The Cincinnati Reds have selected outfielder Mac Wainwright (listed as Mackenzie some places) out of Lakewood St. Edward High School in the greater Cleveland area. The outfielder was not rated among the Baseball America Top 500, the MLB Pipeline Top 200, and was rated 152nd on the Fangraphs list.

Mac Wainwright Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 1″ | Weight: 211

B/T: R/R | DOB: August 6, 2002

Unrated on many of the national lists this year, injuries have kept Mac Wainright off of the field a little bit in the past. But when he’s on the diamond he’s a standout athlete. He’s a big, physical guy who can run. There’s a chance he’s able to remain in center field, though he’s got a big arm that would play well in right field if he would have to make that kind of move on the defensive spectrum. There’s some pop in his bat, too, with above-average to plus power potential down the line.

Nick Faleris of D1 Baseball noted that he just missed out on their Top 125 prospects in the draft.

You’ll notice that Faleris notes that he stood out at the PBR Super 60 event. Their site, noted that he had a top exit velocity of 104 MPH. If you watch the video below, which is from the event, you can see his size and where the power could come from down the line.

Sean Duncan of Prep Baseball Report noted in a tweet that Wainwright put up big Trackman numbers at the event. He also shared a slow-motion video in a tweet that’s available below in the video section.


Mac Wainwright after being drafted by the Reds

“It helped me a lot (playing on the Reds team at the East Coast Pro events). I’ve known them (Reds scouts) for a couple of years now. Going out and playing for them at East Coast Pro, not really being able to play because I had the boot on (stress fracture), I was just talking to them constantly and getting to know them a little more, and they were getting to know me,” said Wainwright.  “And then actually going out and playing for them in the fall in Jupiter. They got to see me play a little more, get to know me as a baseball player more. It was actually pretty impressive how much of a relationship we built. ”

“I didn’t have the strongest arm a year ago. Part of it was me just digging into myself and saying ‘you’ve got to get this going’ and also breaking down the mechanics and figuring out how to be more efficient with my mechanics and take up less time and get the ball out quicker,” said Wainwright on the improvement in his arm in the outfield. “The quicker I did that, I saw my velocity (on his throws) shoot up and it took three weeks – it was probably the most impressive three weeks I’ve ever had in baseball because it was so fast and it was something I was trying to figure out for years.”

8 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    LIke this pick,
    It is a high upside reach.
    With so little info this year, anyone is a crapshoot.

    • Doug Gray

      I must have spelled his name wrong in the search. Like the idiot that I am. I’ll fix it, thanks for the heads up.

  2. Stock

    It seems to me like the Reds have at least $1.5 million available for the last pick. Either they are saving money or they will take a top 100 pick with the last pick.

    • Alex Reds

      It seems rounds 2-5 they picked guys in every round ranked about 30-40 slots worse than the pick. I thought they were saving up money to get one of the top high schoolers left.. apparently not. Interesting. Seems a bit weak in rounds 2-5 unless the Reds know something that the major scouting services don’t.

      • Colorado Red

        Lots of oddity this year.
        With the a lot of these kids not playing much this year (especially up in the north, where the weather is cold), had to get a grasp.
        So, some of it, it is hit or miss. There was a college pitcher ranked at 50 (per, would like to see them have picked in the 5th round.
        Time will tell.

      • Alex Reds

        It will be interesting to see the bonus each pick signs for vs the slot value; and how much the Reds spend overall vs their slots.

        Did the Reds overpay Hendrick? I wouldn’t have thought so. Possibly that is why there are so many picked 30-40 picks seemingly too high.

        Reds 2nd round pick seems way overdrafted, I predict significant savings there.
        This is normal in most years to save money to get high school players overslot.
        Another thought: Reds are in such dire straits financially that they are trying to save a million bucks or so on their draft pool by picking players 30-40 spots overranked, but ones that they still liked?
        It could be argued to spend this draft pool money on the baseball operations, training staff, or minor league pay instead of fully in the draft prospects.

  3. Stock

    It is official. As of this point it is a terrible draft based upon the experts

    2 players in the top 100 fangraphs
    3 players in the top 150 fangraphs
    1 player outside the top 200