Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pipeline has out his latest 2020 Major League Baseball mock draft. With the uncertainty of how many rounds the draft will have – it’s currently scheduled for just five rounds, though MLB has the right to have more rounds if they’d like to – and exactly when it will be – it’s currently said to be “in July” with no exact date specified – it’s definitely a very 2020 situation full of questions without answers.

There’s not much changing in terms of evaluation right now. Baseball has been shut down both at the college and high school level since at least mid-March, and in some cases earlier than that. And it’s not going to be returning before the draft takes place, either.

Whenever the draft does take place, though, the Cincinnati Reds are going to be selecting 12th overall in the 1st round. Mayo’s mock draft has the Reds selecting right-handed pitcher Jared Kelley out of Refugio High School in Texas. Kelley is rated as the #12 prospect on MLB Pipeline’s Top 150 draft prospects, 17th on the Fangraphs Top 100 draft prospects list, and he’s the 11th rated prospect in the draft by Baseball America.

We’ll jump into more of a detailed scouting report on him when we get to his spot in the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft Scouting Report series. But an abbreviated report would include a mid-90’s fastball that reaches 99 without much effort, a good change up, and a breaking ball that gets a variety of different grades depending on who you ask. He’s already 6′ 3″ and 215 lbs, so he’s got plenty of size and looks like your prototypical starter from a physical standpoint already despite being just 18-years-old.

The Reds going with a high school pitcher in the 1st round would go against much of what they’ve done in recent memory. Since selecting Nick Travieso 14th overall in 2012 the Reds have had 11 picks in the 1st round – accounting for supplemental/compensation picks – and have only gone with Hunter Greene as a high school pitcher in that span.

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  1. AirborneJayJay

    If the Reds are going high school arm I’d rather see them take RHP Nick Bitsko. Mayo has him going at #14 to the Rangers. Either way Kelley or Bitsko are going to be good picks.
    In this crazy year the Reds could benefit greatly that the top high school pitchers won’t be able to play themselves into the top 10 or top 5 mix.

  2. donny

    According to where baseball America , and MLB pipeline has players ranked and if you go by that according to where the reds pick in the draft and the players that could be there where the reds pick. [ 12, 48, 65, 84, 114 ] I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds take a starting pitcher in every 5 selections they have.

    Around pick 12 ;
    Jared Kelley RHP
    Nick Bitsko RHP
    Garrett Crochet who might have injury concerns LHP
    Tyler Soderstrom possibly , who is coming out of high school as a catcher but is looking more like a first baseman out of Canada. ”Sound Familiar ” AKA Joey Votto .

    Around pick 48;
    Dax Fulton LHP
    J.T. Ginn RHP
    Seth Lonsway LHP
    Clayton Beeter RHP
    Tanner Witt RHP ”My favorite here”

    Around pick 65;
    Isaiah Greene OF
    Drew Bowser 3B
    Ryan Hagenow RHP ”my favorite here”
    Tommy Mace RHP

    Around pick 84 ;
    Chase Davis OF ”my favorite here”
    Sam Weatherly LHP
    Gavin Williams RHP
    Ricky Tiedemann LHP
    Connor Phillips RHP

    Around pick 114 ;
    Landon Knack RHP
    Justin Fall LHP
    Cayden Wallace 3B
    Liam Norris LHP ”my favorite here”

    Of Course all these players will change because of sign ability and what they’re asking for and what fits within a teams budget allowance .
    I am liking the scouting grades of the pitchers more so than the hitters where the reds pick in there 5 selections.

    Just my own little fun

  3. AirborneJayJay

    Heyman is reporting the draft will occur in June in its regularly scheduled dates 10-12. It will be a virtual draft much like the NFL just had. Might be a good opportunity to put it on regular tv instead of the MLB network. It won’t generate the ratings of the NFL draft, but it would be better than what they have now.
    That’s a very significant development.

  4. Mike

    I think Jonathon Mayo is slipping… I think they take a HS or College bat.