On July 2nd the Cincinnati Reds signed eight players to kick off their international signing period. And they went big, too, spending over $4M on the first day – including two different 7-figure signings. They’ve added three more signings since then.

Ray-Jacson Chirino signed out of Curacao (he’s listed as Ray-Jackson Chirino some placed). He’s a 16-year-old corner outfielder/first baseman. He played in the Senior League World Series last year., which is essentially the “older” version of the Little League World Series. He also participated in the RBI program in Curacao, where their website had him listed at 6′ 1″ and 195 lbs. He’s made big improvements in the last 6-8 months, showing steps forward in his speed and arm strength. He can really hit right now – has a chance to play in the corner outfield or first base.

Quick Scouting report on Ray-Jacson Chirino

He’s a big, strong kid who is a corner outfielder/first baseman type. Could have an average arm in the future. Slightly below-average runner. The guy just hits. He will need to stay on top of his size in order to maintain his athleticism in the future.

Quick Scouting Report on Andruw Salcedo

A switch-hitting catcher, Andruw Salcedo has a chance to be a strong defensive catcher down the line. He’s got a potentially plus arm that would play well behind the plate and he shows strong leadership qualities. He trained with former Major Leaguer (and Cincinnati Reds) Orlando Cabrera.

Quick Scouting Report on Juan Garcia

Right-handed hitter. Bat is ahead of the glove at this point. Makes hard contact and drive the ball to all parts of the field. Defensively he shows feel behind the plate, but will need to clean up some things back there. Has a potentially plus arm behind the plate. He also trained in Colombia with Orlando Cabrera.

Adding to the signing class

The Reds are now officially at 11 players signed in their International Signing Class of 2019 so far. The first eight players that signed on July 2nd were written up the other day, and you can read about all of them here. With this group of players, the Reds have now spent over $4.3M of their pool, which is just over $5.9M.

15 Responses

  1. MK

    All position players to this point. We’re there any premium arms to be had or were Reds outbid?

    Whatever happened to Ray Chang and his hiring as head of Asian scouting to give the Reds a presence in that market. Do not think they have signed an Asian kid since then and few before.

    • terry m

      BA shows they signed Brayan Almonte RHP from the DR. Could be others that signed 4 lessor amounts also..

      • Doug Gray

        I’d imagine there are more pitchers coming. It seems that the Reds are doing signings in “groups” right now. Almonte sounds really interesting, though.

    • Doug Gray

      Unless I missed something, that role was never there for Chang. He was, however, working for Major League Baseball in a role to help expand the sport in the area.

  2. Jonathan Linn

    What happens since the Reds went over their allotted amount to spend?

    • Doug Gray

      They didn’t go over. You can’t go over it.

    • Champ Summers

      I think you’re reading it incorrectly.

  3. terry m

    Really good information and is well appreciated. Lets hope the Reds keep this up each and every year !!

    • RojoBenjy

      Yes, thanks to Doug I always have the answers when talking Reds with my buddies.

      It’s amazing how different the casual fan views the farm system and the future in general. Guess it pays to be obsessed lol.

      • Michael Smith

        Rojo I know what you mean. My friends defer to me know with prospects. Thanks FmDoug for making me look smart

  4. Mustang John

    Lodolo 40 pitches 5 ks 0 bb 2 1 third innings

  5. Cguy

    So intelligent for the Reds to DFA the only active LHRP on their roster in Zach Duke. It was so quaint to sit at GABP & watch LH batter after LH batter have their way with Lorenzen & Bowman.

    • Cguy

      There definitely will be one or more LHRP on the Reds active roster the next time I invest my time to go to a game at GABP.

      • MK

        I kind of wonder if Wood might pitch multiple innings out of bullpen for a while to get his pitch count up.

    • Bill

      Lorenzen (.710 vs. .697 OPS) and Bowman (.644 vs. .635 OPS) have both been equally effective against both LH and RH hitters this season–the differences are not statistically significant.

      Duke, on the other hand gave up an OPS of .885 against LH hitter. Wandy Peralta has given up an OPS of .788 against lefties.

      Quality pitching tops handedness matchups.