Jose Garcia was one of the few Cincinnati Reds prospects that took a step forward in 2019. And he took a pretty big step forward, too. The shortstop led the Florida State League with 37 doubles despite missing most of April. He finished in the top 10 in both slugging and OPS in the league while also hitting .280. Oh yeah, he also stole 15 bases and was caught just twice. The Reds wanted to give him some more time on the field, so they decided to send the 21-year-old Cuban out to the Arizona Fall League.

Saturday night was a big night for the infielder. Garcia led off the bottom of the first with a double. He would steal third and then later score on a wild pitch. The next time he came to the plate he was hit by a pitch. Like the previous time he reached base, Garcia stole the bag in front of him. He wouldn’t score this time around, though.

In the 5th inning Jose Garcia drew a walk. After a pitching change he welcomed the new pitcher to the game by crushing a solo home run, his first of the Arizona Fall League season, into left-center field. He would strike out in the bottom of the 9th inning. Still, he finished the game 2-3 with a double, home run, walk, hit by a pitch, two runs scored, and he stole two bases. He’s hitting .263/.364/.474 through five games played.

Jose Garcia was the only Reds prospect in the lineup. On the mound it was Cory Thompson who was the lone Cincinnati prospect to make an appearance in the game. He entered the game in the 6th inning and struck out the side, working around a 1-out triple to keep his inning a shutout one. This was his first scoreless appearance of the Arizona Fall League season (three appearances).

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  1. MK

    I believe, from my own eye test that Garcia is going to be a Star. He has every physical tool you could wish for in a big league shortstop. For a shortstop he has great range and plus power offensively. I was impressed when he was in Dayton how hard he was working and had been to learn English. He personally moved Jeter Downs to second base by outplaying him defensively. On my 2019 list I placed Garcia ahead of India and still have him there.

    • Mac624

      I’ll bet we trade him for a used up veteran that might push us to .500 next year!

      • RojoBenjy

        I hope not. Not a great track record for the Reds when doing that.

      • RojoBenjy

        Oops. Sorry. My sarcasm radar must have been turned off. I got you, Mac.

        Time to go back to regular coffee, skip the decaf lol

    • RojoBenjy

      MK, when he breaks out, you get full credit!

      I sure hope he makes us all say, “Jeter WHO?”

      I know which one of the two I would want for a friend, and his name does not rhyme with heater.

  2. MK

    Is Fairchild one of those extra players who can only play certain days? He has gotten far less PT than others.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t know for certain, but he certainly seems like a taxi squad guy given the lack of playing time.

  3. Seat101


    Will you be publishing a Calendar which delineates by what time certain moves have to be made by teams?

    If I remember correctly many clocks starts ticking after the last game of the World Series.

    And off the top of your head what issues all the owners be dealing with at the winter meetings that will affect on field play next year

  4. Jim t

    Garcia and Tyler Stephenson are two very big pieces to the puzzle going forward. Both could be here by 2021. For that reason I stay the course with Casali and Barnhardt at catcher and Jose Iglesias or Galvis for the next year at SS. Any Upgrade I make will be in the outfield or bullpen and I would use Free agent signings to get that done. CF would be a key target with the idea of putting Senzel back on the dirt at 2nd. 2020 will be a make or break season for Siri. Will he be a player or not.

  5. MBS

    I hope your right about Garcia. I have looked at him as a utility guy for the Reds. I’d be happy to find out i have underestimated him. I will also be interested to see if Rodriguez can get hot in AAA in 20. His bat has always been considered weak, but I don’t think we have a better glove.

  6. Oldtimer

    (Headline clipped from MKB article today on Reds website)

    … “India learning to be a complete hitter at AFL” …