The Cincinnati Reds have made their first round of September call-ups today. Prior to the double header against St. Louis today they recalled infielder Alex Blandino, as well as pitchers Matt Bowman, Tyler Mahle, Wandy Peralta, and Sal Romano.

Alex Blandino being the lone position player called up right now isn’t a surprise. Louisville still has two games remaining this season, and without much playing time to go around, there’s not much of a reason to move around players in the farm system for just two days. Blandino missed the first half of the season while recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL that he suffered last season in Cincinnati. When he was healthy and ready to begin playing he was optioned to Triple-A Louisville where he’s hit .247/.386/.372 this year in 70 games. He can cover you at shortstop, second base, and third base. As a starter, he’s stretched at shortstop, and his bat doesn’t do much at third base. But as a back up, he’s capable to cover all three spots.

Sal Romano was with the team yesterday, but as the 26th man on the roster. That technically meant he went back to the minors following the double header, so for transaction purposes he had to be recalled again today. Going back two months, aside from his one outing against Washington on August 14th, Romano has dominated. Dating back to June 26th he’s thrown 36 innings and allowed just 8 earned (2.00 ERA) with 25 hits allowed, 8 walks, and he’s struck out 40 batters.

For Wandy Peralta, since being sent down to Triple-A earlier this year he’s allowed four runs in 11.0 innings (3.27 ERA) with just 1 walk. He’s struck out seven batters along the way, too.

Matt Bowman is rejoining the Reds as well. When used correctly, he’s dominated this season. His ERA in Louisville is 2.13. He pitched very well against right-handed hitters for the Bats and the Reds this season. Left-handed hitters are hitting .292/.389/.406 against him with 16 walks and 18 strikeouts. Right-handed hitters have a .189/.250/.291 line against him. If he’s used almost exclusively against right-handed hitters, he’s got a chance to be quite valuable.

Tyler Mahle will be getting one of the starts in today’s double header. The 24-year-old lost his spot in the rotation when Alex Wood was healthy. He has made 19 starts for Cincinnati this year and posted a 4.93 ERA in 102.1 innings. He made pitched just 9.0 innings for Louisville as he missed some time with a hamstring injury, but he’s given up four runs, walked three batters, and struck out 13 in that stretch.

The season is over for the teams in Double-A and Triple-A on Monday. I would look for, and expect to see more moves made then. Tuesday should see another round of call ups. I am not expecting to see anyone not on the 40-man roster recalled. But I don think we’ll see the likes of Brian O’Grady, Jimmy Herget, and maybe Keury Mella join the team.

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  1. Clint

    I would think that both Jimmy Herget and Alex Powers could potentially be called up for the bullpen. I assume Jose Peraza will be back as soon as his 10 days are up. I would also expect O’Grady to come up. I apologize if this has been discussed already, but what injury do Cody Reed and Scott Schebler have?

  2. Gojo

    Reds do a horrible job historically not bringing up more hitters. Probably the reason our bats are always slow to mature. A cup of tea in mlb is a good be a shot in the arm. It’s always pitchers. Always. Somewhere, there’s another Aquino down there.

    • Oldtimer

      Joey Votto called up in September 2007. He turned out OK.

      One example. Probably others, too.

    • PTBNL

      Gojo, is that an assumption or do you have actual proof to back your statement? Go ahead make me a believer, prove your statement.

    • Oldtimer

      Best Reds teams ever were 1975-76.

      1B Perez did not get Sept call-up in 1964.
      2B Morgan acquired in trade.
      SS Concepcion did not get Sept call-up in 1969.
      3B Rose did not get Sept call-up in 1962.
      C Bench DID get Sept call-up in 1967.
      LF Foster acquired in trade.
      CF Geronimo acquired in trade.
      RF Griffey did get Sept call-up in 1973.

      • MK

        Bench was actually called up in August ’67, He fell just a few at bats (4) short of disqualifying himself of being Rookie of the Year in 1968. I think he took a foul tip off the hand which ended his season.

      • Oldtimer

        Hence I wrote Bench DID Get Called Up. Re-read what I wrote above.

  3. Brad Konerman

    Seeing RHSP Tommy Mace’s name pop up as potential 2020 1at round pick.

    If I recall, he was set to sign with Reds out of HS but Hunter Greene drew out his negotiations until the lastonute and Reds had no time to sign Mace. That money went to sign TJ Friedl.

    Who would you rather have in system: Mace or Friedl?

    • RojoBenjy

      Friedl was signed after the draft that year.

      If the Greene signing held up Mace signing, perhaps a good question is, who would you rather have—Greene or Mace?

  4. Cguy

    Pardon me, but being the eternal optimist, I congratulate Tyler Mahle on a great start. 2 runs (1 ER) , no walks, 2 hits. I hope they give him another start & see if he can build on this success.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree with this. I’ll add that OF looks pretty good next with with in house options (Senzel, Van Meter, Aquino, Winker, Ervin). IF looks good with in house options (Votto, Galvis, Iglasias (if signed), Suarez). Rotation looks good (if Bauer is ok). With a lot of money to spend, the bullpen, and an offensive upgrade a catcher, and a possible problem with production from Votto being areas of concern.

      • Oldtimer

        I think Bauer may be damaged goods based on how he pitched this year.

      • MBS

        100% Wood should be moved to the pen. He never had time to properly stretch out.

      • Redsvol

        Unless you’re ready to pony up 25M$ per year on a top free agent arm, their aren’t any good options for SP help this off season. Wood has a good track record and he’s basically still in spring training after his injury and should only get sharper in September. If he pitches well in September, I say sign him for 2020. Malhle will likely get plenty of time as SP in 2020 – history shows you need 7-8 starting pitchers to get thru 162 game season. Starts will be available.

  5. Etienne

    No Chadwick Tromp call up THE cather? He was batting awesome in august wow.