The Cincinnati Reds feel they need a 9-man pitching staff once again and have recalled left-handed reliever Cody Reed from Triple-A Louisville. To make room on the 25-man roster they optioned utility-man Josh VanMeter back to Triple-A Louisville.

For Cody Reed, this will be his second time in the Major Leagues this season. Earlier in the year he was briefly called up to help out a worn out bullpen. He pitched in one game, throwing 2.1 shutout innings with 4 strikeouts. In Louisville this season he’s been rather dominant for the Bats. With the International League watching home run rates, and thus ERA’s explode throughout the league, Reeds combination of strikeouts and very high ground ball rates have his ERA sitting at 3.06 on the season in 17.2 innings. He’s allowed just 1 home run and he’s struck out 23 of the 70 batters he’s faced (32.9%).

For Josh VanMeter, he’ll head back to Triple-A where he was killing the baseball for the Bats. In his 8 games played in the Major Leagues he went 2-14 with a walk, 2 strikeouts, and a stolen base. There wasn’t a lot of playing time to go around for him despite the fact that he can play about 6 different positions. With Derek Dietrich also playing most of those spots, and Dietrich murdering the baseball this season, it left VanMeter with mostly pinch-hitting duties. For now he’s going to rejoin the Bats and try to get back in the groove of things like he was in April when he won the International League’s player of the month award.

It’s unlikely the Reds go very long with a 9-man bullpen. Whether it’s going to be Cody Reed to go back to the minor leagues, or another move in the bullpen isn’t known. But don’t expect the bullpen to be this big beyond the weekend series, it’s not a likely scenario.

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  1. AirborneJayJay

    Good for Cody Reed. Good for Vanmeter too. JVM needs regular AB’s and David Bell was using him so sparingly.

    • Doug Gray

      Leave the insulting nicknames for people at the door. We aren’t having that here.

      • Doug Gray

        I edited his post. The insulting nickname is no longer there. And it was Bell who got the insult, not Josh.

    • AirborneJayJay

      It was a term of endearment, genius. I guess you can’t put a clown’s name in front of Bell’s name, even if he manages like one. But you can put “former utility player “Buddy’s Kid”” in quotation marks and that isn’t deemed insulting or mocking either? That isn’t leaving them at the door. Or other mocking nicknames that are on here all the time? I smell a double standard.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not going to argue with you. I’ve told you why you can’t do what you did. Either accept it, or stop posting. And for the record, no, former utility player, or Buddy’s kid aren’t insults. Calling someone Bozo is. Now stop doing it or you can stop posting (either voluntarily or I’ll just ban you).

  2. RojoBenjy

    I really would have enjoyed seeing JVM get some of Peraza’s starts early on, when the team needed a bit of a spark. The the Reds should know what they have (or could have) with Peraza already. It likely wouldn’t have hurt to let the kid start a few games. If he struggles, you put him on the bench anyway.

    But overall, I have no complaint about him not getting much PT this time around. Hope he gets back to mashing for Louisville.

  3. MK

    Maybe some of the AAA success for Despaigne and Reed when others have struggled is their previous experiences with MLB baseballs. Hopefully it kick starts both their careers.

  4. kevinz

    DFA Duke mayb? Let Reed stay up learn the ropes more. Hope move made ASAP

    • Optimist

      Hope that’s on the June to-do list, as well as the 1st set of trades, which could free up Ervin/VanMeter/O’Grady/Schebler recalls. See which one has the best month ahead, can VanMeter repeat his April?

      Also look forward to another pitcher recall if we can a trade to free up spots there as well.

      • MK

        Last seven appearances Duke has 1.50 ERA and 1.17 WHIP. Every team needs an older bullpen guy they don’t worry about abusing. The last couple years they did it to Wandy and practically ruined him and he is just now becoming effective again.

      • Cguy

        Great take MK. ZD still has the confidence of both manager & pitching coach.

  5. Shamrock

    The Reds currently sit at 20-24.
    That’s the exact same record that got legendary Cincinnati Hall of Famer, minority manager, and all around wonderful human being Tony Perez fired a few years back.

    With that in mind:
    How long is the leash on first time manager and former utility player “Buddy’s Kid”??

    • Chi Reds Fan

      Reds were 2 years removed from a WS win, had been 90-72 prior year, replaced by Davey Johnson. And Perez, who I really respect, never had managerial success later on either, so seems a strange comparison.

      • Stock

        The Reds just finished a streak of 22 -29 games away from home and never back to back series in the same city. They were 14-15 in those 4 weeks. I am sure if you would have looked at this part of the schedule in ST 14-15 would have been consider a huge success.

        2 losses at home vs. SF hurt but they seem to be putting it together now. Their only loss to the Cubs who are on a roll was vs. Hendricks who has been fantastic recently.

        The Reds are in a good position to continue the roll they are currently on.

      • kevinz

        I was one who made fun of Bell. I think he gets 2 Years at least. Keep him so we keep Johnson as a Pitching Coach. If Ward can get the hitting Part going, Watch OUT. I get the record not what anybody wants. I am just enjoying the Pitching. Keeping us in games. The pitching last 3 years or so has been Putrid.

    • MK

      Getting rid of Perez was a travesty and it would be with Bell too.
      He should get 3 years minimum.
      Everyone has been chirping about the need to take an analytics approach in the organization. It takes a while to get everyone to buy in including fans and media announcers. It does not happen in a week, a month, or half a season. But it is possible to see progress with the Reds.
      They gave Clint Hurdle three years in Pittsburgh and that has worked out well (and they had a twenty year losing streak).

      • Randy in Chatt

        Well said MK. Posters, trolls, armchair GM’s should just stop with the “fire Bell” mantra. I mean, really, they would fire a guy they hired this quick in the season and only 4 games under .500. Stop, just stop. There will be growing pains and mistakes (like we all make at our own jobs). If the Reds FO fired him now, they’ve lost all credibility and would be a laughing stock. He was hired with the future in mind. Not for 50 games into his first season. Geesh.

      • Cguy

        I can’t believe “Buddys Kid” left Mahle in there for 6 whole innings tonight. Why not fire the manager tonight?

  6. Bill J

    Doug, who in the minors do you think will be ready to bring up next year?

  7. Big Willie

    Seems to me the real problem is the hitting coach. These guys can’t seem to quit swinging for the fences when a single breaks open games.

  8. Bob Anderson

    What to do with DIsco? I think The Rage is right and he is done, but the platelets probably arrested the initial tear, but he just doesn’t look the same since that UCL sprain from 2017. He just isn’t the same guy. His location and arm angle change way to much, causing the ball to float up over the plate to much.

    He really may have benefited from UCL replacement in 2017 and would be 100% by now. Instead he is a 5th starter close to AAAA level. Tyler Mahle is just as good, if not a bit better, with a bunch more upside to improve.