Brian O’Grady has been raking all season long for the Louisville Bats. That is, while he’s been active. He missed 10 days in April with a back injury. Before hitting the injured list, he was hitting .333/.455/.667 in Triple-A. Since returning he’s cooled off a little bit. All he’s done in the 21 games heading into Sunday’s afternoon tilt in Buffalo was hit .303/.386/.526 with 11 extra-base hits and 10 walks.

And then Sunday’s game happened. Brian O’Grady went out and had himself a day. In fact, he had himself a day-and-a-half. In his first at-bat of the day he popped out to shortstop. Nothing special. But then he homered to center field in his second at-bat. The next time he came to the plate, he homered again. This time to left-center field. In the top of the eighth he would homer again, this time down the left-field line. He would get a shot for a 4th home run in the top of the ninth, but he struck out and settled for three bombs on the day against the Bisons.


By the time the game was over, Brian O’Grady was hitting .325/.416/.649 with 10 doubles, 9 home runs, and 9 stolen bases in just 32 games played this season for Louisville. Dating back to his promotion to Triple-A last season, O’Grady has hit .314/.387/.601 with 19 doubles, 2 triples, 17 home runs, and 14 stolen bases in 299 plate appearances.

Aristides Aquino is back with a vengeance

On Sunday afternoon it wasn’t just Brian O’Grady who went off for the Louisville Bats. In mid-April, Aristides Aquino injured his shoulder. For three days he came off of the bench as a pinch hitter before hitting the injured list. He stayed there for nearly a month. But on Saturday he returned to the lineup and went 2-4 with a double. Sunday he did even better.


The Punisher, as he’s known, came to the plate five times for Louisville. He reached base all five times. He walked once, and he racked up four hits. One of those hits was a home run (video above). Since returning from the injured list he’s gone 6-8 with a walk, double, and a home run. That’ll work. That. Will. Work. On the season, in 17 games played, he’s now hitting .351/.406/.719 with 6 doubles and 5 home runs.

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  1. JON

    Waiting for the first “lets cut Votto and promote o’grady” comment.

    • MK

      Watching Joey l wonder if his head is on straight. Remember a few years ago when he had the mental fatigue, after his father’s death, could he be headed down that path again. He seems to argue about every close pitch that is called a strike. You then see him fuming on the bench the rest of that half inning and of course they keep a camera on him. As a veteran he knows nothing good will come from that. Think that is rubbing off on Winker a bit. Just does not seem like the even keel Votto of the past. Hope I am wrong but maybe he needs a few mental days off.

      • RojoBenjy

        MK- I tend to agree with this. The question I have is whether or not JDV would be receptive to this idea of a mental break. I, too, remember when Dusty gave him that time away about 9 or 10 years ago.

      • donny

        From what i am seeing, he’s really not seeing the ball very well. How many times have we seen him look at a fastball down the middle this year compared to the rest of his career. He also seems to have lost some bat speed. He seems to be behind those fastballs .

      • BigWill

        Tend to agree. He doesn’t seem like he is having much fun playing.

    • MBZ

      Not that, but I am excited to see O’Grady and especially Aquino looking good. Puig won’t be around in 2020, and to have an in-house replacement ready to go would be huge. I think most Reds fans thought Aquino was our future RF, hopefully that will happen in 2020. If you add in Siri, and Trammel into the race for 2020, it will be a fun competition to watch who develops first.

    • Village Idiot

      lets cut Votto and promote o’grady

      • Big Ed

        Sight unseen, I can promise that O’Grady is the better base runner.

  2. another bob in nc

    On the other hand, waiting for the Reds to call these guys up and having them sit on the bench for 3 weeks.

  3. Ryan

    Bet these guys wish they were playing for a rebuilding club like San Fran.

    That Dodgers trade is looking worse day by day. Sure would of been nice to send out Wood against that lefty heavy Dodgers line-up. At least they got Farmer(eye roll).

    • RojoBenjy

      Hey, at least Farmer could field a ground ball at second base. The Reds need skills like that.

  4. DaveCT

    O’Grady is an interesting prospect for me. Rutgers guy, I think, without a lot of tools that leap out at you. But year in, year out he is a solid contributor with a good hitting approach. And the team keeps promoting him. I’m not sure he has much CF in him, as compared to his Billings days, but he could fit as a LF/CF1B guy somewhere.

    • KS

      Plays third as well, that kind of versatility is valuable

  5. Simon Cowell

    Ok at this point one must begin to wonder if it is the pitching or the ball.