The Cincinnati Reds only picked six players in the 2020 Major League Baseball draft. With a shortened draft, teams made plenty of free agent signings of college players. The Reds picked up more free agents than most teams did, and one of the more notable ones was right-handed pitcher Braxton Roxby. His numbers in college weren’t exactly stellar. But he showed some real stuff that jumped out at you.

When looking at the stats from his time in college, it was the walk rate that was the biggest issue he saw. The stuff, however, was pretty real. He was throwing in the mid-90’s, topping out at 97, and could really spin a breaking ball.

Kyle Boddy, the Cincinnati Reds Minor League Pitching Coordinator and Director of Pitch Initiatives, has been sharing some videos from instructional league of the pitchers that were invited to Goodyear. Here’s one of Braxton Roxby getting a swing and a miss on a breaking ball with two plane breaking action.

In another video that features some video of 14 different pitchers, Roxby can be seen at the 44 second mark. This time he’s getting a swing-and-miss on a breaking ball that has more downward biting action to it than the other one.

With the concerns over the control he showed in college, keeping an eye on the walks as Roxby moves forward with his career is warranted. But there’s a lot of stuff to like, here, too. Good fastball velocity and those two breaking balls will go a long way if he can find the zone more frequently.

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4 Responses

  1. SultanofSwaff

    You almost get the vibe that these misfit pitchers are programmers at Boddy’s tech startup. If he can extract even a small number of ML relievers from these late round picks, the value he will have created for the franchise will be immense. Super interesting to follow on twitter.

  2. MK

    Wonder if the Redd have ever had a player with an x in first and last name.

  3. MK

    Doug, In your recent Baseball America Article you wrote that Tejay Antone was the lone Reds rookie early in the season. Didn’t you overlook Shogo Akiyama?

    • Doug Gray

      Man, publish times and turn in times are strange in publications….. I wrote that like 5 weeks ago.

      I can’t say I forgot about Shogo as much as given his professional career it wasn’t a real consideration to account for him as a true rookie. In the online version of the article we did include a note about his performance as a rookie – though I don’t believe those “extras” get into the print version.