The Cincinnati Reds have landed four prospects on the CBS Sports Top 100 Prospect list. The list itself is a “Fantasy Baseball” prospect list, which means players with big time defensive contributions are probably a bit devalued on it, but the list isn’t just for the 2021 season for fantasy baseball purposes. The Reds were represented by four players on the list.

Cincinnati’s first player on the list is all the way down at the #76 spot. That’s where left-handed starting pitcher Nick Lodolo landed. Scott White, who is the author of the list, notes that Lodolo performed well in his debut after the draft in 2019, but that his time at Prasco Park was “less than complementary”. I’ll note that I didn’t quite hear anything like that. It’s also worth noting, of course, that the alternate sites were mostly full of guys who would have been Triple-A caliber players and that’s a decent sized jump for even a player of Nick Lodolo’s pedigree to make the year after being drafted. If he did indeed run into some struggles, well, that should probably have been expected.

Austin Hendrick is the next Reds prospect to show up on the list. The 1st round pick this past summer for Cincinnati. Without a season to really look on, though Hendrick did spend a short amount of time at Prasco Park before heading to the instructional league held by the organization from late September through early November, the write up reads similar to just about any draft report from the summer does.

Infielder Jonathan India’s step forward at the alternate site at Prasco Park didn’t go unnoticed, even though we couldn’t actually see it with our own eyes. The 2018 first round pick came in at #88 on the list with the write up noting that his power began to play better this year. His health certainly could have played a factor here as he had battled numerous injuries in the past that weren’t enough to keep him off of the field, but were nagging enough to limit some of what he was able to do while on the field.

The final Reds prospect on the list was also the very next prospect on the list. Jose Garcia came in at #89 overall. The shortstop was in the big leagues for the final month and a week of the regular season. His defense played very well as he showed off good range and a big time arm. But his bat simply wasn’t ready to go against the more advanced big league pitching he faced as he managed just a .194/.206/.194 line in 24 games played. He had just one walk and no extra-base hits.

Two Reds prospects were notably missing from the list. Catcher Tyler Stephenson and right-handed pitcher Hunter Greene did not show up on the list. And neither was just on the verge of making the list, either. White was asked about guys that were “left off” and he rattled off nine players who weren’t either of those two. One user asked specifically about Hunter Greene not being on the list, to which White replied “yeah… seeing is believing with him at this point.”

Had we not had reports from Prasco or seen video of Greene hitting 102 MPH after his Tommy John surgery, this could be a tad more understandable. But we did hear about Greene from Prasco and we did see him get back to 102 MPH after the surgery. Not to mention that Brendan McKay is sitting at #80, where White notes he lacked a standout pitch before he had labrum surgery. While labrum surgery has gotten better over the years, shoulders are still very messy and players don’t return from them with anywhere near the success rate of guys coming back from Tommy John surgery. McKay did had strong performance when he was on the mound in 2019 in the minors, and that should count for something. But if seeing is believing with Greene, the write up plus not seeing McKay post-surgery seems a bit strange.

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  1. Gaffer

    You were hoping for “consistency” in this ranking, what were you thinking?

    Serious though, Hunter is a total boom or bust prospect. I don’t care where he is ranked as he may never show up in the majors at all or he may be Aroldis Chapman (as good a comp as I know off hand). There is probably not much in between with him and he may be only a reliever or 5 inning starter.

    That being said I would rather have him than McKay too, who will never be an All Starbut could also never pitch again. In looking at this list many guys get ranked high on prospect lists because their floor is a MLB player but ceiling is a second division starter, but these can be replaceable. You need potential difference makers but where to rank them, who knows.

    All I ever care about is whether we have 3-4 top 100 prospects or not. Back in 2007 we had a bunch, from 1 down to in the 80s. The number 1 Bruce ended up the worst of those with Cueto in the 50s awesome and Votto who was in the 80s the best.

  2. Stock

    We must look at this list with three things in mind.

    First Scott White does not go out and scout or dig into the details of minor leaguers like BA, Eric Longerhorns at fangraphs and others. His focus is on ML players with regard to Fantasy. He probably doesn’t know Greene was throwing 102.

    Second, this list is probably more for dynasty leagues than it is for one year leagues. I have heard of dynasty that allow you to hold 40-50 reserve spots. Most of those are minor league players.

    Third, this is a fantasy top 100. Hitters with no speed and have shown little in the HR department have no value. Because of this I can see why Stephenson did not make the list. Fantasy is also concerned more about the ceiling than the floor. Lodolo projection has him as a #3 SP. This makes him a #5 or #6 SP in fantasy. Like Stephenson he has more value in baseball than in fantasy baseball.

    What surprises me is Greene. His ceiling is through the roof. I think White’s comment indicates he has heard nothing of him the last 2 years and until he does so he does not make the list. This is a huge omission on a fantasy basis.

  3. MK

    Seemed to be a very inconsistent approach to the facts in the article. If 2019 was important in the Hunter Greene then how does Hendrick who didn’t play get rated. There are also a few people on the list who have significant big league time. From everything I heard about India was that he made huge improvement this summer of course he could mention Lodolo’sPrasco shortcomings but no mention of India’s progress.

    • Redsvol

      Any way you read it, its encouraging to see 4 names from our team in the top 100. And none of the 4 are Tyler Stephenson or Hunter Greene……so potentially 6 of our prospects are getting love from national media types. That is never a bad thing.

      Its great to see India being included on any prospect list. I had just about given up on him. I hope for a healthy, great year from him.

  4. Hoyce

    I wonder if the reds could pry wander Franco away from rays by offering something like a Garcia, hunter greene, and India. I know prospects aren’t traded very often. But this seems like a very rays thing to do.

    • Billy

      Throw in Luis Castillo and the Rays might not hang up on you.

      • Redsvol

        An established top 50 major league pitcher plus 3 of our best prospects for a prospect? Lets hope the GM is smarter than that.

      • Billy

        I was being sarcastic. Franco is immensely valuable. Any package that the Reds would offer for Franco would have to start with Castillo because he’s the only one with surplus value remotely approaching Franco as the top prospect in the game. Plus Tampa’s system is so deep that I don’t see them looking to acquire prospects – at least not prospects that they’d have to protect on the 40-man. In short, the Reds don’t have a prospect package that they could offer the Rays that would be seen as a serious offer for Franco.