded away.

    Shed Long: .321/.390/.434
    Josiah Gray: 1.23 ERA, 0.61 WHIP, 16/4 K/BB ratio in 14.2 IP.
    Jeter Downs: Sucks

    Looking like a great year to be a Reds fan.

    • Dollar Bill

      Keep in mind the Reds gave up their upcoming competitive balance pick to the Yankees in the Gray deal.

      The problem with this team is the people running it from dum Bell on up

      • The Duke

        And Gray has been fantastic so far. That trade isn’t the reason we aren’t hitting.

      • Stock

        Actually I love the Gray trade. I don’t think Long is ever an everyday player. I think someone who walks no one has a chance to pitch in the majors. I think Sanmartin is very under-rated. Last year his K/BB ratio was 14.5. This year it is only 8 but that is still really good. I think Sanmartin is every bit as good as the draft pick. The Gray extension moves this from a good trade to a great trade.

        The one that bugs me is the Dodger trade.

      • RojoBenjy

        Why do you see this as a negative thing?

        My thoughts on the deal was “Cool, we are only giving up a competitive balance pick.”

    • Ghettotrout1

      I particularly love your category of “sucks” hahahahhaha. To which I agree to and support using when evaluating.

    • Wes

      So they gave up comp pick, gray, downs and long.

      In return the got sonny gray locked up long term and a slew of trade targets.

      Puig, Wood, Scooter, Iglesias can all generate a decent return. Anyone else is not on market or a throw in on a trade w Roark getting an * in case he’s pitching in a grove close to deadline. Reds need to make sure their scouting department is up to speed and the front office is doing their part to make some deals happen come June if reds are out of it. They can easily build a better return then they lost if they are smart about. U are replacing basically gray and tool shed to a lesser extent.

    • jon

      top 4 minor league teams are a combined 12 games under .500 This from a team the picked in the top 10 a million times and nothing to show for all those top picks.

  4. Eric Wormus

    Jay Bruce 2007 (AA) 16 games, 74 PAs .333/.405/.652, 186 wRC+
    Trammell 2019 (AA) 11 games, 48 PAs .351/.500/.622 242 wRC+

    Give Trammell another week and if he hasn’t completely fallen off the cliff, send him to AAA.

    • The Duke

      I say let him get at least 150-200 plate appearances in AA. He’ll cool off eventually, and lets see how he responds to that. This is his first taste above A ball, lets not get too hasty.

  5. Brian

    Extend scooter, its proven we need him. He’s our spark. Let Puig walk after the year, resign wood if he shows well. And make a splash signing with gerrit Cole since we will have plenty of cap space ever after scooter gets re upped for 10-12 mill over 3-4 years. And wood gets something like 3/48. Next year we got

    1. Trammel LF
    2. senzel CF
    3. Votto 1B
    4. Suarez 3B
    5. Scooter 2B
    6. Winker LF
    7. Peraza SS (he’ll figure it out)
    8. Catcher

    1. Castillo
    2. Cole
    3. Wood
    4. Gray
    5. Mahle/disco/Gutierrez/santillan/whoever is left

    Not bad?

    • Wes

      No way scooter passes on 3/24 million if u offered it today. Not a bad plan for either side.

      Cole won’t sign in cincy for a gazillion dollars. Just like Dallas “the donkey” kuechel paseed on some 50+ million to not come to cincy w no back up plan in place.

    • Bob Anderson

      Wood isn’t a starter imo. His future is in the pen.

  6. Bob Anderson

    Saying India sucks is funnier than hell. Guys, not everybody is lightening it up right off the bat. Lets give to June before we make overwhelming “decisions”.

    • Simon Cowell

      According to sabermetricss you can suck every month, against quality pitching, and in big stadiums. All you need to do to look awesome is be a monster one month of the year, against poor pitching, and dominate in small arenas. This is the weakness of sabermetics.

      But I agree with you on India. He will be fine. Is he same level as Senzel and Trammel? Doubtful, but he may be a regular allstar

  7. Simon Cowell

    From a prospect stanpoint Trammel is our one bright star so far this year. Good for him, if he stays on fire he will be in AAA.
    Its probably temporary but the Reds need to look at why the entire organization is off to such a bad start. It seems to be a lack of hitting top to bottom. Not a single player can be blamed so so ething in structure and preparation needs to be altered

    • Bob Anderson

      For one, BobC era teams bullpens struggle…….alot.