Nate Scantlin has been suspended for 100 games for testing positive for the third time for a drug of abuse. The Cincinnati Reds 15th round draft pick in 2017 was having a good season in 2019 in the Pioneer League. He hit .311/.382/.508 with the Billings Mustangs in 16 games before moving up to Dayton where he only had 14 at-bats. With the Dragons he went 2-16.

This is the second suspension for Nate Scantlin. He began the year on the suspended list after testing positive for a drug of abuse in January. A drug of abuse could be any schedule I or schedule II drug, which would include marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, ecstasy, PCP or “others” according to minor league baseball.

This is the third Reds minor league suspension of the 2019 year for a failed drug test. Scantlin was the first back in January. Junior Harding was also suspended for 50 games a week later for a PED test failure.

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Chances are it was for ganja. What a stupid, stupid rule. Run a blood test before a game if your concerned about safety concerns of a high player on the field of play. They arent operating equipment that can endanger other peoples lives, so stay out of their personal lives. Weed stays in a urine test much, much longer than any other hard drug(cocaine can be out in 24 hours, mary jane can stay in the system up to 30 days). Minor leaguers got sold out for no apparent good reason here. Dumb rule. Really dumb. Betcha alcohol isnt on the ban list.

    • Jasonp

      I have no idea if it we weed or something else but what ever it was this is the second time he has been suspended for it. So he wasn’t able to stop taking what ever it might be.

      Hopefully he can get some help and not have this happen a third time.

      • MK

        Third positive test. Bet he won’t have a chance for a third suspension at least with Reds.From baseball side it is not a big loss. For his personal side I hope the young man gets clean and can get on with his life.

    • Mustang John

      Smoke a couple joints in the afternoon Ryan then get in the batters box against a Greene Lodolo or Riley Pint . Let’s see how good your reflexes are.

      • Ryan

        I could take PED’s until my head was the size of a microwave and it still wouldn’t make a difference, i might get lucky and foul one off. That only hurts the player who took it, and the team, which doesn’t matter in minors. If its a player safety thing, I could wrap my head around it. But they are doing urine test, which again, are more likely to catch a recreational marijuana user than a habitual heroin user. Old school train of thought, guess MLB watched Reefer Madness a few too many times. A minor leaguer could binge drink every night and be well within the rules. MLB players, the last time I checked, are tested only for PED’s, which can give a player an unfair advantage and ruin the integrity of the game.

    • Chris

      Not a stupid rule at all. Nobody wants people on drugs, including Pot playing in a game. If you are that weak that you have to take drugs of any sort, get out of the sport; you are not wanted.

    • MK

      Sounds like you know and have too much experience on this topic Ryan.

  2. Simon Cowell

    3rd time? He should be kicked out. I firmly believe in 2nd chances but not 3.

  3. SteveO

    Reds sign Paul O’neil’s nephew and sent him to Chattanooga

  4. Beard

    It is an interesting crossroads we are at when it comes to cannibus. Here in Nevada it is legal. The same is true in a growing number of states. I have no idea what this prospect tested positive for, but let’s say for the sake of argument it is marijuana. Now let’s say we get to the point where mj is declassified by the federal government as a class 1 narcotic. At that point, the federal government would basically treat it the same way we all treat alcohol. At that point, pro sports would also likely quit testing for it as well. The use of alcohol and tobacco and marijuana at that point would basically or should basically be treated the same by teams, if you can use it and still perform, we don’t care. Again, we don’t know what Mr. Scantlin tested positive for. And even if it is cannibus, he should know the ramifications and that it is not worth risking a million plus dollar career over. That being said the federal government and sports will need to watch further state-level movement on the stuff as additional states add mj as a legally controlled substance like alcohol and tobacco. I personally say raise the legal age for all three to 21 and regulate them all in the same way nationally.

    • Ryan

      Yeah and keep the harder stuff illegal so cartels can continue to wreck Central and South America.

      • Michael Smith

        Excellent point plus the devastation its caused in communities all over the world

  5. Dan

    Whatever happened to the highly regarded or at least high draft pick a few years ago that was seen on the tmz video doing cocaine?