While the Cincinnati Reds didn’t have an official game scheduled for Saturday, there was a “B game” scheduled on the backfields. There were some big league veteran pitchers set to pitch for both Cincinnati and Cleveland. On the Reds side both Wade Miley and Tyler Mahle threw, while Cleveland sent out Cy Young Award winner Shane Bieber. There are no stats from the game available, but we know at least one thing that happened: Catching prospect Mark Kolozsvary went deep against Shane Bieber. And the Reds made the video available to the media since the field was cut off to non-employees.

Last season the Reds invited Mark Kolozsvary to be a part of their 60-man player pool and he spent the year at Prasco Park. That was a big step up in competition where many of the guys he was facing were at least Triple-A caliber pitchers, with more than a few being big league caliber guys. While that certainly doesn’t prepare you so much for facing a guy like Shane Bieber, it probably didn’t hurt, either.

David Bell on Vladimir Gutierrez

Earlier this week manager David Bell was asked what he thought about Vladimir Gutierrez and he was quite complimentary.

“He looks outstanding,” said Bell. “He’s always fun to watch. It looks like he’s gotten better. He’s still highly on our radar, hopefully soon. He just need to keep pitching and keep developing, but he looks great.”

This spring we’ve seen two appearances from Gutierrez with the big league club. The 25-year-old was charged with an unearned run in one of his outings and tossed a shutout inning in the other, picking up two strikeouts between his two 1-inning appearances.

After not pitching in the 2020 year after being suspended after testing positive for stanozolol in spring training, Vladimir Gutierrez went to the Dominican Republic for the second consecutive season to pitch in the winter league for Licey. He made five starts, throwing 17.0 innings while walking just five batters with 21 strikeouts and posting a 3.71 ERA.

9 Responses

  1. chris Reichert

    Great to see on Mark, hopefully he puts up a good year in Louisville. Does Gutierrez still have some suspension time remaining early part of this year?

    • Doug Gray

      Gutierrez still owes 20 games.

      With that said, I don’t know if there will be any change to that because of the delay of the minor league season or not. In a normal year, his suspension wouldn’t begin until the minor league season begins. With the delay, that may (or may not) change. I will be asking about it the next time I speak to someone “in the know” to see what they are hearing about the situation. When I find out, I’ll be sure to write/post about it.

      • MK

        Since he is now on 40-man and doesn’t have to be optioned, wouldn’t it be big league games

      • Doug Gray

        Having thought about this for another few minutes, I would need to double check the rules, but I guess the team could “not option” him, allow him to serve the remainder of his suspension, then option him to the alternate camp after 20 games. Assuming, of course, that is something that they are allowed to do.

  2. MK

    Mark looks like he has added some bulk to his upper body. He was a pretty thin slightly built guy coming out of college, but his upper body looks strong in the video. Good for him.

  3. Shawn

    I can’t wait for the minor league season to start. Most players haven’t been seen since 2019. There will be some surprises this year. Going to be AWSOME to watch!

    • Doug Gray

      I’m pretty excited to see the progress so many guys have made in the time away. Obviously I want to see a whole lot of baseball, too. But from individual perspectives, I’m looking forward to seeing who really steps up.