When Major League Baseball teams go on the road they can take up to three players with them to be ready to join the 30-man roster if needed for injury. If the team chooses to take three players, one of them must be a catcher. With the Cincinnati Reds getting ready to head to Detroit for their first road trip of the season on Friday, they will be taking Tyler Stephenson with them as a part of their road trip taxi squad. During his daily interview with the press, it sounded as if David Bell was implying that Stephenson would be the only player on the trip from the taxi squad.

The catching prospect was optioned back to the Prasco Park roster on Wednesday. In his Major League debut he came on as a late-inning defensive replacement, but thanks to a near comeback that he helped fuel, he wound up going 2-2 with a bases loaded walk, single, and a home run despite playing in just three innings.

The Reds will only be on the road for three days before returning to Cincinnati to play two games against Cleveland before turning around and heading to Cleveland and Milwaukee from the 5th through the 9th of August.

It was also announced, but not yet official, that left-handed starting pitcher Wade Miley will be heading to the injured list with a groin injury. Rather than make a roster move for one day, for a game that if the weather forecast holds true tonight isn’t even going to happen, the team will make the move on Friday and activate starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani. He will slide into the rotation to pitch on Saturday in Detroit and be followed by right-handed starter Tyler Mahle.

11 Responses

  1. John C.

    I would imagine that if the Reds get rained out tonight, they will move everyone back a day and skip Mahle unless they want to give everyone an extra day of rest.

    • Doug Gray

      No one is getting skipped, Bell put out the rotation.

      • Indydoug

        Why in the world in a 60 game season with a 2-5 start would Bell not skip Mahle and get back to Gray ASAP? Makes no sense.

  2. MK

    Do you know if they are taking buses up? With all th airport security it might be faster.

  3. seadog

    It is amazing the players. Especially pitchers the Reds have had that are being “picked up” or on 60 man rosters.

    Herget—especially. I would rather have him out there than half of what we have. I guess it shows depth in the Org

    Doug, tell us your thoughts

    • Doug Gray

      I thought Herget didn’t get a fair shake, but that’s going to happen at times. At the same time it’s possible he wasn’t a good fit at all for the ballpark in Cincinnati.

  4. Billy

    STL has had their series canceled now due to positive tests. This seems to be revealing that MLB didn’t really think through how any of this would be handled. Is there any insight into what might happen if Covid hits and spreads through the alternate site? It’s not as bad from a PR perspective as hitting the MLB team, but it would raise an interesting dilemma if the MLB team needed a player but the team was afraid to call anyone up because Covid is spreading at the alternate site, and they’re afraid that they’d be bringing it to the MLB team.

    • Doug Gray

      Just one game so far has been postponed in that series.

      But no, at this point there doesn’t seem to be much information on what would happen if there were to be an outbreak of sorts at an alternate site.

  5. Lawrence Turner

    who signed addison russell, the reds could use his help now