The first half of 2018 saw Stuart Fairchild hit quite well in Dayton, but his second half in Daytona was a bit of a struggle. He hit just .250/.306/.350 with the Tortugas in the second half over 63 games.

When the 2019 season began, the Cincinnati Reds sent Stuart Fairchild back to Advanced-A Daytona. He began the year going 0-7 in the first two games, but then ran off a 4-game hitting streak from the 13th through the 16th. That’s when things went south, and quickly, though. Over the final two weeks the outfielder went 2-31 (.065). In 15 games during April there was a massive struggle for the 23-year-old as he posted a .130/.203/.167 line in 59 plate appearances with 18 strikeouts.

When the calendar flipped to May, Stuart Fairchild turned his season around. The first game of the month saw the former Wake Forest product go 3-4 with two doubles and he just kept it going from there. Through the first three weeks of the month, Fairchild went 20-51 (.392) with 10 extra-base hits. Things did slow down in the final week, but he rebounded well from April and posted a .321/.407/.564 line in 91 plate appearances with nine walks and just 14 strikeouts.

June saw Stuart Fairchild get back to swinging a hot bat. In the first half of the month he hit .308, leading into the Florida State League All-Star break. After five days off, he returned to the field and hit .333 over the next week, earning a promotion to Double-A Chattanooga. In the final week of the month, and his first week with the Lookouts, the outfielder went 6-14 (.429) with three extra-base hits. During the 22 games played in June he posted a .338/.414/.571 line between his two stops.

The promotion to Double-A was a short one, and when July began, Stuart Fairchild was back in Daytona. Things didn’t go smoothly in the first four games back as he went 1-13. But things picked up over the next few days, going 8-22 (.364) in the following five games. Fairchild would go back into a bit of a slump over the next week, going 3-18 (.167) with two home runs. On July 18th he’d move back to Chattanooga, this time for good. Unlike the previous start to a promotion, he struggled – going 6-36 in the first 10 games. He closed out the month with two strong games for the Lookouts, going 4-8 with a walk and two doubles. It was a down month after two outstanding ones, seeing Fairchild hit .229/.303/.385.

The first eight games of August continued much of the struggles of July, seeing the center fielder go 6-31 (.194) with two home runs. But starting on August 10th he’d run off a strong close to the season, racking up hits in 15 of the final 17 games of the year while hitting .308 with 11 walks and just five strikeouts. In the last 25 games of 2019 he hit .271/.386/.448 with more walks and strikeouts.

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Stuart Fairchild Scouting Report

Position: OF | B/T: R/R

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 190 lb | Drafted: 2nd Round, 2017

Born: March 17, 1996

Hitting | He’s got an average hit tool.

Power | He’s got average game power, mostly to the pull side. But there’s slightly above-average raw power in there.

Running | He’s an above-average runner and uses his speed well in the field.

Defense | He’s a strong defender who is capable of playing center field without issue. He’s also able to handle either corner outfield spot.

Arm | His arm is above-average and plays well in the outfield.

Nothing really jumps off of the page at you when you watch Stuart Fairchild play. But he’s good across the board. He’s capable of hitting a little bit, there’s the chance for 20-25 home runs, he can run, and he can play defense at a premium position. It’s a well rounded package that gives him a chance to be an every day starting center fielder.

In 2019 he made some changes to his swing and was able to cut down on his strikeouts. You really saw that come to fruition in Double-A where his strikeout rate was just 12.8% after being over 20% for the previous year-and-a-half. If he’s able to maintain that kind of strikeout rate and some power he could really get interesting at the plate.

The floor seems to be that of a backup outfielder who can bring defense and speed off of the bench. But the ceiling is that of an every day center fielder who can provide value in all areas. That combination makes him a bit of a safe prospect, but one with some upside that is also close to the Major Leagues.

Longest Home Run of the Year

412 Feet on August 14th.

Interesting Stat on Stuart Fairchild

After being called up to Double-A on July 18th, Stuart Fairchild reached base via walk or hit by pitch more times, 23, than he struck out, 19.

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17 Responses

  1. Matthew O'Neal

    I really like Fairchild as a prospect moving forward. It will be interesting to see how CF shakes out with Senzel, Siri, Janikowski, Fairchild. I think Fairchild starts the year in AA, but with a good showing, and if Siri continues his AAA struggles, I could see Fairchild taking the AAA CF job. What happens in the majors remains to be seen, assuming Senzel holds the MLB position, since Senzel doesn’t have anywhere to go on the dirt anymore (assuming Moose plays as he is expected to play).

    • Oldtimer

      If NL gets DH, Moustakas may get that spot. If so, Senzel could return to INF.

      I think Senzel will be Reds CF for 10 years like Pinson 1958-68, for example.

  2. Scott C

    I like the fact that is OBP 335 at Dayton and went up at Chattanooga to 380. Plate discipline in a young player to me is always a good sign.

    • CP

      Agreed. A little pop and good plate discipline for a guy who can play CF is a great combination!

  3. RH

    This guy always reminded me of Bobby Abreu. Wouldn’t mind him as our future lead off guy if he keeps getting better and better. Bring Senzel to 3rd Suarez back to short.

    • citizen54

      Will you guys stop? Suarez and Senzel can’t play SS. If they could the Reds wouldn’t be starting guys like Galvis there.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        I would slightly disagree. Suarez would play short-ish in shifts last year. I think I heard Moose may play some short this year in an interview on MLBN. If Mike Moustakas is going to play short, Senzel or Suarez certainly could. Definitely not GG caliber, but if the gain in offense is greater than the loss on defense, isn’t still an upgrade?

      • citizen54

        Suarez played zero games at SS in 2019 so no he didn’t play SS in shifts least year. He started in one game at SS in 2018 and played 3 games there in total. In 2017 he played one game at SS. In 2016 he started one game at SS and played 2 games in total. The last time he had any meaningful time at SS was in 2015.

        If the Reds would have thought that Senzel or Suarez could play SS they would already be playing there. You can’t just stick anyone in SS. To put things in perspective, in 2019 the worse Defensive fWAR among the top 25 shortstops was -3.9. In 2015 Suarez had a -6.0.

      • MK

        I think he meant when the defense played the shift against a lefty Suarez basically set up where the shortstop normally played.

        Galvis is not a negative thing at shortstop.

        Back to original topic maybe Fairchild id the reason Friedl wasn’t protected as Stuart is basically a right handed version of T.J. Don’t really need them both.

      • citizen54

        You’re right I misread the “ish” and Fairchild does seem like a better version of Friedl.

      • Oldtimer

        Galvis a a decent MLB SS.

        Reds fans are spoiled. From 1950s through early 2000s, Reds SS were Roy McMillan (multi-year All Star), Leo Cardenas (multi year All Star), Dave Concepcion (multi year All Star), and Barry Larkin (HOF) for the most part.

  4. Bill J

    Always liked little Mac, remember a time the Reds were playing the Dodgers, Mac hit a line drive at Charlie Neal that was hit so hard all Neal did put his hands over his face.

    • Oldtimer

      My first ever Reds MLB game was vs LAD in 1958. I remember Charlie Neal (who later played for Reds) and Junior Gilliam playing in game.

  5. DaveCT

    Doug’s description sounded a bit like one of Todd Frazier’s write ups from the minors, even though they are very different. But saying he does lots well with nothing really leaping off the page reminds me of Frazier.

    • victor vollhardt

      The OLDTIMER thoughts are always right on on most any subject.********** I don’t understand why the Reds seem to be walking away from Jose Iglesias, who had a very good year last year. I think his price would be right–he hit well last year (and at the right times too) in the field he did very well. Only drawback (and this is hearsay, but that seems to go a long way these days) was in an article about the Orioles (who need help everywhere) which said they were passing on him because of his “off the field reputation”. While he was here I never heard that. Does anybody have any information(with some kind of proof)t to the effect that he is a bad guy to be on the team?

  6. TimBroucemuc

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