The crew over at MLB Pipeline/ have updated their Top 100 Prospect List for 2020 and they included some of the draft picks from this past July. Three Cincinnati Reds have made the list, but one player fell off of the list, too, as a result of the draft picks being added in.

Let’s first take a look at the three Cincinnati prospects who made the list. Left-handed pitcher Nick Lodolo is atop of it from a Reds standpoint, coming in at #53 on the list. The lefty was the first pitcher taken in the 2019 draft out of TCU and was the #7 overall draft pick. He was invited to spring training as a non-roster invite, and when Summer Camp opened back up in July, the Reds brought him in as a part of the alternate roster at Prasco Park.

Our top prospect here at, Hunter Greene, comes in next on the MLB Pipeline list at #58 overall. Like Lodolo, he’s also at Prasco Park. Unlike Lodolo he wasn’t invited to big league spring training, but for good reason – he was still recovering from Tommy John surgery. Greene had the surgery in April of 2019, and headed to minor league camp when it opened up to continue his rehab. But once things were shut down he got some additional time and he used that time quite well, too. While he was hitting 102 MPH in June during a bullpen session, Greene said he was focusing on improving his secondary stuff and that he feels good about it.

And then 2020 1st round pick Austin Hendrick rounds out the list for Cincinnati, coming in at #92 on the list. The 12th overall pick in the draft this season cracked the top 100 list in his first year of eligibility. The left-handed hitter shows enormous power potential, but it’s going to have to wait to be seen without a minor league year for him to play in.

Tyler Stephenson had joined the list recently as MLB Pipeline updates their list during the year. But, when the overall list was updated the new additions pushed him back off of the list, leaving the Reds with three guys still there – just swapping out Hendrick for Stephenson.


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  1. Prasco Pete

    Downs, Trammel, and Gray all in the top 75. We have a few more starts of Bauer left to show.
    The FO would be forced to answer in any other market. Not here though.

    • Doug Gray

      The front office walks into that meeting with Sonny Gray and Luis Castillo and then the meeting turns into a party and everything is fine.

      You can’t, and won’t, win every trade. The same front office that traded away those prospects also traded for Gray and Castillo. Is that overall trade off worth it?

      • Prasco Pete

        Nothing for Frazier or Cueto, not one current contributor…..most FO would’ve gotten something but I can give them a pass on those.
        What I can’t overlook, the Chapman deal. Just an all time blunder, all time even. Trade him to the Yanks for absolutely crap, then watch them flip a less controlled Chapman for Gleyber Torres. Yikes.
        That move along with mortgaging the future for a half year of Bauer is inexcusable.
        Not sure why you would defend a FO who hasn’t sniffed a postseason, or even postseason race in 7 years.

      • Doug Gray

        That’s a different front office…. That was the Walt Jocketty led front office that orchestrated all of that. Dick Williams and company didn’t really get the full reins of the team until a few years after he was actually given the title of GM.

        Seems that the issue is you are trying to blame the current front office for a lot of stuff that wasn’t their decision.

        As for Chapman – that entire mess, in my opinion, was owner driven simply to get rid of him as soon as they possibly could to avoid the PR hit they were going to take for having him on the team. I will never be convinced otherwise on that one based on how it played out.

      • Prasco Pete

        Furthermore, I don’t have a problem with trading prospects if the time is right, if the roster just needs a cog or two to get over the hump. But that was not the case here. They tried to rush the rebuild at the last second while the roster had way too many holes. I understand their vision was to spend this offseason and compete this year on. They added talent but man, this is a lopsided roster that simply does not fit together.
        The staff is wonderful but the pen is awful. You have some mashers but zero cohesion in the lineup or positionally. Everything just feels blocky. With a staff like this, you need premium d up the middle with some team speed, like the old giants or cardinals clubs. Some on base guys who can manufacture some runs while the mashers aren’t getting it done. Instead we have, below average athletes everywhere except center and catcher and what feels like a softball lineup.

      • Prasco Pete

        I brought those up because you brought up Castillo. Point taken though.
        I agree with you about the Chapman ordeal and that is the root of the problem, ownership meddling.

  2. Jonathan Linn

    Hi. Not sure if that is a fair judgment. Sometimes we have to give people the benefit of the doubt that they made the best decision at the time with the knowledge they had. If Kemp and Wood turned out, the Reds could have made the playoffs last year. I dont think you could fault them for trying. I love me some prospects, but there has to be a balance.

  3. RedBaron

    How is Jose Garcia not on this list? Guy murdered pitching in spring training and it seems like no one even paid attention. That’s just poor research IMO

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve been saying since last summer that Jose Garcia is the most underrated prospect in all of minor league baseball. I can scream it from the rooftops, but not everyone is as much of a believer as I (and many of the Reds people I talk to) are. Not sure why they aren’t on board as much, but there’s a lot of “we like him quite a bit, but don’t love him” going on.

      • Brian

        Teams also dictate the ranking of a prospect. Take into account how the Yankees, dodgers, Red Sox, big market teams and for some reason the braves and Padres all of a sudden get way more hype on their prospects. Like there is no way Jeter Downs and Josiah grey would be in the top 100 if they were still on the reds. These lists are super arbitrary. Hunter green was taken the pick before Mackenzie Gore yet he said ranked like 50 spots before. I get there’s an injury element to that but a guy like Alex reyes can miss two years and not drop much. José García and Ty steve would definitely be top 20 prospects in all of baseball if they were Yankees farmhands. Like Jesus montero, Clint Frazier, Greg bird etc. it’s a garbage system for teams like the reds right now

  4. Doug Gray

    They aren’t trading Bauer. 16 teams make the playoffs. There’s almost no chance the Reds are trading Bauer unless they are 10 games under .500 at the deadline, which is in three weeks.

    • Prasco Pete

      That would be extremely shortsighted unless this team has an actual shot at winning a pennant. Which with the roster construction as is, they don’t.

  5. MK

    So what happens with with the extra 40-man spot now that Raley vacates his? Indians DFAed former Top 100 prospect Christian Arroyo. Might they try to see if they can get something out of him?

    • Doug Gray

      I was surprised that he was flat out DFA’d. Maybe he’s out of options, but I didn’t think he was. Who knows. Not really sure what 40-man move could be coming, but maybe there’s something.