The Cincinnati Reds announced that catcher Ryan Lavarnway has cleared waivers and that he was outrighted to Triple-A Louisville. On July 18th he was released by the New York Yankees so he could sign with the Cincinnati Reds. He had been playing with the Yankees in Triple-A at the time.

The Reds needed a 5th catcher, as they had just sent their third string catcher to the injured list, leaving them with their 4th string catcher Juan Graterol as their starter and no real backup plan. For his part, Ryan Lavarnway spent a week in the Major Leagues with the Reds and played in five games. And he made those games count, too. The 31-year-old who had spent parts of seven previous seasons in the majors hit .278/.316/.722 with two doubles and two home runs.

Cincinnati saw both Tucker Barnhart and Kyle Farmer ready to come back from the injured lists, though, and that meant that there wasn’t room on the roster for Lavarnway. The team also needed room on the 40-man roster for Alex Wood, who was coming off of the 60-day injured list. So the team chose to place Lavarnway on waivers and remove him from the roster. This afternoon he cleared them and was outrighted to Triple-A Louisville. It’s unclear if he accepted the assignment or not, though. The outright to the minors itself isn’t always proof that the player will indeed be going there. He has the right to refuse the assignment and become a free agent if he would like.

10 Responses

  1. MK

    Unless he gets a Major League offer I would think he would accept the assignment.

  2. Daytonian

    Glad to see it. I hope he accepts. He knows that he’s a depth option with the organization–at least until, an if, the younger catchers arrive.

  3. Big Ed

    Lavarnway is a Yale graduate, and likely has decided to be a baseball lifer. He knows that he has limited playing options, particularly for the rest of this season.

    My guess is that the Reds like him, and that they will offer him a good split contract for the rest of the season, and then discuss with him what he wants to do over the long run in some other capacity. Hiring smart people tends to be a good idea.

  4. Simon Cowell

    Trevor Bauer for Taylor Trammel, Puig, and Roark. Solves more problems than it creates. Cleveland can even through in a couple of AA level mehs to fill in the gaps.

    • Hoyce

      Seems like a lot to give up. Hope clev adds a decent prospect
      I think Vanmeter can fill in for Puig without a drop off.

      • Simon Cowell

        Yeah, maybe too much to give up for a 28-year-old with already a ton of miles on the arm. 8 MLB seasons and already over a 1000 innings on that arm. I doubt he gets to see another 1000 with Captain Hook as his manager for the next few years. What about Roark and Trammel? Do you think they’d do it? They’ll have an arm ready to stand in the gap for this season and get a top prospect. I see it as a win-win. The way our AAA guys are playing out of their minds we really don’t need Puig either. Maybe they send us back a top prospect for him to balance things out.

  5. Hoyce

    I don’t think they need Roark at all. Carrasco just came back. And they hope to get Kluber back too. I’d say Puig and Trammell get it done

    • Hoyce

      I’d like to see the reds go all in on Francisco Lindor. This off season-rumor is clev can’t/won’t afford him

      • Martino

        I wouldn’t hate that acquisition even if it sounds like something the Reds would never pull off. Knowing our luck as fans he’d suddenly hit .001 the rest of his career with the Reds.. OK, perhaps I’m being slightly hyperbolic there.. LOL