When 2019 began for Quin Cotton he was entering his third year at Grand Canyon University and coming off of a big 2018 where he hit .390/.462/.573. His 2019 season wasn’t quite as strong, but was still a good one as he hit .331/.406/.494 with similar walk, strikeout, and power output rates as the year before – he just found fewer singles. That led to the Cincinnati Reds using their 8th round draft pick to select the outfielder.

After the draft the Reds sent Quin Cotton to join the Billings Mustangs in the Pioneer League. The first week of professional baseball didn’t go great for Cotton, who went 3-18 with one extra-base hit. But the second week went about as good as it possibly could as June came to a close. He would go 11-25 (.440) with four extra-base hits (.680 SLG), and as many walks as strikeouts. In the 11 games during the month he posted a .326/.408/.512 line.

The first ten days in July went well for Quin Cotton and Billings. He hit .387, going 12-31. But he went into a slump over the next two weeks, going 5-28 (.179). The final week of July picked up for the 8th round selection as he smacked five extra-base hits and posted a .958 OPS down the stretch. In 99 plate appearances during the month he would hit .273/.354/.409 with seven extra-base hits, 10 walks, and 18 strikeouts.

Outside of one game on August 8th where Quin Cotton went 2-4 with a double and home run, he struggled in the first two weeks of the month, hitting just .160. Over the next four weeks he got things going again, going 25-81 (.309) with more walks than strikeouts (12 to 10) as he rounded out the regular season.

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Quin Cotton Spray Chart

Quin Cotton Scouting Report

Position: OF | B/T: R/R

Height: 5′ 11″ | Weight: 200 lb | Drafted: 8th Round, 2019

Born: March 31, 1998

Hitting | He shows an average hit tool, and can use the entire field.

Power | He has average raw power, but below-average game power right now.

Speed | He’s has above-average speed.

Defense | A quality fielder who can handle center field.

Arm | The weakest tool he has, his arm is below-average.

While the Pioneer League as a whole is hitter friendly, Billings home ballpark is quite pitcher friendly compared to the league. Quin Cotton’s .785 OPS on the year was good for a 113 OPS+, better than it would appear on the surface given the league. He did struggle a bit on the bases during the year, though, going 8-14 in college in stolen base attempts in 2019, and then just 8-16 with the Mustangs in his professional debut.

At the plate, Cotton has a good approach and understands the strikezone. He walked 12.4% of the time he came to the plate on the year and had a strikeout rate of 17.9%, and those rates were both better as the season went along. Those are good signs.

From the hitting standpoint, Quin Cotton has one of the more interesting spray charts you’re going to see. He’s a right-handed hitter. And he put the ball into left field just 6% of the time he made contact during the 2019 season. All of his home runs were to right field. As were most of his hits. While the sample size is small, just half of a season, if he’s going to get more out of his hit tool and his power, he’s probably going to need to pull the ball a little bit more than he did in his debut. His ground ball rte was also 56% on the year – another rate that will need to be lower if he’s going to tap into his raw power more in the future.

Defensively he’s got the range for center field, but there were some concerns expressed about whether the arm would play enough for the spot. And if it wasn’t enough, the question then became whether or not there was enough bat for a corner.

Longest Home Run of the Year

375 feet on July 24th.

Interesting Stat on Quin Cotton

Showed big home/road splits in 2019. In Billings he hit .245/.364/.345. On the road he hit .315/.387/.465.

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