Here are the interviews with Cincinnati Reds outfielder Nick Senzel, President of Baseball Operations Dick Williams, and Manager David Bell before the Major League debut of Senzel tonight.

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  1. MK

    Doug, Does Senzel have the record for the most times with his name in a headline in one calendar year?

  2. ChiRedsFan

    I like your optimism, more of that needed around here!

  3. Bdh

    Bell at it again. Takes Gray out in a 7 run game when he’s only thrown 82 pitches and had just hit. Peralta now getting shelled and it’s a ballgame again.

    • Mac

      Bell is worse than Price. The Reds will never be good until they trade Votto. He’s regressed badly.

  4. Bdh

    On a positive note though Senzel made a wonderful play in center that inning. Kid is an incredible athlete.

  5. Bdh

    That double switch worked out great. At first I questioned why he let gray hit if he planned on a double switch and also why he decided that Peraza for Dietrich was the switch instead of Suarez for Farmer when he made the switch. Now I’m just wondering why it was done at all since Lorenzen only threw 1 inning.

    Now it is a very close game and the player who’s responsible for 7 runs this game isn’t in any longer with his spot in the order coming up.

    And as I write this he has to double switch again because Iglesias has to pitch over an inning again and the pitcher spot is due up 1st. Round of applause for the managing tonight

      • Bdh

        Now if the Giants get anything on the 9th the Reds are without Dietrich who’s been the best hitter tonight AND Winker who’s probably been the best for the year.

    • RojoBenjy

      It reminds me of Barney Fife that always wants to use the siren because it’s fun!
      Look, Dad! I know how to make a double switch!
      Problem is that knowing how to is different than knowing when to, and how to make one that is strategically sound.

      That is manager Nepo T. Ism, hired by President Nep O’Tism. Bet the GM wants to Krall under a rock at this point.

  6. Bdh

    Predictable… Now you only have Suarez and Cassali on the bench with the pitcher spot coming up again and you’ve went through 5 relievers alreadywhen you didn’t have to. It just keeps getti better. Lets just hope they score here and not worry about extras

  7. The Rage

    Bell has had some issues with players, Peraza is one, another is a more important player in the scheme of things, I will not name, can’t stand him. I think a firing before the season is out would not surprise me. Price was incompetent, but not hated. David on the other hand…….,

  8. Foxred

    One of the worst losses I’ve seen in a while. I used to look forward to each game. I literally feel I can go weeks at a time without even bothering to check in. Disgusting product right now.

  9. Hanawi

    Two more HRs for VanMeter tonight. Might as well bring he and O’Grady up and let go of Schebler and send Peraza down.

  10. BaBull

    That has to be the worst managing job I have ever seen. I had planned on getting to the game tonight but, couldn’t make. I will be there tomorrow night. I expect that game will show me everything I need to know about this team going forward this year. Needless to say, I don’t expect much.

    • Bob Anderson

      Buddy’s kid over manages like few others I have ever seen. Nepotism sucks

  11. Eric

    I turned game off and went to bed after he pulled gray.mi looked at my wife and said welp bell blew another game..wake up and watch the game in fast forward because i knew what was going to Happen..sure enough reds got belled again.