When the world caught on fire and led to Major League Baseball shutting down, some of the big questions around the draft immediately began to come out. If there’s no baseball being played in college or high school, how will the scouting and ultimately drafting be altered? As we got further down the line and realized those things weren’t coming back, and talks between MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association allowed the draft to be limited to just five rounds, we learned that the draft would also be moved to “July”. The timing of the draft was vague, without a specific date – just simply “July”.

Well, on Tuesday evening Jon Heyman of MLB Network tweeted out that the draft will take place at the same time as it always has. The draft will be held remotely and it will take place on June 10th.

You can choose to read into that however you’d like to. I’m not really sure that it means much of anything that the draft date is going to remain the same as it always has been. As things sit right now, the draft is still going to be five rounds – though Major League Baseball does hold the right to extend it beyond that if they would like – and any undrafted player can sign for “up to $20,000”.

Of course, this would be announced this week, as I had just planned out and put together the schedule for the 2020 Major League Baseball Scouting Report series that was going to look at reports for the top 30 players in the draft and take us right up until July 1st. Now that schedule gets tossed into the shredder and re-worked. We’re still going to cover all 30 of the top players and then jump into some final rankings and talk about some of the “other” guys to maybe keep an eye on for round two. It’s just all going to get published a little bit quicker than was originally planned.

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