Another home run and another Major League record for Aristides Aquino. In what may be the ugliest uniforms in the history of baseball, The Punisher set a Major League record for the fewest career games to reach 12 career home runs. He’s the quickest to reach career home runs 8, 9, 10, and 11 too. It was a big night individually for the Cincinnati Reds right fielder, who also doubled and racked up three hits for the Reds in Pittsburgh.

As writer Jake Crouse notes, it’s not just the records he’s setting, but there’s a chance for ones he’s chasing, too. The Reds record for most home runs in a month is 14. That record is shared by Frank Robinson and Greg Vaughn. Aquino is sitting at 12 and he has nine games remaining in the month to try and track down that record.

The Reds release Brad Boxberger

Cincinnati made a few roster moves on Friday at the big league and minor league level. Perhaps the biggest one was that the team released former All-Star reliever Brad Boxberger. He was released by the Royals on July 1st and signed with the Nationals on July 12th. They released him on August 4th and he then signed with the Reds two days later. The Reds assigned him to Louisville where he made five appearances. Things didn’t go well in that span as he allowed 10 hits and 7 earned runs with 5 walks in 5.1 innings.

Rylan Thomas returns for a rehab assignment

Rylan Thomas was activated in Dayton and then sent to join the AZL Reds. Of course, that’s just a move that was made on paper. Thomas has not been in Dayton all year. He has, however, been in Goodyear all season as he’s been working through some injuries. Back in early July he appeared in a few games for the AZL Reds, but his back issue started bothering him again and he was shut back down. Last night he got two at-bats in the game before being replaced. That likely doesn’t mean anything – most rehab stints begin with an at-bat or two before working their way to a full game played. After posting an .892 OPS in 2018 for Greeneville, Thomas has only had seven at-bats this season and they’ve all come on rehab assignments.

Nick Ciuffo activated in Louisville

Speaking of rehab assignment, Nick Ciuffo completed his with the AZL Reds and was activated and sent to Louisville. The catcher had started the season in Triple-A Durham with the Rays organization. He was quickly in the Majors, then went back-and-forth in April and May. On the final day of May, while in Triple-A he injured his thumb and wound up needing surgery. The Rays needed a 40-man roster spot at the end of June and placed him on waivers. Ciuffo cleared waivers and became a free agent. The Reds signed him a week later knowing that he wouldn’t be able to play for at least another month as he recovered from surgery. He spent five days with the AZL Reds, going 3-13 in that stretch.

The DSL Reds wrap up their season today

The Dominican Summer League Reds regular season ends today. They won their division rather easily. With one game remaining against the Orioles that should be completed this afternoon, the Reds are 47-23. The playoff match ups have not been announced yet, but they playoffs will begin on Monday.

10 Responses

  1. wes

    This version of the reds offense is pretty terrible.

    Who’s a better 1st base option for reds moving forward Joey Votto or Jesse Winker?

    • Cguy

      Frankly, it’s just not in the cards for the Reds to move from Votto being the everyday 1st baseman yet. Kyle Farmer has good splits vs LHP & should be getting about 1 start a week at 1st. Additionally Joey should be moved down in the order. Longer term, I see Suarez moving to 1st with one of Senzel, Van Meter, or India taking over 3rd.

  2. Hoyce

    Not saying they should- but does anyone think it would be smart for the reds to try to flip Aquino for a high end SS prospect or LHP. Was thinking Lux from dodgers or Gialito from WS or possible if A’s would give up either of their LHP prospects.

    • Doug Gray

      There’s zero chance either of those teams would consider your trade offers. I’m thrilled with what Aquino’s done so far. His value isn’t anywhere near that of Lux or Giolito.

      • victor vollhardt

        If Aquino does not hit another home run in August –he would project (over a full season) to 70 plus home runs. Nobody expects that. If he did HALF of that and continues to be pitch selective at the plate (no wild swinging at pitches he can’t hit)-takes walks–get small (but important) hits at critical times which lead to RBI’s and play his position(as he has done)—he will become a top player in all of MLB. If he can continue to build on what he has now and achieve the above on a consistent basis I wouldn’t trade him for both of the players mentioned.

      • Cguy

        I can’t see much interest from the Dodgers for AA, they’ve got Cody Bellinger in rf. White Sox have this guy named Luis Robert, who if he isn’t their next rf, it’s only because he’ll be their cf. On the other hand, Oakland might want Aquino, & for good reason. I’d look past the 2 lefties & get the catcher Sean Murphy and one of their ss prospects (Mateo or Puason). Of course if Aristides continues at his current pace through Sept. ;the sky’s the limit in a trade.

      • Doug Gray

        While I’m sure Aquino has boosted his value with what he’s done in the Majors, there’s still some limit on his trade value. He’ll be 26 next year and have about 160 Major League at-bats under his belt. You would probably be much better off holding onto him and hoping he can carry it forward and progress than to try and move him for his “true value”, which probably is still more of that of an “every day guy” who has team control.

  3. MikeD

    I know like most, I fear Aquino’s bubble bursting, but looking at his swing and pitch recognition, I’m encouraged he can be much of what we are seeing. I remember watching him a few seasons ago and his swing was long and had many holes. He has definitely shortened it up and as Chris Welch has noted, his swing looks great!

    Leave him and Van Meter in the lineup every day and accept whatever version of Votto we have left and I believe the Reds will be fine offensively. I believe if the season started today, the Reds would be the favorites. Based on their pitching, decent bullpen and the emergence of AA and Van Meter. Even if they don’t sign Iglesias and put Peraza out there, I’d be okay.

  4. Alex

    I personally think vanmeter has looked great! He looks so confident at the plate, he takes his walks and doesn’t strike out alot! I see him as the best of the bunch. No way and I’m looking to get rid of senzel. People are hating on senzel way to much. For a rookie senzel has been great. I expect him to work hard and be an even better play next year

    • Ryan

      Yeah i think Senzel will be fine. He has battled with his Vertigo this season and im hopeful he can hammer out a better treatment plan this off-season. He just needs to avoid freak injuries and keep grinding and he’ll be ok.

      I think India and Lodolo will be packaged with Fairchild and a 4th piece this offseason for a major addition. The FO will go all, that much I am sure of.