Blake Trahan is not known for his power. If you look at a scouting report on Trahan it’s probably got a 20 in the power category. In his minor league career he’s got a slugging percentage of .317. He was drafted in 2015 and has hit a grand total of 12 home runs in his career.

On Sunday he hit his first home run of the season in his 68th game with Louisville of the year. He followed that up on Monday with another home run. It was the first time in his professional career that he had hit more than one home run in a single calendar month. Last night he made more waves, homering for the third straight game in a Bats win.

Alex Blandino has a big night for Louisville

While Blake Trahan made news for homering in his third straight game, it was the Alex Blandino show in Louisville on Tuesday night. The shortstop went 3-3 with a walk. He made an outstanding play in the field (in the video below) where he made a sliding grab in right field after Aristides Aquino lost track of the ball in the lights. Oh yeah, he also hit a walk-off home run to give the Bats the win.

Ricky Karcher undergoes Tommy John surgery

While he is still listed on the active roster for the Billings Mustangs, starting pitcher Ricky Karcher definitely won’t be active on the mound any time soon. The 21-year-old right-handed pitcher last made a start for the Mustangs on July 3rd, when he struck out three batters and allowed a run against Great Falls in 4.1 innings. He hadn’t pitched since, undergoing Tommy John surgery. That obviously takes him out for the rest of 2019, and it almost assuredly takes him out for 2020, too.

Rob Wooten undergoes shoulder surgery

On the injured list for the Louisville Bats since June 3rd, Rob Wooten was trying to rehab his arm for five weeks. But in early July it became clear that it wasn’t working and he decided that surgery was the only option to try and get back on the mound. That surgery took place on Tuesday and as reported by Rob himself, it was successful.

7 Responses

  1. Ryan S

    Doug, any word on how Blandino’s defense has looked at shortstop? I’m sure Trahan is a superior defender at SS, but I’m wondering if the Reds are still playing him at short to see what he can do as a consideration for next season. I imagine that he would compete for SS on the major league team next season. I’m curious how his defense compares to Jose Peraza.

    • Oldtimer

      If Reds re-sign Jose Iglesias, neither Peraza nor Blandino will be starting SS in 2020.

    • Kevin Davis

      Many scouts outside the Reds system never thought Blandino had the ability to be an everyday SS. Questions on range and arm.

  2. Puig66

    Reds interested in Charlie Blackmon? With cash coming back with him what would it take? Santillan and India? Blackmon does have an 930 OPS at GABP I read. Can he sill play CF and put Senzel at 2B….

  3. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Wow, I totally forgot the Reds were still hanging on to career hitting 0.240 hitting Trahan

    Kind of like Blandino as a non-first base infielder who was never confused for much of a hitter at any stop along the minors (aside from Billings when they played older than the competition).

    It’s cool that Trahan and Blandino will each be able to tell their grandkids someday that they got a brief taste of the major leagues.

  4. Andrew

    Im ready for Ervin and VanMeter to get everyday at bats and see what they can do. They are bound to be cautious with Senzel if the indications are correct. Not good at all for Senzel but hopefully its the final motivating factor to move some assets. The new trade deadline really hurting this year making Wood basically moveable for 25 cents on the dollar, if even that.

    Can Ervin even come close to handling center on a semi regular basis defensively though? Seems he has had some struggles this year and some mental blunders – but I think something has clicked for him and he can hit and if you hit gotta find a pmace for him on the li eup. Same to be said of VanMeter IMO. If those two can hack it with Winker in the mix, long term thats an affordable trio to rotate at the corners and develop or acquire a CF because i dont think any of the 3 can develop into a CF on a winning team – but make a great and affordable corner OF and can let Trammell develop naturally instead of rushing him.

    Then assuming Senzel is healthy, he moves back to 2B.

  5. Tim

    If Senzel’s vertigo is back, you wonder if this will be an annual thing. I feel bad for him. Essasky was never the same