Brantley Bell started out the season struggling with the Chattanooga Lookouts. Over the first two weeks of the season he hit just .195/.340/.293. But he did that while walking more times than he struck out. The signs were there that he was seeing the ball well enough, but the hits just weren’t showing up.

After a day off on April 21st thanks to Mother Nature, Brantley Bell played in both games of a double header on the 22nd. He went 3-6 with a walk, double, and a home run between those two games. And he’s been hitting well ever since. In the 12 games since he’s hit .311/.367/.600 with four doubles, three home runs, three walks, and just five strikeouts in 49 plate appearances. The four home runs in 25 games is a big step up from the power he’s shown in the past – last year his total of seven in Daytona was the highest of his career.

Luis Gonzalez’ hot start to 2019 keeps going

Last night saw infielder Luis Gonzalez rack up three more hits for the Louisville Bats. His season began with the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts where he had hit .326/.380/.478 before being promoted up to Triple-A a week ago. He’s just kept all of that going since joining the Bats. The 24-year-old infielder is now hitting .339/.383/.482 season with three walks and nine strikeouts in 21 games played between his two stops.


Brian O’Grady OPS’ing over 1.150 in Louisville

It’s been written on these pages before this season that Brian O’Grady has been raking in Louisville. He continued that on Sunday, going 2-3 with two doubles and a walk. O’Grady did spend a week on the injured list, so he’s only played in 21 games this season and has racked up 92 plate appearances. He’s made all of that count, though.

There’s been a lot of talk about the start that Josh VanMeter had in Louisville, and for good reason. But Brian O’Grady has been nearly as productive this season. He’s now hitting .365/.451/.703 with seven doubles, six home runs, four steals, and he’s walked 14 times.

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  1. Kyle

    Luis Gonzalez has seemed to be a solid prospect over the years. Not outstanding but steady. A little surprised he hasn’t showed up on any lists

    • MK

      Unfortunately Luis severely fractured his ankle on the last day of the season in Dayton 2015. After a winter of rehab he was back in Dayton 2016 but played with a limp and lack of speed and his defensive range was retarded. He was sent back to start at Dayton again in 2017. He started as a third baseman and he told me they wanted him to work on all infield positions for more of a utility future. When they give a player that role in Low A it is typically a kiss of death for their career. It has all been good from there. The ankle took him off the radar but he has worked his but off to regain some stature in the organization.

      Great kid. His mom was born in U.S. and married his dad a Dominican. They lived there and Luis was born there but has U.S, family. In fact he lived with mother’s brother in Dayton. So, he has not had the cultural adjustments some other Latin players have had.

  2. MikeD

    AlFRod is another that could appear on this list. His ascent will have people such as myself eating a bit of crow. We are have all been critical of his signing, but in short time he’s showing so promise. I’ll enjoy that crow!

  3. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    I’m sure it may be too much to ask, but can’t hurt to ask/ suggest, so here goes. Would be helpful for us dodo heads if in parentheses the prospects age then the avg age for that level) so we can have more context. I understand there are other factors as well, for instance Daal who has been injured.

    Doug, haven’t been able to check my Patreon emails bc I’ve been so swamped, but have you talked with anyone who can pin down what’s led to the difference w Rodriguez this year? I assume he’s stronger and that helps but it has to be more than just that.

    Lastly, when is a small sample size not longer a small sample size?

  4. Gaffer

    Doug, looks like Senzel May hit more than 20 HR?

      • Oldtimer

        He’s on pace to break Roger Maris’ record of 61 HR. (Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa cheated to get their higher HR totals but he would break those, too).

  5. Bob Anderson

    I would deal Peraza and Rasiel today. They don’t want to be here and it shows every game.

    • Shamrock

      Rasiel’s contract looks pretty darn untradeable right now.
      And who in the living heck would even want Peraza.
      Maybe Peraza, Schebler, and Rasiel + cash considerations could bring us back the old broken down version of Todd Frazier from NY?

    • Alpha Zero

      I won’t pretend to know whether either guy “wants to be here,” but I think it’s prudent to give them more time.

      Iglesias has been very good for a number of years and is striking out 14 batters per 9 right now. He has given up a lot of HRs, but if he can find a way to correct that, he’ll be just fine.

      Also, I feel like everyone has forgotten that Peraza carried something close to a .600 OPS into June last year before exploding for the rest of the season. I think we were all hoping we would see that Peraza for the whole of 2019, but it’s possible he is just a very slow starter. I’m not overly enamored with the guy, but I don’t think it makes sense to just chuck him overboard for nothing unless he’s a problem in the clubhouse, which is not something I’ve ever heard said about him.

  6. Cguy

    I’d add Scott Moss to that list. 6 innings of shutout, no hit baseball with 9K (& 4 BB) tonight. He’s heating up. Lyon Richardson also 6 innings of 0 ER, 2 hit baseball allowing 1 unearned run. He may be getting warm