As a regular reader of this here digital production you probably know that during the season I keep track of the distance for as many home runs hit on the Cincinnati Reds farm system as possible. While the information isn’t available on all of them, in each of the last two seasons I’ve been able to get information on over 80% of them – and over 90% of them from the full season teams. On Friday night Nick Longhi took over the lead for the longest home run of the season on the Reds farm system.


This isn’t the first home run that I’ve seen that’s left Louisville Slugger Field. But it is the first one that wasn’t pulled down the line in left field that I’ve seen leave Louisville Slugger Field. Longhi, who is now hitting .302/.364/.543 with 7 home runs, unloaded on that baseball. The official estimate from the Louisville Bats was 459 feet. That’s a big step up from the next longest home run of the season that’s been tracked thus far – topping the 447 foot shot hit by Ibandel Isabel at the end of the first week of the season. It’s also the longest home run of the year in the entire organization, including the Major Leagues.

Nick Longhi got out to a bit of a slow start this season. In April he showed some power, but the hits weren’t quite falling in for the 23-year-old. His line on the month was just .233/.317/.466. But he’s absolutely gone wild in the month of May. In 17 games played he’s hitting .393/.426/.643 with 2 doubles and 4 home runs.

Ibandel Isabel homers in his 4th straight game

Last season saw Ibandel Isabel break the long-standing Florida State League home run record when he hit 35 for the Daytona Tortugas. The record had stood for 68 years, dating back to 1950 when Edward Levy hit 33. In 1971 that record was tied by James Fuller. For Isabel it wasn’t easy to do, for obvious reasons – that’s a ton of home runs and it’s in the most pitcher friendly league in minor league baseball. But he also didn’t play his first game in the Florida State League until April 19th when he was acquired via trade from the Dodgers.

This season he’s doing it again, but this time with the Chattanooga Lookouts. On Friday night he once again homered, making it four home runs in his last four games. He’s now atop of the Southern League leaderboard in homers with 12. The single season home run record is going to take a lot to get to – it’s 42, set by Tim Laudner back in 1981. But there’s a chance, though probably just as tough to reach, that Isabel could get to the record for most consecutive games with a home run. He will need to home in each game this weekend to match Derrek Lee‘s mark of 6 that he set in 1996.

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  1. MK

    The seasons Laudner and Lee set there HR records they both hit .280 or above. Ibandel is in the .230s. It would be nice to see him make more contact. He is on a heck of a strikeout pace 77 in 42 games. That would work out to 252 K’s if he played all 140. Bet that would set a record too.

  2. Bill

    O’Grady, Longhi and VanMeter have appear to be in the midst of breakout years … all off the radar entering the season. How much value does each have at this point? Might we have a “Christian Walker” type player at Louisville?

    • Bob Anderson

      Eh, ok. I guess you missed yesterday, when the wind wasn’t blowing out.

      • Ryan

        Yeah he got his OPS over .700 for the month. Guess thats what you ask for with a poor defensive left fielder. Cubs are about to break the game open here but Winker’s double play with a 1-0 count absolutely killed them.

      • Ryan


      • Ryan

        Jesse Winker was the Cubs MVP for the day. On a 2-0 count this time. Hard to watch.

      • Bob Anderson

        No the MVP was Joe Maddie for giving the Reds 3 runs they didn’t deserve. This team was plainly beat. Mahle couldn’t keep the ball down enough with the wind blowing out and the Reds failed.

      • Ryan

        100% disagree. Reds had no business losing this game. 7.5 back now.

  3. Ryan

    Got a little carried away there. Winker has done pretty well this season, especially considering what his teammates have done. I think today was a speed bump for both him and Mahle. I think both are very good and very close to taking off. The growing pains are hard to watch sometimes but I should have shown a little more restraint.

  4. RojoBenjy

    I was at the game last night, and after it was 12-0, we left. Too much bourbon left to sample elsewhere!

    As we were walking down the stairs, and out of sight, Longhi connected for that bomb. I’m taking credit as the jinx that left the game so that they could score.

    The Bats must be really hurting for starters. Rob Wooten did not get it done. That and an unenergetic Alberti Chavez at second base did him no favors on defense. Trahan looked as bored as a little league right fielder picking daisies. Narciso Crook looks like he’s underwater when tracking balls in center field. Very complacent spirit to the club.

    I see they are getting pasted again tonight.

    Beautiful ball park though.