As surprising as it sounds, we’re already to the midpoint of spring training. The regular season is three weeks away, at least for the big league team. It felt like a good time to take a look at some of the standout performances so far among the prospects that are out in Goodyear.

Vladimir Gutierrez

The right-handed starter wasn’t originally scheduled to get the nod to begin the game on Tuesday night, but when Sonny Gray was given a bullpen session to work on some things in a non-game setting, it was Vladimir Gutierrez that got the bump to the mound for the 1st inning. He took advantage of it, throwing 2.0 hitless innings with a walk and four strikeouts last night. Overall he’s now given up just two hits in 4.0 innings this spring with one walk and he’s picked up six strikeouts.

““He really has impressed us in years past, for sure,” said manager David Bell after last night’s game. “He just looks more mature, more confident. I think he’s commanding all of his pitches better. I really think there’s something about his delivery that looks smoother. It’s all working together for him. His body is all working really nicely together and I think that’s helping him command his pitches. He has everything that it takes, really. He has the velocity, he has the offspeed pitches, and when he’s commanding all of them we’re seeing what he can be. He’s definitely close. We’ve said that in the past, too, but I think he’s just taken it to the next level. It’s just a part of the development and maturity for a young pitcher.”

Jonathan India

One of the standouts at Prasco Park last season, Jonathan India has carried that into the spring. He’s played in eight games and has doubled, homered, stolen home, and walked three times. The infielder has hit .300/.563/.700 in his handful of appearances and has impressed the team.

“We couldn’t be happier with where he is,” said David Bell last week of India. “Last year it was impressive seeing him, you could obviously tell he was a good player. But in some ways it’s been pretty remarkable the difference one year makes. I think he had a very successful time at Prasco – I think he made the most of it and it’s really showing up. The reports coming out of there – just everything about him, they way he was playing defense, the at-bats he was having. Probably more than anything that stands out is the level of toughness. He loves to play, and natural leadership qualities, just be being who he is – for a young player to stand out like that, it’s been impressive. We’re very happy with where he is.”

Alfredo Rodriguez

Known far more for his glovework at shortstop than for his bat, Alfredo Rodriguez is hitting well in the six games he’s played in for the Reds this spring. Splitting time at shortstop, second, and third base in his limited action, he’s homered while hitting .462/.462/.692.

Riley O’Brien

Having only pitched in two games, and only one inning in each, the sample size for Riley O’Brien is smaller than the rest of the players mentioned here, but he’s allowed just one walk in two hitless innings and he’s struck out four batters.


8 Responses

  1. MK

    Truly amazing the number of first round or supplemental or compensation 1st round picks in-and-participating in the Reds camp this Spring. Ten pitchers (Gray,Hoffman, Sims, Bedrosian, Biddle, Shipley,Greene, Lodolo, Lorenzen, Miley) and 9 position players (Stephenson,Holder, Moustskas, Senzel, India, Blandino, Smith, Winker, Castleanos ). Nine of these were Reds selections.

  2. 44Reds

    Any specific velocity readings for VG? If so, how do they compare to his last few years?

    • Doug Gray

      I heard there was a 97, but can’t confirm the accuracy on that. He’s typically not throwing 97, but he has touched it at times in the past every so often.

    • Krozley

      I was at last night’s game and he was mostly at 95 with the fastball and around 80-83 with the offspeed stuff. He was nasty. It looked like Santillan had some good stuff too, but with less control. We were fairly far away.

  3. Frostgiant80

    So, I know Alfredo Rodriguez does not have a great minor league track record with the bat and has shown little power. However, I think I remember him having a good spring last year to (before it was shut down). I really would be interested to see him play SS for a stretch and see what he can do. We know the glove won’t hurt us. I think Blandino or Rodriquez may be the best options and they were two options I didn’t even really consider in the winter.

    • Doug Gray

      While I can understand what you’re saying, here’s my counterpoint to that: He was at the alternate site last year. The Reds watched him up close and personal for two straight months and decided that they’d rather go with Garcia. Then when the offseason began and they decided Garcia was in need of more time in the minors they spent all winter searching for a shortstop, brought in a bunch of guys to camp who aren’t really shortstops or have never played shortstop in the big leagues, and they still didn’t even think Rodriguez was an option for competing for the job. That tells me how convinced the team is that he’s not the guy.