The Dominican Summer League season has less than two weeks left before it’s over and it may have just lost it’s best player. Jose Acosta, a 19-year-old infielder, has been promoted to join the Arizona League Reds after spending his season with the DSL Reds.

After a debut season in 2018 where he hit just .199/.321/.284, the 2019 season was a coming out party for Jose Acosta. He played in 43 games for the Reds this season and hit .400/.500/.607 in 185 plate appearances. Among qualified players, he was leading the league in average and on-base percentage. He ranked third in slugging, behind teammate Darlin Guzman and Pirates slugger Alexander Mojica. Not surprising, he also led the league in OPS with his 1.107 mark. Oh, he also stole 24 bases in 24 attempts.

For Jose Acosta he started out well and really never looked back. He hit .417 in June and followed it up with a .387 average in July. In August, before his promotion, he hit .407. He had success against both left-handed pitchers and right-handed pitchers. Acosta, a switch-hitter did hit better from the right side of the plate. But let’s talk about what he did from the left side, first. Against right-handed pitchers from the left side he hit .355/.478/.536 with 25 walks and 29 strikeouts in 139 plate appearances. Remember, this was his “weak” side. Against left-handed pitchers as a righty, Acosta hit a laughable .525/.565/.800 in 46 plate appearances with five walks and three strikeouts.

It wasn’t only Jose Acosta that got a plane ticket to Arizona, though. Relief pitcher Yoel Diaz also got a promotion from the DSL to the Arizona League Reds. He’s enjoying a second straight successful season. In 2018 his ERA was 2.76 in 29.1 innings where he had nine walks and 35 strikeouts. This season he’s taken a bit of a step backwards. His ERA is up a little bit to 3.06. That’s not much of a difference – literally just one more run allowed in the same frame as last year. The difference has come mostly in his walk rate as he’s now walked 21 batters in 35.1 innings. His strikeout rate is also down a little bit, too, as he’s struck out 32 batters this season.

9 Responses

  1. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Any chance Acosta is added to the back end of the next Top 25 prospect list?

    • Hanawi

      I think he was hurt for awhile and has only been back for about a week or so. Maybe that’s why?

  2. Redsvol

    Perhaps this lines up with Doug’s story a couple days ago on player development. Maybe the new regime and new player development folks are finally having a measurable impact on young players. Lets hope for more – we desperately need more pitching in minors.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      You know, and maybe if there has been improvement in player development with the hitters, and then the FO has determined their pitching counterparts aren’t doing the same then they will adjust and make changes this offseason. Or, is it possible that pitching just takes longer to come along after adjustments have been identified?

      Nevertheless, I do feel like the FO is much more proactive.

  3. terry m

    Jose Franco an 18 year old RHP had a good year also. Had an era of 1.94 as of today. Listed at 6’2′ and 175.

  4. The Duke

    He’ll turn 20 next spring training, at his age i’d guess he’s in Greenville next year.

    • Bill

      Per stats on, the average age of players in the Dominican Summer League are 17.7 for hitters and 18.3 for pitchers.