The Dayton Dragons beat up on the Fort Wayne TinCaps on Saturday night. They won 14-7, with most of their runs coming in the first two innings. In the first inning they dropped 6-runs on the Fort Wayne starting pitcher, who didn’t record an out before being removed from the game. The next inning saw the Dragons drop a 7-spot to jump out to a 13-0 lead. That alone is a big story. But it was what Dragons outfielder Brian Rey did that was the story of the night.

In the big first inning for Dayton the bases were loaded for Brian Rey. He jumped ahead 3-0 in the count before taking strike one. He would foul off the next two pitches. Contreras came back with a 3-2 94 MPH fastball at the belt and Rey did not miss it, hitting a grand slam to center field. The 416-foot home run was his 7th of the season.

In the next inning Dayton once again had the bases loaded for Brian Rey. After seeing seven pitches in his first at-bat, Rey took an 88 MPH first pitch fastball and crushed it into the gap in left-center to clear the bases and drive in three more runs. That tied the Dragons record for most runs batted in during a game. Joey Votto, Adam Dunn, Juan Francisco, and David Vidal had all racked up seven RBI in a game before.

In the 4th inning the Dragons were up 13-3 and Brian Rey was set to lead off the inning. Facing reliever Brandon Komar for the second time on the night, the right-handed pitcher started off Rey with a curveball that bounced in the dirt for ball one.  A fastball inside made it a 2-0 count. Komar tried to come inside with another fastball, but this time his 87 MPH pitch caught too much of the plate and Rey turned on it and crushed it down the line for his second homer of the game and his 8th RBI. The Reds 13th round pick in 2018 now sits alone atop the Dayton Dragons record book for most RBI in a game.

Aristides Aquino back on top of HR race

The Louisville Bats single season home run record has been broken this season. Yes, it still is July just in case you were confused by the statement. Brian O’Grady broke the record earlier this week. He’s currently third in the International League with 26 home runs. But since O’Grady broke the record, his teammate and fellow outfielder Aristides Aquino has caught him. And on Saturday night, Aquino passed him with his 27th home run of the season. He now trails former Cincinnati Red Adam Duvall by two home runs for the league lead despite playing in 19 fewer games than Duvall has.


The home run was the third in as many days for Aristides Aquino. The previous two went over 435 feet. The one he hit on Saturday night didn’t quite go that far. It was a no-doubter pulled down the line, though, easily clearing the wall. The right-fielder who has had a few appearances in center for the Bats this season is now hitting .297/.357/.642 with 41 extra-base hits in 75 games played.

Mitch Nay hits his first Triple-A homer

After beating up on the Double-A Southern League for the first 82 games this season, Mitch Nay was promoted to Triple-A earlier this week. The corner infielder started his fourth game for the Bats on Saturday night and in his first at-bat of the game he hit his first home run in Triple-A.


The home run was the 14th on the season for Mitch Nay, and his 38th extra-base hit on the year. Between his two stops he’s hitting .299/.359/.557 on the season. This has been easily the best season of his professional career.

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  1. Norwood Nate

    Very impressive game for Rey. He’s having a nice season.

      • Norwood Nate

        And that’s with a pretty paltry BABIP of .278. His K% is really good sitting at 14.5%, but on the other side he’ll definitely have to improve on the BB rate. Sitting at a 3.3 BB% is pretty Peraza-like.

      • Doc

        He’s 8 for his last 11. Just which of those hits should be converted to BB so he can make some statistician happy?

      • Oldtimer

        He had a very good day. He’d having a decent season. Nothing more, nothing less. Period.

      • Norwood Nate

        He’s also made 143 outs this season, would be nice if some of those ended in walks no?

  2. AirborneJayJay

    Aquino has a chance to pass Duvall at 29 HR since Duvall got called up yesterday. O’Grady too.

  3. Clammy

    Looking at the Reds 40 man roster, there are lot of spots opening up due to free agency; Scooter, Hughes, Hernandez, Wood, Puig, Iglasius, Dietrich and Roark, and poor performance; Trahan, Meulla, Stevens, Shebler, Siri. Backup catchers Graterol and Lavarnway will both be free agents. Besides the obvious bats in Louisville (O’Grady, Aquino) who else would need to be protected that would be clear choices to add to the 40 man roster? I’d think Mitch Nay has done enough to deserve a spot, but he’s a bit old for a prospect who just got to AAA.

    • WillieG

      Dietrich still under control next season, I believe

    • Norwood Nate

      My knowledge of the Rule V draft eligibility rules is questionable, so take this with a grain of salt. But as far as I can tell, Tyler Stephenson and Tony Santillan are the big names leftover from the 2015 draft class (Were not 19 by 6/5/15 so eligible by 5th Rule V draft). Alexis Diaz and Alejo Lopez are also eligible but unlikely to be protected in my opinion. Taylor Trammell (due to being 19 when drafted), Chris Okey, Scott Moss, Ryan Hendrix, Andy Cox, and Joe Kuhnel appear to be eligible from the 2016 draft. Add names like Mitch Nay, Aristides Aquino, Brian O’Grady, Nick Longhi, and Calton Daal. I think Alfredo Rodriguez and Vlad Gutierrez may be eligible due to signing in 2016 and being over 19 as well. There’s probably some other names I didn’t catch.

      Obvious protections in my opinion are Trammell, Stephenson, and Santillan.
      Likely protections in my opinion are Aquino, Nay, Moss, Kuhnel, Hendrix, and Gutierrez.
      Serious consideration but probably not protecting Alf-Rod, Daal, Longhi, O’Grady, and Cox.
      Low chance of protecting Okey.

      So, in my opinion the Reds would need at least nine spots. With Gennett, Wood, Roark, Puig, Iglesias, Hernandez, and Hughes opening seven spots, that shouldn’t be such a hard task, especially considering several of the underperformers you mentioned above at the fringes of the roster.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        You have to figure that if not resigned then we could make trades at the deadline and we’d receive some guys back that would be 40 man caliber. So won’t be as easy as it sounds.

        I think Okey has zero shot of being protected. No one would carry him for a year on their ML roster. I’d bet my money — actually the Reds money— that AlfRod will be protected this year. I’d be shocked if Nay wasn’t protected and if O’Grady isn’t either protected or traded.

      • Norwood Nate

        Yeah I don’t think Okey will be our should be protected. I put low probability because as a 2nd round pick I think there will at least be a mild, brief consideration.

        And yeah, you’re correct, we could get guys back that need to be on the 40-man. We could resign one or two of them. We could also leave a few spots open for drafting our own Rule V player or for FA.

        So it won’t necessarily be easy, but I don’t think it’s going to take getting super creative either. While we could return some guys that need to be protected, they may also be further way. Not all guys will get traded and not all will be traded for guys that are automatic protections.

        Looking at the roster, Alaniz, Mella, Stephens, Graterol, Trahan are on the fringes of keeping a roster spot. There’s also quite a few decisions on guys who will be out of options. I’m not positive on which ones will still have options, but I believe guys like R. Stephenson, Sims, Romano, Reed, Schebler, and Casali are all right around there. Maybe Peralta and Bowman too.

        All in all I believe the Reds will be able to figure out everyone who needs protected. Between 7 FA’s, at least 5 fringy guys on the 40-man at the moment, and another group of out of option non-tender candidates I think they’ll be able to figure it out. They may not even chose to protect all 9 of those guys I think they should, which in theory would make the decision making easier.

      • Doc

        Rule 5 player has to spend the year on the 25 man roster, not just the 40 man. The comment about leaving a few spots open implies 40 man spots for Rule 5 acquisitions, or at least that is what I inferred in reading it.

      • Norwood Nate

        Leave spots open for Rule V or FA. Either one. Maybe neither, maybe leave spots open to accommodate taking more players in a trade. All is hypothetical y’all at this point, just listing possibilities.

    • MK

      Lavarnway DFAed today. Don’t think Graterol will be Free Agent unless he is DFAed as he is on 40-man and not eligible for free agency. I imagine he might be DFAed but it isn’t automatic.

      Really can not imagine them pulling the plug on Siri who turned 24 this past week while adding Aquino who had a much poorer year in AA(his second year there) at the same age. Aquino probably will be added nut Siri not removed.

  4. Michael Smith

    Weird when I looked at Aquino split and it is only 999 ops and I was thinking well he has cooled off a hair.

  5. Daytonian

    Ryan Lavarnway did all right for us, a pleasant surprise. He may still give us a bit of depth, until one of the youngsters develop and takes over. Until then, I hope he sticks with the Reds organization, if the front office deems there is a place for him, as catchers with a higher ceiling will get most of the work. Many thanks!

  6. Haven

    I’ve been looking at other fans who are looking at the guys the reds may trade, it’s hilarious how little people think it takes to get a guy, they’re like it would be our 20th ranked guy and some throw away piece, he’s just a rental. I realize we over value what we could get as well but still.