Today is another day without baseball. But it is a day that I’ve been able to grab some previously unpublished video from the 2019 season and get it edited up and posted. This one goes back quite a while, to the early part of the 2019 season when Vladimir Gutierrez took on the Durham Bulls for Louisville in late April last year.

The outing was not the best for Gutierrez, who allowed five runs in 5.0 innings on six hits and three walks while picking up four strikeouts. It was the early part of the game where he struggled, giving up two runs in each of the first two innings before settling in.

That was sort of the story for the Cuban-born pitcher for most of the season: inconsistency. At times he looked like the top 10 prospect that he entered the year as. But there were other times when he just couldn’t seem to get through a game without being crushed. His ERA by month was 8.14, 8.65, 5.01, 6.00, and then 3.74 in August.

August was a very different month for the right-handed pitching Gutierrez. Obviously the ERA was lower, but there’s a big reason for that: His strikeout rate made a massive jump during the month. Going month by month, his strikeout rate was 14.2%, 13.1%, 20.6%, and 15.9% in April through July. Then things changed for August and his strikeout rate jumped up to 28.9%. His home run rate was also the lowest it had been since April.

For more on Vladimir Gutierrez, I’d suggest checking out his season review and scouting report that was written back in late November.

Cincinnati Reds #14 Prospect: Vladimir Gutierrez

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  1. Jon Graham

    I’m hopeful Gutierrez’s delivery can be streamlined and made consistent with the help of Boddy and company. I’m hoping he’ll end up a really solid bullpen arm, a la Robert Stephenson.