This afternoon the MLB Pipeline crew released their Top 100 Prospect list. Much like the Baseball America list that we saw earlier this week, the Cincinnati Reds landed just two players on the list.

The two players were the same, but both were rated higher on the MLB Pipeline list. Nick Lodolo was the Reds top rated prospect on this list, coming in at #48 on the list, with a listed ETA of 2021. Hunter Greene was just a few spots lower, coming in at #53 on the list with an ETA of 2022. Baseball America had the two prospects rated back-to-back on their list, at #76 and #77 – with Greene being rated ahead.

As was noted earlier this week, it’s not the best showing from the Reds organization. It’s probably the worst it’s been on a top 100 list in quite a while. No franchise in the division is head-and-shoulders above anyone else. Tee Milwaukee Brewers didn’t have a single player on the entire list – the only team in baseball without a representative. The Reds had their two players, coming in at #48 and #53. The Chicago Cubs had four players on the list, but all four came on the bottom half of the list. The St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates both had three players make the list.

The Cardinals Dylan Carson was easily the highest rated prospect in the entire division, coming in at #17 on the list. The next highest rated prospect from the National League Central was Pirates pitcher Mitch Keller. The division as a whole only had seven Top 50 prospects, and it was quite heavy at the back end of that.

With regards to the Reds, here’s what was said about the organization:

It always hurts when your top prospect goes down with Tommy John surgery, but Greene will be back soon enough, and rest assured, he won’t be outworked on his path to recovery. In the meantime, the Reds added Lodolo in the 2019 Draft, giving them an advanced college lefty who should move quickly. The rest of the system has thinned out a bit with graduations to the big leagues and some trades. A healthy season from 2018 first-round Draft pick Jonathan India would be a help.

While there is something about the organization thinning out due to trades and graduations – Jeter Downs, Josiah Gray, and Taylor Trammell all made the list – the mention of only Jonathan India beyond the two Reds to make the list feels like it’s missing a few guys. Tyler Stephenson, who has somehow missed both of the major prospect lists this year, didn’t get a mention here and at least from where I stand, he’s the third best prospect in the organization. And Jose Garcia continues to be the most underrated prospect in baseball.

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  1. Mike. Mmm

    Shocked at the lack of respect TS and JG are getting… it makes no sense to me. Doug was 100% right, JG is one of the most underrated prospects I have seen in a while… hope he can open more eyes and get the respect he deserves.

  2. Optimist

    For context, how many, and who, are catchers ranked ahead of TS? Or, do the rankings unduly discount the position? Have to believe it’s relative, and that TS is one of the top 5 catching prospects.

  3. Steelerfan

    Doug, thanks as always for all the great information. I apologize if I missed it elsewhere, but Baseball Prospectus came out with their Reds top 10 list and were really down on the system generally. Thought it was interesting though they had Garcia, Stephenson and India ahead of Greene…

    Downs and Gray admittedly hurt as well

    • jg

      If Downs and gray would have been traded to Milwaukee or Cleveland they’d be fringe top 100 guys at best. Being in the dodgers or Yankees system is an automatic bonus 20 spots

  4. Bdh

    This is somewhat understandable since the reds have traded away a good amount of prospects (Rainey, Long, Gray, Downs, Trammell, Moss) and promoted a good amount (Aquino, Ervin, Senzel, Winker, Stephenson, Reed, Romano, Garrett) as well in the last couple seasons.

    I have a feeling however the mid season updates will be much friendlier to the reds. There isn’t anyone near the top who could lose their prospect status except Stephenson and I don’t imagine that happening until late in the season at the earliest. The two pitchers who made the lists should only rise from here. 2 players (Stephenson and Garcia) are very underrated right now. A couple more (India, Santillan) could join the top 100 with bounce back seasons, and there are several more guys I could see breaking out (Hinds, Callihan, Gutierrez). Add in a couple high draft picks and a splashy international signing and the system is fine.

    They could very well end the year with 6 top 100 prospects

    1st round draft pick

    And I wouldn’t be shocked if Santillan was close as well.

  5. Norwood Nate

    I don’t get why Stephenson doesn’t get more recognition. In past years, having a season and AFL like Stephenson (to go along with first round pedigree) had would have ensured a bump in the rankings. And he was back-end top 100 on some lists last season. And to have India consistently mentioned ahead of him, just doesn’t make sense especially considering positional scarcity of good hitting catchers.

    • Alex

      He needs to show more in game power first. Only 6 home runs isnt alot for a guy who is suppose to be a power bat. he had a solid year last year but i dont think it deserves top 100 yet. He had an ops of .782 thats nothing amazing. Most of the other top catcher did hit better than him. Then Rutschman was the top pick in the draft so of course he is ranked high. I think Stephenson still has some to prove before we can call him a top 100 in all of the minors!

      • Doug Gray

        That .782 OPS was good for a 130 OPS+ in the league he was in. To put that in perspective, Aristides Aquino’s .891 OPS in Cincinnati last season was good for a 122 OPS+. Compared to the league, Stephenson hit better than Aquino did (in the Majors). And by a decent margin.