While there is not true minor league baseball games happening right now, there are some leagues around that are playing baseball. And without a minor league season the players not in the player pool, with team approval, can play independent league baseball this year. Several of the Cincinnati Reds prospects have taken advantage of the opportunity. Some players are in leagues that were next to impossible to track down online, but a few players are participating in leagues that have some online presence and I figured it would be a good time to check in on them.

Serie A Italian League Baseball

Unless I missed someone, there’s only one Cincinnati Reds minor league player that is currently playing professionally in Italy and it’s catching prospect Hendrik Clementina. Known for his raw power at the plate, Clementina has only played in a handful of games for Bologna thus far and racked up just 12 at-bats, but he’s made his time on the field count. He’s hitting .250/.412/.500 with a home run, three walks, on hit by pitch, and he’s struck out just once.

If you want to keep track of the league stats, here’s the link I used to do so.

City of Champions Cup

The Joliet Slammers, Nerds Herd, Tully Monsters, and my favorite – Chicago Deep Dish are competing in the City of Champions Cup. Corky Miller and his mustache are managing the Nerds Herd. He’s got two Cincinnati Reds minor leaguers on his team, too.

Catcher James Free has played in eight games for Nerds Herd. On July 25th he homered and drove in four runs. He’s hitting .200/.300/.320 so far through 25 at-bats. Outfielder Ashton Creal joins Free on the squad. Like Free, he’s played in eight games so far. His biggest game came on July 23rd when he went 3-4 with a double, RBI, was hit by a pitch, and scored two runs. Overall he’s hitting .250/.313/.286 through 28 at-bats.

If you want to track the Nerds Herd you can do that right here. Their season will run through September 6th, with 17 more games on the schedule.

9 Responses

  1. James K

    Minor league teams have the best nicknames. Remember the Macon Whoopees?

    • MK

      Nerds Herd are sponsored by company that makes Nerds candy( Ferrara Pan Candy Company). They also make Red Hots which could have created a more intimidating nickname.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, but the Nerds Herd have Chuck. If no one gets the reference, Chuck was a tv show on NBC about a decade ago where the main character played by Zachary Levi worked for the Nerd Herd but was also a secret agent of sorts working with Yvonne Strahavski and Adam Baldwin. Good show, had 5 seasons.

      • MK

        Doug, are you a nerd in your non-baseball life? Chuck references are going to get you that reputation.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t fit in any way the definition of a nerd in my book, but I’m also not too concerned with whether someone else thinks that about me.

        And Chuck was awesome.

      • Scott C

        Chuck was a good show, even if you are not a nerd.

  2. Jason

    AJ Bumpass is playing for the Florence Y’alls with ex-Dragon Mitch Piatnik.

    • Doug Gray

      Thanks Jason, I’ll be sure to include AJ in the next update.