Randy Wynne being named the Appalachian League Pitcher of the Week isn’t terribly surprising. He began the week by striking out 17 batters and allowing just one hit in 8.0 shutout innings against Burlington. The Greeneville pitcher threw another 8.0 innings against Princeton, allowing three earned runs with a walk and another eight strikeouts. For the week that gave him 16.0 innings, nine hits, one walk, and 25 strikeouts to go along with 1.69 ERA. It’s tough to top those numbers and that led to Wynne taking home the hardware.

His run with the Reds since coming back after a short stint in Dayton has been incredible. He’s made three appearances in the last two weeks. They’ve spanned 23.2 innings where he allowed just 16 hits, one walk, and he’s struck out 29 batters while giving up just three runs. That’s a 1.14 ERA with a WHIP of 0.72.

Jose Acosta falls short of hitting .400

Technically this is still possible, but the Cincinnati Reds will have to promote Jose Acosta to another level to keep the chase alive. He entered Monday needing a few hits to finish the 2019 season with a .400 or better average. Unfortunately he finished 1-4 for the Arizona League Reds. That was the last game of the season for the team, and it left the 19-year-old Acosta with a .395 average. He needed one of those outs to turn into a hit. Had he gone 2-4 he would have finished exactly at .400 for the season between the Dominican Summer League and Arizona League Reds in 195 at-bats.

In an interesting situation, at some point during Monday, an at-bat disappeared for Jose Acosta in his time in the DSL. That took his average from .400 with the DSL Reds to .403 with the DSL Reds. That changed the necessary outcomes for what he needed to do on Monday to hit .400 for the year. At the end of the day, assuming his season is finished and he won’t be promoted to somewhere else in the chain, Acosta’s .395 average is the highest in the Reds organization since 1978 when Gary Redus hit .462 for the Billings Mustangs.

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  1. SteveLV

    The article on Garcia yesterday got me thinking about who should be the Reds minor league hitter of the year, and there are several good possibilities.
    That led me to the pitcher of the year and what doesn’t appear to be many inspiring options. Thoughts on who would be in consideration for that award?

    • Cguy

      The top candidate is 10-5 with a 3.02 era. Has allowed 93 hits in 122 IP while striking out 147. Unfortunately, Scott Moss is now in the Cleveland organization.


        To further that, this would easily be the winner:
        129.1 innings
        145 Ks
        29 BB
        2.09 ERA
        .97 WHIP
        All between high A and AA, from 21 year old Josiah Gray. Unfortunately he is in the Dodgers organization.
        To even further that, his running mate, Jeter Downs would have a shot at position player of the year:
        873 OPS
        20 HR
        24 steals
        80 RBI
        These guys were traded for rentals in a year we won’t sniff the playoffs. If the Reds were relevant the FO would be getting absolutely burned

      • RojoBenjy

        Certainly stings, but we should stop driving by our ex’s house just to see what they are doing.

      • Oldtimer

        Those two MiLB players have done well in LAD organization. Homer Bailey (third player in that deal) is now 12-8 with KCR and OAK. His career high in W was in 2012 with 13. His ERA remains about 5 but he is pitching much better than 2015 through 2018 seasons as a Red.

      • Cguy

        Hey, I’m glad we got Bauer. They still say Moss has a ceiling as a #5 sp in the ML. The majority of his great 2019season has been in a Reds MiL uniform. Even if you take out the impressive 4 starts Scott has in the Cleveland system, he’s still a top candidate for Reds MiL pitcher of the year. By the way, I’m still a big fan of the Dodger trade. There’s no guarantee that Jeter Downs, Josiah Gray, or even Scott Moss will accomplish as much at the ML level as Kyle Farmer has this season for the Reds.

      • terry m

        The thing that disturbs me about the Reds FO is all about appearance. Don’t trade Chapman because they didn’t want to see him in another uniform during All Star game in Cincy. Now we have the big trade for the 150th Anniversary. Puig for some excitement and buzz !! They traded Didi because we were one man away. Give me Tampa Bay FO and scouting and development people !! Really hard to remain a life long fan of the Reds anymore and I went to Crosley and was at the 1st. WS game with Baltimore !! I also helped stuff the Ballot box when the Reds sent numerous starters to the AS game back in the 50’s They really drive me crazy a lot lately. Thank god AA came on as we have little to show from the International side. I remember when Marge kind of killed the scouting Dept (all they do is watch games) We need baseball people in the FO…

      • Oldtimer

        Based on MiLB results, both contenders. Based on MLB results with Reds, not so much.

  2. SteveLV

    The 2 guys who look to me to have had the best years are Conner Bennett and Dauri Moreta, but wasn’t sure relief pitchers in the lower minors made sense as choices. I wouldn’t choose Herget’s year over Kuhnel, so agree Kuhnel and Naughton seemed like the other possibilities.

    And the driving by the ex-girlfriends house line made me chuckle – and wince a little bit.