The Cincinnati Reds are making a long road trip, starting today in Kansas City with a doubleheader against the Royals. Tomorrow they will head over to St. Louis to play the Cardinals for in a 4-game set through Sunday, and then take a trip up north to Milwaukee where they will play the Brewers. Since their last road trip, Major League Baseball has taken the taxi squad size limit from three players (as long as one is a catcher) and added two more to it (as long as one is a catcher), leaving teams with five spots.

The Reds chose to use all five spots, though technically for today, they are only using four. Catcher Tyler Stephenson is joined by two infielders – Christian Colón and Alex Blandino – as well as outfielder Mark Payton on the taxi squad. Infielder Robel García has been added to the roster for today’s games in Kansas City as the “extra man” that teams can have for doubleheaders. If everyone gets through the games healthy, it would be a logical assumption that tomorrow will see García be optioned back to the Prasco Park roster and then added to the taxi squad for the remainder of the road trip (unless of course they call him back up).

Of the five players, two of them are not on the 40-man roster – Christian Colón and Mark Payton. That is important to note because if they are used during the road trip, the team will need to make moves in order to put them on the 40-man roster and activate them on the big league roster. Tyler Stephenson, Alex Blandino, and Robel García are already on the 40-man roster and wouldn’t require any further moves to be added other than someone on the active roster either being optioned in their place, or by having them replace someone on the roster who were to go onto the injured list.

And with five players now removed, temporarily at least, from the Prasco Park roster, here’s how it looks there now:

Cincinnati Reds Prasco Park Roster

R.J Alaniz RHP Mark Kolozsvary C
Jesse Biddle LHP Francisco Peña C
David Carpenter RHP Jose Garcia INF
José De León RHP Rece Hinds INF
Brandon Finnegan LHP Jonathan India INF
Hunter Greene RHP Alfredo Rodriguez INF
Ryan Hendrix RHP Aristides Aquino OF
Joel Kuhnel RHP Stuart Fairchild OF
Nick Lodolo LHP TJ Friedl OF
Alex Powers RHP Boog Powell OF
Sal Romano RHP Nick Williams OF
Tony Santillan RHP

9 Responses

  1. seadog

    Doug, thank you for your diligence. I am not sure how you keep track of this!! But, thank you

    That mix at Prasco is interesting.

    I hope Robel gets a few at bats.

    It is very interesting/fun to watch how they handle the taxi squad as well. This trip—three infielders/one outfielder/one catcher. No pitchers. Obviously all pitchers should be rested. Lol.

  2. Brad

    I want to know what Blandibo has done to draw the negative view by Reds. They seem to keep bypassing him. I’d call him up and start at SS in 2nd game over Galvis.

    • AMDG

      Neither Galvis nor Blandino is a great hitter, but I think they are giving Galvis the nod because he is a better hitter with more speed and power, who strikes out less.

  3. Tim

    Is it time to get a jump on selling? This team is going no where. The Reds won’t be able to resign Trevor. Is it better to get a draft pick or a prospect?

    • Mac

      This entire franchise is a train wreck. Firing Bell would help. But so many underperforming players right now (Castillo and Suarez) Shogo appears to be a huge bust. Moose has been hurt. They will never do anything until Votto is gone. Now they grab national headlines thanks to Thom’s horrific statemeNt. I’m embarrassed to be a Reds follower right now.

  4. Jim Delaney

    If Reds dont improve standing between now and the 30th or lose more ground, trading Bauer unfortunately needs to be done. He has been lights out and you should be able to receive a package far superior to a draft pick. Atlanta desperately needs starting pitching. They have 2 high end OF prospects (Pasche and Waters), 2 quality catching prospects (Contreras and Langeliers) and some quality pitching prospects. I would try and wrestle one of OF and C prospects out of them for Bauer if Reds seembout of it next weekend. The only caveat with this I am hopeful Williams, Krall and Bell wouldnt be given anymore rope if Bauer is dealt. All 3 need to go if Reds fail to make playoffs this season. Williams, is a bean counter in over his head. Krall is a mid management type guy in other organizations and David Bell couldn’t motivate an army of ants to attack a picnic… Playoffs for thembir they just simply must go….

    • victor vollhardt

      To Jim Delaney:——-Again ,as before , I agree with you about Bell. His style of a team manager is a “committee” and to always rely on the numbers. I really believe in the numbers, but when something is happening right in front of you and it is out of sync with the numbers—adjust to what is going on. Get all the help and information that you can. but go with what you are feeling and seeing. Don’t be so smart–put some “heart” into it and also push some players–get on them right away and show your feelings. *******As for Bauer he only wants to sign one year deals—great—- ask or meet whatever he wants. He can set a pattern for the rest of them. He also hammers on the commissioner, which is also a very good thing as this man , in a short period of time has done great harm to the game.

  5. not Thom B?

    If Bell would let the starters stay out there and pitch, and stop acting like Iglesias is a shot down closer, the Reds are probably a few games above 0.500 right now.

    So they have the roster to win. But in a short season, has Bell causes enough damage that they need to go into sell mode?

    I don’t know