The Triple-A All-Star game will match up the International League and the Pacific Coast League next month in El Paso. The game will be on MLB Network at 9pm ET on July 10th. The Cincinnati Reds and Louisville Bats will be represented by three players – Lucas Sims, Aristides Aquino, and Josh VanMeter.

Right-handed pitcher Lucas Sims is the lone Bats pitcher being represented on the team. He currently has a 4.64 ERA in 64.0 innings with 57 hits allowed, 29 walks, and he’s struck out 81 batters in his 13 starts. He’s also made one start at the Major Leagues with the Reds this season where he struck out 9 batters in 7.1 innings.


Sims will be joined by a pair of teammates. Infielder/outfielder Josh VanMeter makes the squad despite spending more than a month in the Major Leagues with the Cincinnati Reds. He took home the Player of the Month Award in April for the International League and he’s been back for a week with the Bats. He’s currently hitting an absurd .353/.431/.719 with 9 doubles and 14 home runs to go along with 7 steals in 37 games played.


Like Josh VanMeter, outfielder Aristides Aquino missed about a month of time with Louisville this year. But unlike VanMeter, Aquino was injured and found himself on the injured list with a shoulder issue. It only slowed him down when it comes to accumulating stats, though, because he’s been on an absolute tear when he’s been on the field. In his 48 games played for the Bats he’s hitting .318/.372/.648 with 9 doubles, a triple, and 16 home runs.


The players won’t be the only Louisville Bats representation at the game, though. Broadcaster Nick Curran will also be in attendance. He’s been with the Bats for the last seven seasons as their broadcaster. He was chosen to represent the International League on the radio, where the game will be broadcast on the Triple-A All-Star Game Radio Network.

12 Responses

  1. mac

    Bats should show well in the homerun derby at least

  2. MikeD

    Hard to figure out the VanMeter situation. Is he a legit prospect in the eyes of the decision makers? Are his “ridiculous” Triple A numbers a real indicator of his skills?

    One of the many reasons it will be interesting, because if the Reds do not view him as a legitimate prospect his future opportunities will be minimal and barring an injury he will to prove himself in whatever brief window he’s given.

    I am fairly sure the 2019 season is out of reach for the Reds, so I would like to see them trade free agents to be and Iglesias. Let VanMeter play along with others that may be a part of the future.

    • DaveCT

      Van Meter certainly may be a late bloomer. He may not be a first division regular but the same could have said for Justin Turner. I suspect he’ll get a very real opportunity to show his improvements are the real deal.

      • Oldtimer

        Justin Turner. First steady MLB opportunity at age 26 with NYM. First strong MLB season at age 29 with LAD.

        Started out first 3 years in MiLB with Reds.

        It’s happened before.

      • Big Ed

        Late bloomer? Do you guys realize that VanMeter is only 3 1/2 months older than Nick Senzel?

        I am on board with seeing what these guys can do, but it by definition comes at the expense of sitting somebody else. Gennett displaces Dietrich’s regular spot, and a Puig figures to be gone on July 31. That dorsn’t Leave much room for VanMeter’s playing time.

        They face 3 lefties against the Cubs this weekend. It is evident that the Reds do. It believe that Phil Ervin is not going to have s major role going forward. Might they (as early as today) DFA Ervin and bring up Aristides Aquino? And then actually play him, which I concede would be a first for the modern Reds?

      • Big Ed

        Lot of fat fingers in that post; I am Big Ed, not Olive Oyl.

      • AirborneJayJay

        Late bloomer? He is only 24. Check out the batting leaders in the International League and their ages. Van Meter and Aquino don’t have enough PA’s to qualify though. 24 is on the young side for AAA. Longhi is only 23. Then click over to the pitching also. The Braves have two 21 year old starters in AAA, amazing. Sims is the 11th youngest starter that qualifies at 25 years old. Gutierrez is 23 and Mella is also 25. I hadn’t realized this but Louisville has 3 of the 12 youngest starters on it’s staff. Many former Reds farm hands in AAA. You will recognize many names. I didn’t check the PCL.

    • Curt

      I believe if VanMeter were given the same opportunity Senzel is getting he will succeed. That would give us two 24 year olds with 6 years of control. Then find another (Aquino, also 24-5 ?) and then another, by whatever means possible. (Trade etc) Then, most importantly have the stones to play them, all the time. The money you save, spend on pitching. Forget about the shoulda, coulda woulda’s of the past. The future starts now, one position at a time. Doesn’t have to take years. Big question is will they do it? 50-50

    • DaveCT

      Ed, I’d definitely say later bloomer. This is 7th season of pro ball, with just a cup of coffee in the big leagues. But the main reason I say this is due to his very recent finding of his power. Prior to, a singles/doubles guy. So he’s very much like late blooming Justin Turner for me. Let’s hope he goes beast mode for us.

  3. Big Ed

    He came out on a double switch. They were losing by quite a bit, so it sounds like a precautionary move.