Today we’re going to be looking at another high school outfielder in the 2020 MLB Draft Scouting Report series (you can read all of the series here) by taking a look at Pete Crow-Armstrong. He’s currently listed as the 17th rated draft prospect by Baseball America, the 27th rated prospect by Fangraphs, and the 20th prospect in the draft by MLB Pipeline.

Pete Crow-Armstrong’s High School Career

A member of Team USA’s 18U team, Pete Crow-Armstrong has stood out on the national and international scene for a while now. He’s also, as you’d expect, hit quite well throughout his normally scheduled high school career, too.

Pete Crow-Armstrong Video

Pete Crow-Armstrong Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 175 lbs

Bats: Left | Throws: Left

Position(s): Outfield

A standout hitter as a prep player, Pete Crow-Armstrong generally draws above-average grades on his hit-tool, but some will also put down a plus grade in the column. He’s shown the ability, both in high school and internationally, to hit quality stuff. His power is a bit of a question mark. Some believe he’s got below-average power, but there’s another set of scouts who believe he may eventually develop average power down the line.

Defensively is really where stands out. He’s a plus runner who can handle center field with ease. His arm also stands out at the position, giving him plus grades on defense in both categories.

Where the concern could be

For the most part the question around Pete Crow-Armstrong is just how much power he will hit for. If he winds up below-average, it should still play as long as his other tools play to their abilities as it means he’ll stick in center and power isn’t nearly as necessary as it would be in a corner. Getting his power up to even average, though, would put his profile as an above-average every day player.

4 Responses

  1. SultanofSwaff

    Real clean swing mechanics, seemingly excellent contact skills.

  2. Scrap Irony

    This seems like a wonderful write-up.

    As an addendum, his exit velocity grades out at the 98th percentile, which should mean better power as he tinkers with his swing. Max barrel speed, acceleration, and momentum are all elite/ plus-plus (though non-PG verified). All are superior to Zac Veen and Austin Hendrick, for example, other highly though of HS prospects. (Hendrick’s exit velocity is 105, fwiw.)

    Who’s your favorite, Doug?

    • Doug Gray

      You’re going to have to wait until a few days before the draft for my draft board to get that answer…. got to keep everyone coming back! And honestly, I still need to be sure I’ve seen everyone before deciding who’s the top guy(s).

  3. Tom

    This story sounds a lot like Mickey Moniak from a few years ago. More power?