A 1st round pick in 2018, Gunnar Hoglund chose to not sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates and instead enrolled at Mississippi where he’s pitched the last three seasons.

Gunnar Hoglund Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 220

Bats: Left | Throws: Right | Position: RHP

Highest Ranking: 14th (Fangraphs)

Let’s start off with the biggest and most important part of things here: Gunnar Hoglund tore his UCL in early May and underwent Tommy John surgery. He’s not going to pitch again for a while.

When he’s been healthy the last two seasons he has been very, very good. After posting a 5.29 ERA as a freshman, he’s posted a 2.41 ERA between his sophomore and junior seasons to go along with just 58 hits allowed, 21 walks, and 133 strikeouts in 86.0 innings.

When he’s at his best he throws a 92-95 MPH fastball with an above-average mid-80’s slider and a solid-average change up in the low 80’s. What really stands out about Hoglund is his control. He’s got arguably the best control in the draft, or at least he did before Tommy John surgery.

While most pitchers do come back from Tommy John surgery, it’s not 100%. That does add a small amount of risk onto drafting Gunnar Hoglund. Prior to the injury there was talk that he could be sliding into the Top 10, but since the injury his stock has fallen down a bit. A team with patience could get a top 10 caliber talent a little further down in the draft if things work out.

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Gunnar Hoglund College Stats

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Basic Information

For this draft scouting report series we are going to look at prospects rated 6th through 50th in a cumulative ranking based on the Baseball America, MLB Pipeline, ESPN, and Fangraphs draft rankings. The guys in the top five seem to have no chance of dropping to Cincinnati at 17, so we’re skipping them to focus a little more on guys with more of a shot to be Reds. The national rankings are updated throughout the month leading up to the draft, so there could be some slight changes from when the cumulative list was compiled and when you read this.

The 2021 Major League Baseball Draft will begin on July 11th and end on July 13th, taking part over a three day period of time. The Cincinnati Reds will have selections 17, 30, 35, and 53 in the first two rounds of the draft. Despite not selecting in the top five, or even the top 10, the Reds have the 4th largest bonus pool allotment to work with due to their compensation pick from losing Trevor Bauer in free agency, as well as a competitive balance round A pick (35th) that adds a lot of additional pool money.

5 Responses

  1. MK

    Sounds like a better name for basketball. Picking him wouldn’t be that much different than last year. None of those guys are pitching for a year either.

  2. Brad

    I’d be happy with Hoglund at #17, slightly under slot. Not sure how he rates in spin rate.

  3. Hoyce

    Hoglund is my pick. And prob under slot. I would think

  4. Tom

    I’m cautiously on board for this pick, especially if under slot. TJ surgery isn’t the career ender it used to be and it certainly isn’t shoulder related. Hoglund wouldn’t be my first choice, but would make for an interesting start to this all important draft.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    No more TJ pitchers for now and less in 1st round…. Maybe in 5th or later..