The August for Jose Garcia just keeps getting better. The Daytona Tortugas shortstop picked up the Florida State League Player of the Week award for his efforts. From August 19th through the 25th he hit .500/.571/.708 in six games. That included two doubles, a home run, seven runs scored, five runs driven in, three walks, one hit by pitch, and only one strikeout.

The week was just a continution of what he had been doing all month. Jose Garcia is now hitting .395/.447/.570 during August. In his 22 games he’s had nine doubles, two home runs, and he’s struck out just nine times in 94 plate appearances. To say that he’s been locked in would be an understatement.

August’s numbers have helped Jose Garcia climb the Florida State League leaderboard in multiple categories. After missing nearly all of April he’s been playing catch up, but he’s there now. His .281 average on the season is 8th best in the pitcher friendly FSL. His on-base percentage of .345 ranks 11th. Garcia ranked 3rd in the league in slugging percentage with a .431 mark. His 36 doubles are easily the best in the league. He also leads the league in extra-base hits with 44.

Jose Adames gets back on the mound

Way back in December of 2016 the Cincinnati Reds selected right-handed pitcher Jose Adames in the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 draft. The move cost the organization $12,500. The last time he pitched in a game was prior to his selection that December.

Jose Adames missed all of the 2017 season recovering from Tommy John surgery. The Reds knew he wouldn’t play that year. But he did return that fall to pitch in instructional league. The stuff was still there as he was sitting 98-99 MPH at the time. But that fall was the last time we saw him on the mound. He missed all of the 2018 season. And until today, he missed all of the 2019 season, too.

Earlier today Jose Adames took the mound for the Arizona League Reds. Today is their final game of the season. The righty, who is now 26-years-old faced five hitters and he struck out three of them. But he didn’t complete the inning as one hitter reached base after striking out. It seems the Reds are trying to get a lot of pitchers work – the game is still going on as I type this and they’ve already used five pitchers and the 5th inning is just now beginning. After such a long time between appearances, and many injuries and rehab stints between it’s great to see him pop up in the box score and be back on the mound.

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  1. SteveLV

    Does Garcia’s performance this year, combined with Santillan’s mediocre and injury-marred season, vault him into the top 5? Seems like it to me. Regardless, he’s been a real bright spot for the organization this year. Really like seeing a true shortstop as a top prospect.

    • RedBB

      IMO yes, I would have Garcia and Siani in the top 5 now with Santillan 6. Fairchild is in the top 10 now too.

  2. Wes

    What’s the scouting report on Adames ? Does he have control issues ? Could he be a potential internal relief option for next season ?

    • Doug Gray

      He hasn’t pitched in three years. I have no clue at this moment what he’s throwing.

  3. Mark

    I hope Garcia starts in Chattanooga from the get go in 20’ and he just keeps it rolling to AAA by July 4th and a great AAA 2months and maybe starting opening day 21’!

  4. Mike

    How did the Reds acquire Jose Garcia? Sounds like he is a keeper. Hope they can find more like him. Middle of the diamond players are hard to find.

    • MK

      Mike, International Free Agent signing out of Cuba.

      I was surprised to hear yesterday that Jose leads the FSL in extra base hits.

  5. Mike

    Hard to find anything on the internet other than a picture of him and Tony Arias the Reds former International Director the day he signed a couple years ago. Why is he so unheralded in media publications? True SS that flashes of all 5 tools. Hope he is starting to smell the big leagues. Need a stud SS in Cincinnati making minimum salary for his 1st 3 years.

    • Doug Gray

      Hard to find? I’ve written a dozen plus stories on him. I’ve got videos posted of him all over this website, and several on Youtube. This is the second story in the last handful of days I’ve written about him.

  6. MK

    Is Adames eligible to be a Free Agent or susceptible again for for Rule V. If so it was pretty dumb to show teams he is finally healthy enough to pitch, with just a day to go in the season AZL season and week in the other leagues.

  7. Adam Stora

    Take a look at Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray. What a depressing trade the reds made. Downs, Gray, Trammel traded for 1.2 years of bauer, 0.6 years of puig 0.3 seasons of wood. No wonder they are a horrible franchise

    • Wes

      I know. I wish the reds would have just rebuilt for another decade or 3 lol.

      Downs is a no body. He’s not in the top 100 second basemen convo. Galvis is in the mist of a 12 game stretch downs will never accomplish and he was picked up off waivers like scooter before him.

      Major league games are going to be won by acquiring major league talent. That’s the state of the game right now and reds are buyers. Come to terms w it and life as a red fan will be easier on ya

    • PTBNL

      Adam, you weren’t the first man on the planet for nothing. You are nails as a GM, mi amigo.
      Jeter Downs (BTW, the love child of Derek Jeter and Hugh Downs) who was only behind Scooter Gennett, Jose Peraza, Josh Van Meter, Derek Dietrich, Nick Senzel, Jonathan India, Kyle Farmer, Alex Blandino, Shed Long, Calten Daal, Alejo Lopez, Miguel Hernandez and Jose Garcia to climb over to be the #1 2b/SS for the Reds since the offseason. He was soooo close, almost there to take over each and every one of them. Dang it all. He is killing it in the Cali Leage (High A, mind you) with a .269 average and a .945 defensive average to boot. Put him in the Hall of Fame NOW! He should be starting over Jose Iglesias and Freddy Galvis, right now. Jeter and his bad attitude and sorry work ethic….he deserved the Reds starting 2B job this year! How could the Reds do such a thing. My grandma was soooo wrong that “you got to give something up to get something”. Dang her, she was oh, so wrong with that little piece of advice.
      And Josiah Gray. Don’t even get me started. He is 11-2 in minor league ball, reaching, yes REACHING AA ball level. Adam, couldn’t the Reds see this??? He is the second coming of Tom Seaver. Forget coming up to the big club. Just send him to the All-Star Game each July without ever needing to play in a regular season game. Who needs that?
      Those two will KILL any hope of the Reds future. Let’s just shut it down now and quit playing games. Fly back to Cincy from Miami and start the off-season you bunch of losers. Let’s just give the Dodgers the World Series title because they are just fleecing the rest of the league, especially those poor, horribly ran Reds. OMG, you are spot on Adam.

      BTW, how’s Eve. Looks like she was not the only one of the family that was deceived into a wrong choice. Adam, you da man!!!

    • Mo Sanford

      I really miss Homer Bailey and his sour attitude and $20+ million a year contract. I want him back. I want him back!!!