The stove is hot! Well, not quite. But free agency is upon us, both at the Major League Level and at the Minor League level. At the big league level the Cincinnati Reds only had two free agents – Alex Wood and Jose Iglesias. In the minors there were a lot more. That’s to be expected – there are hundreds of players in the farm system.

In total there were 31 players from the Reds farm system that elected free agency this year. Among that group there are eight former Major Leaguers. Former big league pitchers Tim Collins, Keury Mella, Jon Moscot, Jackson Stephens, and Eric Stout all chose to become free agents. Among the position players that chose free agency that have big league experience, catchers Nick Ciuffo and Stuart Turner will test the market. Infielder Christian Colon will also join them in trying to find another team.

Of those guys, Christian Colon, Keury Mella, Jon Moscot, Jackson Stephens, and Stuart Turner all appeared with the Reds. The rest of the players reached the Major Leagues before joining the Cincinnati organization, but were never in a Reds uniform at the big league level.

Here’s the entire list of players that chose to head to free agency following the 2019 season. Baseball America has the list of free agents for every team – a list that’s over 600 players. Be sure to check that out as a place to see where the team could look to add undderated/underappreciated players.



LHP Alec Byrd
RHP Alex Powers
RHP Brad Markey
IF Bryant Flete
IF Calten Daal
C Chadwick Tromp
IF – Christian Colon –
RHP Clate Schmidt
RHP Cory Thompson
LHP – Eric Stout –



RHP – Jackson Stephens –
RHP Johendi Jiminian
RHP – Jon Moscot –
RHP Jonathon Crawford
RHP Jose Adames
LHP Juan Martinez
RHP Justin Grimm
RHP – Keury Mella –
IF Luis Gonzalez
OF Michael O’Neill



IF Mitch Nay
C – Nick Ciuffo –
OF/1B Nick Longhi
C Pabel Manzanero
RHP Raul Wallace
1B Samir Duenez
C – Stuart Turner –
LHP – Tim Collins –
LHP Ty Boyles
RHP Wendolyn Bautista
IF Yonathan Mendoza
– Former Major Leaguer –

Just because these players elected free agency doesn’t mean they won’t return to play for the Reds next year. But it does mean that they are choosing to explore their options – as they absolutely should. Several free agents after last season chose to re-sign with the organization – including a few that are again opting for free agency. Mitch Nay, Hernan Iribarren, and Mason Williams all tested the free agent waters following the 2018 campaign and re-signed with the Reds. Nay was the only one of the three who played in 2019 for the Cincinnati organization. Iribarren moved into a coaching role with the Reds, and Williams was released in spring training and signed with the Orioles – eventually seeing some time in the Major Leagues with them during the season.

11 Responses

  1. Jerome Heist

    Isn’t Jon Moscot retired and coaching for the Billing Mustangs?

    • Doug Gray

      Sort of kind of. He was more of a roving kind of coach than an official coach. He also pitched this year with Team Israel as they attempted to qualify for the Olympics. Not sure if he’s going to try and come back and pitch again professionally or not. This may just be a formality, or maybe his arm bounced back some and he’s going to give it a go. I honestly do not know right now – but I also know that he just got married this week and so I’m not going to be reaching out to ask him about it right away.

  2. MK

    I assume these guys have been told they will not be promoted to 40-man roster. It kind of tell us who will. A little surprised Corey Thompson on itsince they thought enough of him to send him toaArizona this fall.

  3. Norwood Nate

    Man, I was hoping Powers and Nay would have been added to the 40-man to keep them around. Guess I’ll have to hope they resign.

  4. Tom

    Nay, Tromp, Powers and Daal are the ones I’d be disappointed to lose.

  5. AirborneJayJay

    I have followed Longhi since his arrival. I hope he re-signs. Powers, Nay and Daal I hope sign back too.

  6. Krozley

    Narciso Crook is not on the list although he was in Doug’s article on this topic a week or so ago. Did he re-sign like Isabel, or was he ultimately not eligible? What is the situation with Junichi Tazawa & Rob Wooten? I would think they are free agents as well, but maybe like Juan Graterol they are classified as major league free agents given their time in the bigs. Lastly, did Derek Dietrich file for free agency? I would think he would, but didn’t see anything official.

    • Doug Gray

      Turns out Crook is not eligible for free agency. I can’t figure out why – I’ve reached out in the last 24 hours to try and get some clarification. I didn’t want to expand on it in writing until I understood what it was that made him not a free agent when everything seems to suggest that he should be. If/when I hear back with more details, I’ll chime in.

      Not really sure with Tazawa/Wooten. With Dietrich, I’m guessing that there is some set of procedure he’s got to go through before officially electing. I’d be completely shocked if he didn’t choose to become a free agent.