Narciso Crook has split his time this season between Double-A Chattanooga and Triple-A Louisville this year. Last night saw him put together his best game of the year. The outfielder went 3-3 with a triple, walk, home run, and he drove in five runs. And his home run was an absolute blast, too.

As my tweet from last night noted, he’s now hitting .303/.356/.516 on the season for Louisville. Between his two stops he’s sitting at .301/.351/.487. Narciso Crook just turned 24-years-old last week and he’s having what’s been easily the best season of his career – and he’s doing it at the highest levels of the minor leagues.

Jonathna India returns to the lineup in Daytona

Last night saw Jonathan India in the lineup for the Daytona Tortugas for the first time in a week. In his last game he pulled up at second base abruptly, rather than sliding into the bag, and seemed to tweak his knee a little bit. He was removed from the game that night. Then he sat on the bench, so-to-speak, for the next week. Wednesday night he returned to the lineup and went 0-2 with a strikeout before being replaced in the lineup. That was a planned thing, he did not get re-injured. The team wanted to “ease” him back into games after the time off.

Hot bats in the Billings Mustangs lineup

While Nick Lodolo was making his 6th professional start on Wednesday night (2.2IP, 1ER, 0BB, 5K), it was the bats that were the story of the game – even in a loss. Outfielder Nate Scantlin went 2-5 and had two doubles. That helped push his line on the season to .302/.373/.528 through 14 games on the year. The 20-year-old has only struck out five times this season and he’s drawn four walks.

Two of the catchers on the team, James Free and Eric Yang were both in the lineup on the night. Free got the start as the designated hitter and all he did was go 4-4 with a walk and a double. The undrafted free agent who had a .953 OPS at Pacific this season as a junior continued his assault on the Pioneer League as a pro and is now hitting .423/.483/.692 through his first eight games since signing. Yang got the start behind the plate and he racked up three hits of his own, pushing his line on the year to .347/.459/.469 through his first 15 games.

Jose Acosta keeps crushing the DSL

It’s been a heck of a year for Jose Acosta in the Dominican Summer League. The 19-year-old middle infielder went 3-4 with two walks on Wednesday afternoon. That pushed his average on the season to .426 through 39 team games. His on-base percentage is now over .500, sitting at .509. And he’s slugging a cool .617 on the year thanks to 13 extra-base hits. Just for fun he’s also gone 13-for-13 in stolen base attempts. Acosta is a switch hitter, too. Against left-handed pitchers he’s hitting .500. No, that’s not a typo. He’s “only” hitting .391 against right-handed pitchers.

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  1. wutinthehail

    Looks like Lodolo is doing well. Even though it’s just a little over 11 innings, 21 strikeouts and no walks is pretty impressive.

  2. Dave H

    2 questions:

    1. Any chance we’re going to see what Lodolo can do in any higher levels this year?

    2. What kind of impact is Acosta’s huge year in the DSL having on his prospect value?


    • Doug Gray

      I’d guess we’ll see Lodolo in Dayton at some point, but not until he’s throwing 4-5 innings.

      As it is with nearly all DSL prospects – until they get to the US and start doing something, their value doesn’t change all that much – especially based on numbers. It’s more about the tools/projection. Worth noting that Acosta is 19, and while there are guys that didn’t get stateside until they were that age or older who made it, *usually* guys that are 19 and still in the DSL don’t wind up being big prospects.

  3. RojoBenjy

    Doug- what’s the report on Crook as an outfielder? Granted I only saw him in one game, but he didn’t impress me—so maybe he had a bad game or I had a bad first impression. What’s the overall take on his defense?

    • MK

      He was outstanding in Dayton, though his development was slowed by an injured shoulder. I thought he might end up being a Mike Cameron type player. In addition if you ever spend any time with him there isn’t a nicer kid to be around.

    • Doug Gray

      I think he’s a quality defender in the corners, and passable in center.

  4. haven

    Who says no?

    Atlanta Braves get Luis Castillo

    Reds get Cristian Pache and Ian Anderson.

    • Big Ed

      Can Ian Anderson, the Jethro Tull guy, still hit?

      Half the players look like Aqualung now, so maybe it would be a good fit.

    • Puig66

      Include Wright, Waters and Contreras and then maybe. We would need more from ATL then what we gave up to SD for Latos.

    • Martino

      Any trade involving Castillo had better include the moon, stars and the sun and some really good baseball players ready for the big leagues. That’s my opinion anyway..

  5. MK

    Free Agent signee Andy Fisher becomes the first of the 2019 class to be promoted to Dayton. Does this say anything about the class of draftees,

  6. Cguy

    Louisville Bats transactions say (7/18) Sims & Van Meter recalled to Cinn. Reds.

    • Cguy

      MLB transactions say Reds made a host of moves today, including Bernandez, Casali to the IL.

    • Big Ed

      VanMeter was lifted early in the game yesterday, after the rain delay, so that was a hint that he was coming up.

      Now play him.

  7. Derek

    Man Jose Acosta is taking his sweet time getting to the bigs (the link is to a player from 1891)

    • Doug Gray

      Baseball-Reference player link is automatic, not something done manually. Sometimes it links the wrong player. Technology is great….. when it works as hoped.

      • Doug Gray

        And here’s what even more annoying – the tool/linker clearly worked in recognizing the player I was trying to link to, it just didn’t actually link to him.