On Thursday night Tony Santillan started for the Chattanooga Lookouts, and things were going well until the middle of the 4th inning when he was throwing his warmup pitches. That’s when he felt something and had to exit the game. On Sunday evening the team made the official move to place the Cincinnati Reds pitching prospect on the injured list for the Lookouts.

The move to the injured list was retroactive to Friday the 12th. The injury listed was a right triceps tendon strain. You never want to see anyone injured, but the injury doesn’t sound like it’s serious at all. I’ve been told that Tony Santillan is feeling good a few days later and is on track to get back into the rotation in the next week or so.

This is the second time that Santillan has been on the injured list in the last three weeks. On June 28th he was placed on the list with a shoulder injury. He was only there for the minimum 7-day requirement and returned to the rotation the day he was activated. That start saw him throw just 2.0 innings and allow four earned runs, while walking four batters without a strikeout. On the 11th, which was his last start, things had been going quite a bit better as he had tossed 3.0 shutout innings with just one walk and he had struck out four batters before the triceps injury popped up while warming up between innings.

Advertising come to MLB jerseys

Terry Lefton of Sports Business Journal is reporting that Major League Baseball is working on a plan to add advertising patches to their jerseys in the near future. The reason, of course, is more money. It seems that this will add somewhere between $6-8M per year in revenue for teams.

That revenue, however, is likely to be something that the players want their piece of. Adding it to the uniform requires their approval in the collective bargaining agreement. Where things get interesting from a minor league perspective is whether this will make it to the lower levels. And if and when it does (of course it will, it’s going to make money), who will get THAT money? The players aren’t represented by a union. Will the teams (not the Major League team, but the Minor League team) get all of that revenue? Or will there be some sort of agreement that the (minor league) players get a little bit of that revenue? Lots of questions. No real answers yet.

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16 Responses

  1. Bred

    The players will end up decked out like NASCAR drivers.

    • Doug Gray

      This could be taken two different ways:

      Decked out as in covered in jumpsuits with 45 logos.


      Decked out as in one of them definitely just got dropped by the other one after the race because he wrecked him.

    • mac

      Post game interviews could also be NASCAR like as well. I’d like to thank McDonalds, Pepsi, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Holmes Oil and Brake Repair shop for sponsoring us so that we could win tonight!

  2. MK

    Since the minor league teams buy the uniforms and in some cases, like Dayton, they carry no major league logo on them I can not see how MLB teams would have any rights to proceeds.

    • Doug Gray

      Could be a tie in with overall ad sales, for example. While there are teams like Dayton would could do fine to sell their own patches/advertising, not every minor league team is in that same boat. Perahps all of MiLB could just bundle together and get one “sponsor” as a whole, then just split the money.

  3. DaveCT

    Been something of a tough year for Tony. As the notion goes, I hope he continues to learn from adversity. If his history is an indication, he will. You don’t see his type of arm every day.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Dave this is an excellent point that I hadn’t considered. Adversity isn’t always the worst thing in the world to deal with. So it sets him back a year but if he rebounds in the offseason and is stronger and more consistent, then that’s not so bad. Hopefully that’s the case.

      • DaveCT

        The jump to AA is so tough, too, isn’t it? I’ve been fortunate to watch Reds, Red Sox, Twins, and now Rockies AA teams here in CT over the (many) years. And these guys are often very, very skilled. Not to mention eager to make their names. Competition is tough but good. Adversity too.

  4. Klugo

    Uh-oh. The tricep bone is connected to the elbow bone.

  5. Numbers

    He added a new pitch this year, correct? Or am I making that up? Could learning a new pitch be a major factor in the backwards progression of the BB numbers?

    • Doug Gray

      He’s throwing a slower breaking ball in addition to a harder one this season.

  6. Tv

    So the players will sell out the game so they can make and extra 50k or so they dont need. Great.

    • RobL

      Your statement makes zero sense. Care to clarify?

  7. Wes

    Leave the players union to negotiate percentages and players will be lucky to get a cent

  8. MikeD

    I totally get the idea of making the uniforms into a billboard. The owners and players must be struggling, so it’s only fair. Keep up the progress MLB!