In today’s entry into the 2020 MLB Draft Scouting Report series we’re going to be looking at another college starting pitcher. This time it’s going to be left-handed starter Garrett Crochet out of Tennessee. He’s currently rated as the #13 prospect on the Baseball America draft prospect list, #19 on the Fangraphs list, and #18 on the MLB Pipeline list.

The 2018 Season

In the summer of 2017 the Milwaukee Brewers used their 34th round draft pick to select Garrett Crochet out of Ocean Springs High School. The lefty chose to head off to the University of Tennessee instead of sign.

As a freshman he would see time in both the rotation and in the bullpen. Overall things didn’t go as well as he would have liked as he posted a 5.51 ERA in six starts and 11 relief appearances that spanned 63.2 innings. He struck out 62 batters and walked 26, but also allowed 13 home runs and hit 12 batters.

The 2019 Season

Things were similar for Garrett Crochet in 2019 when it came to usage for the Volunteers as he made six starts once again, and he appeared out of the bullpen 12 times during the season. He threw 65.0 innings, but did watch his ERA drop to 4.02 as a sophomore. The home run rate dropped (8 allowed), as did both his walk rate (22 walks) and the number of batters he hit (6). His strikeout rate also went in the right direction as he picked up 81 strikeouts on the season – 19 more than the previous year despite facing 14 fewer hitters.

The 2020 Season

While every player in college had an abbreviated season in 2020, for Garrett Crochet it was even more abbreviated. He pitched in one game this spring, missing several at the start of the year with what was reported as shoulder soreness. In his lone start of the year he threw 3.1 shutout innings with two hits allowed, no walks, and six strikeouts.

Garrett Crochet College Stats

Garrett Crochet Video

Garrett Crochet Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 6″ | Weight: 218 lbs.

Bats: Left | Throws: Left

Position(s): Left-Handed Starting Pitcher

A tall left-handed pitcher that can throw 99 MPH? That will get any scout that’s ever lived talking, and that’s exactly what Garrett Crochet does. But there’s more than just big fastball velocity from the lefty – he also brings one of the better sliders in the draft to the table. The pitch works in the low-to-mid 80’s and grades out as a potential plus offering. His change up lags behind the other two pitches right now, but will flash itself as a potentially above-average offering, too.

Where the concern could be

The upside from above sounds good, doesn’t it? Three above-average or better pitches from a big left-handed starter? Sign up every team in baseball for that. But there is also plenty of concern around Garrett Crochet, too – at least when it comes to a potential top half of the first round kind of pick. He doesn’t have a track record of starting pitching – making just 12 total starts across three seasons in college baseball. His control has been questionable and doesn’t quite project to stand out, either. And then there’s the fact that after having shoulder soreness this spring he only pitched in one game – though the stuff was outstanding in that particular game. If he has to eventually transition back to the bullpen, the upside is there for a closer. But there are still some questions about whether there’s a good chance that he can stick as a starter, too. Huge upside if he can remain in the rotation, but it’s not nearly as safe as a bet as many other guys coming from the college ranks.

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  1. Scrap Irony

    If the Reds feel like they can develop him, I’m fine with the pick. That said, they have an extremely poor record of developing starting pitchers. The new regime obviously gives me hope that they might have turned that around, at least somewhat. Trusting completely in Boddy, Johnson, and Cotham is risky. But the upside is intriguing.